The Balance Mate

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Chapter Eleven

Nina's Point of View

Evil comes in different forms, aspects, and circumstances. You never know which manifestations it would embody. They always arrive unexpectedly, unannounced and foreboding. When you come across it, you'll realize a second too late as it ravages everything in its path, bringing in distraction and menacing those who encounters it. And that is how I ought to be identified for I am the embodiment of evil and darkness. Nina, at your service.

It would be such a shame if I go down the history of human kind to be only known as just the sister in hell. I didn't spend my life devouring humans flesh and bathing in their blood for nothing.

Flesh is the one thing these souls can bring back to hell with them in their whole possession. The evil lord constructed this world in such a way that you would be subjected to the greatest amount of suffering. You may wonder why souls come with their flesh intact, this is no accident nor a mistake. This is rather a form of punishment, humans who committed grave sins are required to constantly be devoured by us feeling every ounce of unimaginable pain. I have to give credit to the humans for giving our realm a pretty good name, sounds fitting into welcoming everyone Hell without the O.

Since the inception of this realm, it has only thrived on souls and the evil they bring to the world, which is the source of my fixation. Ravaging their flesh and bones, hearing their screams and seeing their pain and agony endows me with greatest pleasure and delight. I have to admit I'm sadistic by nature. I find it entertaining witnessing how these sinners suffer. Oh, how satisfying it is to see them struggle and ultimately resign to their fates.

Every demon clamors for it. Its extraordinary succulence and palatability, souls laced with unforgivable sins are the most satisfying. The greater the sins, the greater the nourishment it provides further magnifying our powers. I made sure my footsteps were loud as I made my way up to my throne made of millions of human skulls. I snapped my fingers to summon one of my slave demon to bring in the fresh batch.

Thousands of weeping souls were brought in by one of the demon slave. I take a long, heated breath as boredom begins to take hold of me. I have been entrusted once again with carrying out the duties that my good for nothing brother is meant to carry out, but this time I am attempting to satisfy my way to a throne worthy of me.

I snapped my fingers, raising the first one hundred terrified souls in front of me off the ground with my fingertips. When I look at the tiny forms of the creatures, they remind me of what they call berries in their world, which I find intriguing.

I channelled the fire that was already burning inside me to become even hotter. I struck one soul at a time, scorching their flesh completely. I love the screams when my skin comes into contact with a soul.

Their flesh and bones gets easily charred with the flames I emit. I made sure that I regulate my flames so they can feel every bit of the scorching heat I release. I want them to experience the excruciation of being burned alive before dumping their remains in an endless pile of bones further expanding the pathway for new sinners.

The screams are now louder after the souls saw that stunt, sending my nerves into killing frenzy. I put on a big smile for everyone as my form is still not in any way intimidating yet. I hear all the demon slaves cheer for me. As I am well-known for providing this kind of entertainment. Alex and I like a good game where we can go head to head. Out of all us siblings, I am the only one who can rival his powers but I can't seem to close to gap despite my cunning wits, he still leaps and bounds.

I gear up for the next batch as I'm fueled by all these demons watching. I channeled all my power on my hands burning these souls in one go.

I ready to lunge it when a particular soul got my attention making my movement into a halt. This soul wearing a burnt and ripped attire was staring right through me, his stance were not of someone who is scared, clearly making him standout in the middle of the chaos and trembling souls around him.

My smile turned into a frown and all the demon watching suddenly turned silent as I snapped my fingers to transform to their tiny form with just one blink of an eye, I'm right in front of his face. I would have expected a flinch but not a single movement from him. He was not fazed by my presence. I grabbed his neck to raise it up, cracking it in an instant, but no scream can be heard. I fully twisted it and made sure to burn every single fiber of his flesh dropping the ashes on the black ground when the silence was broken by the cheering of the demons.

With my back turned, I walked towards the throne. My body snapped back to its previous state, giving the go signal to finish out the remaining souls. As I sat on top of the throne, I sensed a strong, heavy presence nearby. The fact that I knew who it was saved me from looking. The soul that I had just burnt reappeared, but this time it was just a shell of what it had been before it returned.

"I knew it was you Father, I told you I look better seated at this throne." I say, keeping my eyes at the torture session happening in front of us.

"You will have your own throne, but not this one."

"The only throne, I'll be sitting is this one!" I levitated and pulled the shell soul in front of me, showing that I wasn't pleased with that response. "Why is the dark lord gracing me in such a busy hour?" "To whom do I owe the honors?"

"You know exactly why" Without letting me speak, the soul shell snapped his fingers freezing my movement. "How dare you defy my orders, I asked you to send Alex to me not send him in that realm." "Get down there and finish the mission. You better have that soul with you otherwise you will be crown less." Before I could even react the dark lords' presence had vanished along with the shell.

Once I got control of myself, I let out a huge scream burning everyone near me including the rest of the demon slave. I cursed out non stop, making the rest scram away from me. I'm not the one to dwell for not being the favorite one but after this, I will surely show the dark lord that I am the fitting heir to this throne. Does he not see how long Alex have wasted his favor in that realm if he was the true ruler he should have been back within minutes.

I am now more convinced that it's time that I take matters in my own hands. My father is right this isn't the throne I'll be sitting on for I will be taking his when Alex crosses the line and tips the balance.

I snapped myself fast transporting myself to the portal, I looked at the tall faceless misty figure and I knew this creature wouldn't crack and give the whereabouts of Alex to the dark lord. He has always been impartial and untouchable, no one dares to challenge the gatekeeper.

"I'll deal with you when I get back." I narrowed my eyes at him giving me excuses, this wouldn't save this creature when I'm sitting in that throne. I ordered him to send me straight to the human's realm and to make sure to transport me back the second I asked him.

My balance mate will be alerted as soon as I return to that world and will immediately descend to that realm to keep an eye on my every action. I just have one day left in that world before she catches up with me. I need to devise a strategy as soon as possible to take down Alex, this is my only chance in stopping him from taking that throne.

As soon as I enter this realm, I feel my form quickly turn into human state. I don't see the need in transforming us into these creature since we're not even seen by these weaklings. I snapped my fingers to transport where Alex have been hanging around.

I can't go much closer since Alex would sense my presence straight away, so I made sure I kept my distance so that he won't be alerted. When I saw the aura Alex was putting off next to his stupid balance mate, my lips curved and pressed tightly at the displeasure I'm feeling. I clench my fist, realizing that I only have two options and that my time is running out as I see the gold band on my arm slowly rising, signaling that my own balance mate will soon be aware that I made my way back here.

I closed my eyes at the threat I received from my father, I opened them when I heard the soul they're watching over. I felt a sudden heat dances inside me as an idea just came knocking right through me.

I don't understand our father's fixation on Alex, he hasn't accomplish anything worthy of his recognition. What makes him better than I am? I ponder on these thoughts for I am perplexed with what merits Alex has over me. He has always been easy-going, never taking anything seriously, an irresponsible fool if I may add.

Yes his powers are remarkably strong but that's simply an attribute he inherited from our father. What makes that fool invariably superior over me?

I hate to admit it but I have this constant need to be always on top. I can't accept that I'm simply the second choice. Nobody wants to be an option. I am just as capable as Alex to rule over hell, as matter of fact I am more capable than him anyway you look at it.

Why do I need to constantly prove myself when the truth of the matter I have accomplished more than Alex. I have brought more souls to our realm than any demon and he hasn't even brought a single one in hell. He's such a nuisance.

When it comes to Alex, it appears that I always loose my reason and temperament. My ego always overtakes me, I am too proud to admit that he had always been favored ever since. He always had it easy, he never needed to exert effort to gain adoration. I just the despise the fact that everything comes to him naturally, while me other hand have to consistently earn my merits and prove myself over and over again.

No matter what I do it's the hierarchy of hell and the need to keep balance in realms that limits the power I gain, like the rest of hell its designed to work this way. It was meant to follow along the lines created by the dark lord but once I tip off the balance, I'll be certain to insatiably gain all the power I can.
In the end it all boils down to power, I have to gain enough power to gain superiority over him. It only affirms that he is the greatest obstacle to my goals, Alex is the wall I need to topple to have everything I want. I can no longer tolerate being a reserve for him in case he fails. He needs to fail and I will make damn sure he fails and that he will incur my wrath in the process. This time, he won't know what hit him, no mercy, no hesitation, I will destroy him and when I'm finished with him all realms would know the real face of evil and darkness.

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