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My Other Half

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Chapter 2

Chapter Two

I was sitting on the couch with James when I heard the door swing open, I listened to the familiar sound of him tossing off his boots and making his way to the kitchen.

James looked at me worried and I just stared at him standing my ground.

Finally, he entered the living room “Haley? I thought you said; you and James would be at the library for another hour”.

Standing up, I put my hands on my hips and did something I probably wouldn’t have done yesterday “sorry, I lied. I guess it’s hereditary” stood up to my father.

He stared at me confused “what are you talking about?”.

I started making my way towards the door, no part of me wanted to stay here and listen to someone who lied to me my whole life “why don’t you ask mom! Oh, wait you can’t”.

looking at him, I knew he’d figured out the source of my anger. Both of us locked eye contact as I waited for his response “how did you find out?” was all he said next.

My eyes trailed to the computer “technologies a bitch”.

“just let me explain!” I hear my dad yell as I walk to the door. I take a breath and yell back “Explain what? How you lied to me for twenty-one years about how my own mother died. Sure, go ahead and explain how a father could possibly lie to his only daughter about something so important!”

as I got my shoes on, my dad and James came to the door, I looked at James motioning him to come and looked at my dad as if he was dead to me “i just..” he tried to speak.

I grabbed the door and pulled it open “yeah, that’s what I thought”, and walked out the door.

As I stepped down the driveway I could hear James and my dad talking “James will you talk to her, please. She’ll listen to you”. Hearing him beg made me angrier, it was so pathetic “sure, but one question” I heard James respond. I stopped walking and listened to their conversation;

James: “why did you lie?”

Dad: “it’s complicated”

this line discussed me and I kept walking, then stopped.

James: “usually is”

I heard James open the door and could see them now.

Dad: “James”

the door opened more

James: “I’ll talk to her”

Dad: “Thank you”

James came outside and I turned so it didn’t look like I was listening. I continued to make my way down the path “Haley! Haley stop!”, I turned. Secretly happy he’s trying to stop me from leaving “what?”.

Standing there I wait for him to come right up to me “where are you going?”. Thinking about it, I really didn’t know “I don’t know, I’ll I know is I need to get out of here”.

His hand cupped mine “Haley” I pulled my hand away “there’s nothing you can say to me, that’s going to stop me from leaving. So either give up and come with me or keep fight a battle we both know your not going to win”.

I bite my lip, hoping he’ll come with me.

James signs “I can’t believe, I’m doing this” as he gets in my car. Smiling I get in the driver's seat “you're a good friend James” I say with as much meaning as I can.

“you're a good friend James” I say as I start the car.

He smiles back at me “tell me something I don’t know”. Pulling out of the driveway, I laugh at him “like where were going”.

James rolls his eyes “ah, where are we going?” I shake my head and pull onto the highway “you’ll see”.

Slowly I pull into the parking lot and look over at James; he’s fast asleep. Smiling I don’t want to wake him “James”. He blinks his eyes and looks at me “what?”.

I look out into the view “we’re here.

James sits up “the cliff overlooking the city?” he says surprised and excited.

Nodding I get out and sit on the hood, James follows “yeah. I come here when I need to get away.”

we both smile at the view “thanks” James say to me. I turn myself in his direction “for what?”.

Without thinking about it, we grab each other's hand and squeeze it “letting me in” James responds as we both close our eyes.

I smile.

James hold me close, then I ask the questions that have been burning inside since we left “James?”. I hear his breath get louder and his body stir “yeah Hal?”.

Taking a deep breath, I sit up “You haven’t tried to convince me to go back and talk to my dad, why?”. James sits up “because I know, I can’t”.

I laugh and put my head on his chest “try.” part of me wants to see if he can.

He hops off the car and to the edge of the cliff “will you go and talk to your dad?”. I jump off and walk to over to him “you can try harder than that”.

This makes us both laugh, then James grabs my hands and swings my arms “please talk to your father, for me”.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath “I don’t know if I can”.

My hand gets intertwined in his once more “what if, I came with you?”.

My head turns to look at him “you’d do that for me?” James smiles and pulls me into a hug “I’d do anything for you Hal, you know that”. I smiled “I do now”

together we walk back to my car “are you ready”. Taking a deep breath, I nod “let's do this”.

This time, James jumps in the driver's seat, and we drive.

James takes my hand


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