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Lexi Claire, a 21 years old polite and soft girl who had a bad past in her love life and does not hope to get anyone in her life again. She is haunted by daily nightmares of the same kind.... Escaping from a beast! Why is she haunted by nightmares? people say everything has a reason to happen. What possibly could have been the reason of having such nightmares?? On the contrary, Ethan Max, a mystic creature, and sarcastically a hard rock. A hard - going, punctual and workaholic in practical life. What happens when Lexi and Ethan come closer than they thought? Especially when several other mystical creatures are already chasing Ethan and unexpectedly Lexi? Will their closeness survive forever or get interrupted?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


” I am running in the dark woods. Chased by a unique creature that I believe does not exist in the real world. Suddenly my foot hit a wood lying on the ground and I tripped over. Shit! I looked behind for the creature if it is still following me and....... It was looking right into my eyes! A ferocious creature with red glowing eyes... and then, ”

" Argh!” I suddenly sat up on the bed. Scared and sweating. Though it was Morning, it was dark since the curtains restrained the sunlight to fall on my bed. Tears started to roll over my cheeks. Folding my legs, hands on my head I wiped sweat and tears from my face.

My mom came into the room listening to my noise as she was in the kitchen making breakfast for us.

“What’s wrong Lexi? Are you alright?” she asked with a worried tone. “Another nightmare?” “yea mom. I don’t know why the same kind of dreams haunts me every night.” The mother-daughter conversation was interrupted by the ringing of my phone.

Mia, my childhood friend with whom I will today, go to the company for an Interview. Mia is already an employee. She suggested me the company, i.e., Ethan Heights.

Mia compared to me looks 1000x beautiful than me. She has a perfect dressing sense. Whereas I here have a not-so-good look and a bad dressing sense and that’s why I seek help from Mia every time I wanna go to an important event like the Interview.

“Hello? Wassup Mia?” I said still not over with the whole nightmare thing. “Wassup?? seriously Lexi? Do you even realize what’s the time now? Hold on! Did you forget about the Interview? I hope you remember I said, “If you are late for the interview then you’d be screwed up by Ethan,” she said with great speed. “I know Mia. I just woke up. It won’t take long for me to dress up. Only the Breakfast we need to think about.” “Fine but be quick... I will be waiting for you outside the campus gate. Don’t be late, okay?” “sure thing” saying, I kept my phone aside and turned only to see my mom gone. I jumped out of the bed and rushed into my bathroom to get myself ready. I slipped a formal shirt over my body and wore jeans. I left my hair open since it was wet. I wore heels that I borrowed from Mia weeks ago for a party and forgot to return them. Thank God! Mia isn’t a girl who thrashes somebody’s head if they don’t return her things for more than two days.

I eat my breakfast as fast as possible and move out of the house. I have never seen the company building Mia suggested, but I am pretty sure it would be huge. Once I reached the campus I was awestruck! Like I said it was huge and beautifully covered with glass windows. There I saw the name of the company written in huge italic form, "Ethan Heights". Mia called me over when she saw me lingering my eyes over the beautiful building. "Lexi!" she waved her hand. "Hey!" I waved and went towards her. "You are 3mins late but that will do no harm for a newcomer" she chuckled. "Oh really?" I chuckled. I had 5mins more for the interview to start so we talked a little. While talking I saw a handsome man wearing a tuxedo with a sharp hairstyle. But I got startled! Why? because he looked just like the creature in my dreams!

Mia followed my gaze "Oooh! don't stare at him Lexi he is our CEO!".

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