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TWO mates ONE queen

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Elena gets kidnaped as a baby in Transylvania by a witch who has a vendetta against the werewolf king. She becomes a mythology major and decides she's going to Romina to study about the folk lore of Dracula and other creatures of the night. But when she stumbles across a castle, she comes face to face with somebody who supposed to be a myth. Elena world is going to change more than one way. Can she choose which mate she wants to be with or will she choose both men. Elena later on meets her real parents and learns who she really is.

Fantasy / Romance
Howling wolf
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On a cold winter night in Transylvania a baby is sleeping peacefully in her crib dreaming about blissful things. The snow is falling slow and steady thru the night. The werewolf king is watching his mate sleep while he watches the border of her land. the moon is full tonight which means most of the werewolves are running until dusk. The king decided it is time to head back to the castle before someone notices he is gone. He looks at his mate one more time before he runs off into the moonlight. He has no idea what's going to happen to his mate when he is gone. A powerful witch has been following after him for months trying to figure out what has the king so occupied at night. She used a cloaking spell so that he would not know she was behind him. It took her a while to figure out why but when she did, she came up with a master plan to destroy the savage king. she decides that the awful king shouldn't have a chance with his mate. She waited until the king left to kidnap the baby and mask the baby smell so the king could never find her again but fate had different plans. Fate can never be changed.

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