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Keeping Secrets

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For those that have read my story, The Blood of a Wolf here is a little prequel. This story is about Ava's Parents and how everything went down from the beginning of the experiment on her to what made them move to America.

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Jessie Dykema
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A Scientist's Theory

Korbin’s POV

Where I work I’m a scientist and really all I can say is I do important work for the government in a top-secret lab. I got the job due to all the science-related classes I took in college as well as my dissertation. So maybe I am getting a little wrapped up in a side project but the benefits if I can perfect my work will be amazing and will help the United Kingdom, did I mention I lived in England well a small town in England called Helmfirth. I live there with my wife and soon my new daughter.

Okay, so this side project I guess I can tell you about it it is not top secret. I have been working on a theory of mine, about making human-animal hybrids. I theorized that you can create human-animal hybrids by injecting the blood of any animal into a human and they will start to possess animalistic qualities of the animal whose blood they have been injected with.

I figured it would be best to inject young children or even pregnant women. Everyone who knows about it thinks I’m mental that it is an insane idea, but I am going to prove them all wrong. You see recently I got in touch with an old friend from secondary school who works at a wolf reservation and one of the wolf’s died of old age so I convinced him that the government project I am working on needs the blood, so he gave it to me and I am going to inject it into my pregnant wife. You may call it unethical but I call it a step towards scientific advancement.

“Dr. Reid.” my colleague calls out to me grabbing my attention.

“What is it, Dr. Morgan,” I responded buried in my work

“It is time to go home for the day our shift is up unless you’re staying late.”

“It is already it was just lunch break not that long ago.”

“Are you still working on your insane theory, how many times do you have to be told--”

“It is not crazy it will work I will show you I will show all of you.”

“Okay, Korbin if you say so.”

“Don’t doubt me, Henry, you’re my best mate you are supposed to believe me.”

“Yeah, I know but it seems insane like something from a fiction novel. now you should get home to your wife what is she eight months.”

“About seven and a half.”

“Well see you tomorrow Korbin.”

“See you, Henry.” I gather my things and head out the door clocking out.

That night after work I went to pick up the blood it was packaged all nicely in a special temperature-regulated cooler ready for me to take. I grabbed it and loaded it into the back of my truck and secured it down so it wouldn’t move around. As I drove home the roads became less crowded as I came into my small town. My house was a decent-sized house but much bigger than most homes in the town.

Our house is probably one of the oldest houses in the town. Before we had moved in the family that lived here their family had lived there for centuries but tragedies happened in the family and the house only brought them pain so they sold it.

I pulled into the driveway and went to the back of my truck grabbing the blood cooler along with my briefcase full of my research and went inside. Evalyn was fast asleep on the couch so I went downstairs to the lab I had set up. I placing the blood down carefully and layout my research and look over it.

“Alright this is it I just have to double-check the dosage and my experiment can begin,” I say to myself. A few minutes later It is ready to go I get the dosage of the wolf blood that I will need. I walk back up the stairs and turn into the living room to where my wife lay still asleep on the couch.

I quietly walk up to her and move her shirt carefully as to not wake her then I grab the syringe of wolf’s blood and carefully insert the needle into her stomach before pushing down on the plunger. Of course, this is not the only dosage there will be more to come every day for a while if I am correct every day until our baby is born. As I put the syringe down she begins to stir.

“Korbin, When did you get home?”

“Just a few minutes ago, are you ready for some dinner love?”

“Yes please.”

“Ok, I’ll go get it ready.”

“I’ll take some black pudding,” she calls after me. Over the next several weeks every night when Evalyn is asleep, I take out a syringe filled with the dosage of the blood of the wolf and inject it into her belly and she remains totally unaware.

One day at the government lab where I work Dr. Morgan comes up to me.

“Dr. Reid, why did we receive a call from the Wolf Reservation wondering if the blood that was picked up was helpful?” I stayed silent.

“Please tell me you did not and are not using that blood for what I think you are.” I turn to face my colleague my facial expression telling him everything. “You did, didn’t you. You’re injecting Evalyn with wolf blood for your crazy theory.”

“It’s not crazy it is going to work just watch you’ll see.”

“Korbin, get a hold of yourself I’ve tried to be supportive and everything but this has gone too far. You don’t know what this could do to your baby.”

“I’ve calculated everything the only possibilities of things that could happen are nothing which is unlikely or the more likely possibility she becomes a hybrid.”

“Does Evie know what you’re doing to her and your baby?”

“Of course she does.” I lied “I wouldn’t do this without her consent that is so totally wrong.”

“I still think this is totally wrong but if Evie agrees then whatever.”

The baby is due any day now so there should only be a few more days that I need to give injections and then I will be able to show everyone that has ever doubted me that I am not mental.

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