The Balance Mate

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Chapter Nine

Alex's Point of View

This is one of the trickiest thing that can give me such euphoric sensation, only her lips. They were looking so full and luscious. There's a lingering sense of arousal having tender lips touch your member. I'm jealous of the gag ball in between her mouth but not for long. I made sure her hands were tied behind her back so that she can't resist and do any of her waving to stop what I'm about to do to her. It is true that desire becomes stronger with time. It becomes more heated when you desire something that seems to be out of reach.

My height towers over her as I come close to her, she's in her kneeling position, I snap my fingers so her ankles were bound by heavy chains connected on the ground to make sure to hold her completely down. I bend over to hold her hair on my fist, easily gripping her whole head.

"Stop fighting this, we're just getting started." I whisper close to her ear, inhaling her good energy in my system.

I took off her gag, and right away I felt my pants tighten, as the little space was left without any room for expansion, burning whatever piece of clothing I'm wearing instantly.

I know in one go it can bring me closer to her. I stare at her eyes they were giving me signal of fear and arousal that she wants it bad in her mouth. My mind advances on the thought when she chokes, as I push it down her throat that I like the most. Not much can compare to the warmth of one's lips holding your member in place. The intensity of this sensation increases the longer your member is locked within, with each motion delivering an entirely new experience in sexual ecstasy.

I have less than an hour to ravage her whole mouth. The fire I'm emitting is making her perspire. I slide my fingers on the beads of sweat on her forehead to get a taste of it and just like that I turned up the heat some more, tasting her every bit is so sweet.

I took out the gag and she let out a tiny moan with tears in her eyes. I don't know how she gives me this sensation. It becomes more gratifying and enjoyable than if it is taken or given to me easily. When the apparently impossible becomes a reality, the desire to fulfill it becomes all-consuming. The possibility that I will be able to get it adds to the excitement of the situation. Oh, those are some delicious lips, and the idea that I have earned the right to leave my tongue in her mouth keeps me heated.

I was about to shove it inside her throat when I felt a splash of water on my head. I grunt as I know who exactly the culprit is, making me snap quickly out of my daze I've been having ever since I lost that damn human game from Celine.

Who would have thought this angel can be good with shooting those damn things inside a tiny hole. I should have agreed to not using powers. I miscalculated every possible win. I was deceived by her and I allow her to use my desires to her advantage. I have to admit she's getting more cunning the more time we spent together. Perhaps she's assimilating some of my behaviors, well I'm in for the ride.

I put my face in front of hers to intimidate her and instead, right away her usual mouth starts running. I'm having bad withdrawals from all the holding back I've been doing for almost a month now. I closed my fist instead of snapping things before she ends up in her knees like how I have imagined.

"You're doing it again Alex" Celine waves her hand to get rid of the sizzling smoke that's coming off me.

"Doing what?" I say as I wiggle all the water that's left on my hair. I snap my fingers to put it back in place.

"You've been making this whole place hot, turning up the heat more and more. if you don't stop your sulking you will reveal yourself to this realm and this thing wi—"

I shut out her customary lectures and just hover in my position, staring at her whole body, knowing that I only have two more days to suffer until that month-long gamble comes to an end. Another story is that the gold band is performing its job of keeping me committed to the wager. I clinched my fist once again at the prospect of what could have occurred if I had been victorious. I raise my fist in the air as I gaze at the gold ring that is visible through my arm. It has the ability to compel Celine to do tasks under my direction.

Why does this world have to be this slow moving? I just want to go back to that manifestation for a quick second, all these talking from Celine is making me want to eat a few souls in this realm. Why can't she just shut her mouth, I would prefer when she maintains her eye contact while she slides her wet lips over my member, I like it more when she uses her hand to stroke it further. With a swirl of the tongue and a change in speed from rapid to slow, from subtle to harsh, and a change in intensity. For one, it's more than enough to make you shout with delight.

For some reason, only now that I've noticed that it's been ages since I had a good release. I finally understand how addicts feel back in hell, it seems like I am having withdrawal symptoms in this realm. This realm seems to be forcing me to go on sexual abstinence or perhaps it's Celine who's been stealing all my focus and pent up sexual energy. I need to get out of this dry spell.

"Fuck" I roared loud shaking this tiny house giving it an earthquake feel waking up both the maggot and his mother in the middle of the night.

I felt another splash of water on my head. Celine has poured another round of water to cool my heat. I have to do something about these manifestations. I've never been put in this type of situation. I just need to control my urges for two more days and I should be able to release it all.

"Look at what you've done now Alex." Celine waves her hand and a thick wet illuminating blanket covered me, stopping me from heating up again.

I guess my roar woke up the whole neighborhood. Everyone now is out in a panic with what they thought is an earthquake.

If it hadn't been for Celine's need to be close to me at all times, I would have been able to maintain control and take any soul in this world without interruption. Whatever I've tried has failed, and she is no longer afraid of me. I've tried everything I can to get her to go, but nothing has worked. The days when her eyes would widen in terror were gone for me now. Her tolerance to my wrath has really grown incredibly high. This whole month of just watching over the maggot brought a new obsession within me.

I'm standing in front of Celine as she waves her hand to keep my heat wrapped in this wet blanket but a certain force is pulling me to her as she continues to blabber my eyes zeroed in on her moving mouth. A striking contrast between the sliding action of one's lips locking my cock as it pulsates within makes me want to burst with pleasure, but the feeling is completely incomprehensible. With each swipe of that tongue, my form in this realm seem to lose their sense of balance. The intensity of what I'm experiencing increases as my senses get more acute and heightened. Deprivation seems to be getting the best of me.

I better come up with another plan and gear up for another bet, a bet where odds would be in my favor. I snapped my fingers to dry myself back, vanishing the blanket in the process. I flew up in the air watching everyone as I felt Celine fly next to me, rolling her eyes with her arms crossed.

Before she can start her preaching I flew back down I felt Celine's energy following me where the maggot is at to avoid her never ending comments.

I snapped my fingers and the gag I've been manifesting all month long in my head appeared in between her mouth. I chuckle as I succeeded shushing her for a brief moment but once her hands was up on the air all of this quickly disappeared. She readies her hand for a retaliation but it suddenly stops when we heard a girl calls out the maggots' name.

I look over and I see the little innocent neighbor, She ran to the maggot wearing such a thin and revealing clothing, as if she's asking for it.

Anyone could easily trace her skinny form of a body even in this time of the night. I could easily crush her bones with just a light flick. I feel the beat of her heart as her blood flows through it, I can smell her arousal as she touches the maggot for a hug.

Yes! Yes! without a doubt.

She, like the rest of the damned females at that damn school, was drawn in by the maggot, who I've been force to silently keep an eye on for over a month.

To even entertain the notion that the reason why he stays nothing but nice with all females is because he is into the same gender is to admit that I am completely wrong.

I sense the girl's aura that can be easily identified. She's not as innocent as she pertains to the outside world.

It was important to me that my whole body was in front of Celine and that my head was the same height as hers. When I smelled her scent, I was able to take in some of her energy, which made me feel ardent about the new plan that had just been set out in front of me. Things are going to take a turn for something worse right now.

"Just two more days Celine."

I started to chuckle hard, shaking the neighborhood for a little while, bringing the two to another intense hug. It's way too early to admit that this maggot is incorruptible for it's only been a few years him walking in this realm.

I flew down on the ground and as expected Celine follows through. Standing next to the maggot trying to calm down the little sheep. I snapped my fingers in flash on the side for the girl to step on a tiny rock making her twist her ankle lightly, the maggot as usual ready to help, held her close to his body.

Celine looked at me with a look that I have never seen from her ever. Was that jealousy? No it can't be. I might be wrong but as we both felt the electricity that came out of that contact, I couldn't help but grin wider after all every seed that comes out of that tree is definitely meant to commit a sin.

If the higher power thinks he can mess with me by deliberately putting me in this unprecedented situation. He's got another thing coming in this forsaken realm. Being mated with a fearless mate and adding a soul that's somewhat oblivious to wrong doings.

The shaking stopped as I got a hold of the new strategy I had found to complete this mission. My new little pawn was gently carried back to her home by the maggot.


Her name rolled in slowly on my tongue as it left my mouth and a huge grin is plastered on my face. This little poor innocent slut will fit right in my plan. The maggot's wall is slowly crumbling every second now before you know it, I am finally back to my old ways ravishing all the souls I come across my path.

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