The Balance Mate

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Chapter Twelve

Alex's Point of View

It's easy to succumb to temptation since committing sin is much more convenient than doing what is right. In this world, temptation is perceived as a negative force, but in reality, temptation would only be deemed a sin if any of these weaklings ultimately decide to surrender to it. After all, what is humanity without desires, without impulsions, no one in this forsaken world is created to perfection. Eventually, every soul will be tempted to commit transgressions, the question was never a matter of who but when. Timing is everything.

This realm was meticulously constructed to directly shape and affect the other realms. In our case, the corrupted souls of sinners are necessary to keep my realm growing exponentially. Their sins fuel our realm and our bodies, they provide an insurmountable source of energy and sustenance.

I fight to keep the heat under control from inside myself so that Celine does not have a chance to soak me with another round of water. I let out a long deep breathe, you can see the smoke coming out of my nostrils.

When our dark lord had considered me as the future king of Hell, I wonder why the hell I am standing here and watching this maggot fail miserably in his effort to score with this slut who obviously wants some. I can easily smell the scent of lust lingering around these two idiots. No matter how you put things into perspective, if the mind is vulnerable and willing, the flesh will eventually submit and break.

Despite my words and my attempts to coax him into touching the little slut, the maggot seemed unaffected. The only thing Celine does is grin and take pleasure in the beautiful blue water next to me while I really do all the toil. She's too confident that I have lost my touch in influencing this maggot so she decided to sit this one out and enjoy the scenery.

I snap my fingers for a jelly fish to come close to sting the girl on her side, that should do it for her top to come off, it would be nice to finally see some human tits. My eyes zeroed in on how slow the little monster and I snap my fingers one more time, making this thing push its belly muscles faster. Its tentacles stretches out and wrapping its limbs on the slut's side breast.

I let out a laugh expecting a scream from the idiot girl, I wait for a few seconds but nothing, I snap my fingers for another jelly fish to sting her again, still nothing!

My anger is accompanied with a grunt. This time it wasn't just a bucket of water, but a wave of water, and I felt the heat that I'd been holding in my hands begin to drain out through my fingertips. It was with dread that I turned to face Celine, knowing that she had intervened once again, just when I thought she wasn't watching. She seems to have mastered the art of deception, leading me to believe that she was uninterested.

"Alex do you have these kinds of scenery in Hell"

It is more beautiful than this one, would you want to come have a look at it some time?" I was a good sport and let her have it. In comparison, our ocean is much deeper and lacks a shallow surface. Instead of bright blue, ours is unquestionably in black, full of drowning souls over and over again. Yet the stark contrast of the glowing souls against the pitch black water is surprisingly beautiful, a sight to behold in hell.

She just grins, as if she understood what I've just described to her. She didn't answer and pretends not to have heard my open invitation. Instead she waved her hand helping me get dry. I was pleasantly surprised by the gesture. She move in front of me and went on asking me a question about myself that caught me off guard.

"What's your normal day like? What do you like to do?"

Celine's eyes were matching the oceans color. It's been awhile since I've actually really look into her eyes. I couldn't answer her for I was at awe on how beautiful she is. She didn't press me for answers but waves her hand for a sudden change of our clothes. I look down at the hideous colorful attire she has put me in. I snapped my fingers burning my top, I exposed my upper body and change my bottom into what more of my style.

Admittedly, I was pleasantly surprised by her sudden interest on me, in the time we've spent together in this realm, she was constantly bickering and arguably challenging my every move. I may have to accept the fact that the only consolation this realm has to offer is that I get to spend time with Celine, even though we have to watch over this maggot. This is nice for a change, for some reason she's growing on me. The more time I spend with her, the more she becomes mesmerizing and astonishingly beautiful. Her quirks, her behaviors, her personality, she's starting to peak my interest yet once again my focus was shifted on her tits.

I can still remember how plump and pink they are. Oh just imagining her on top of me makes me hard.

I snapped my fingers once more to change her attire to a two piece suit exposing more of her skin, I laugh as she shrieks but quickly manages her reaction.

"Thank you Alex, much better." She quickly waves her hand to have a cover up that can still see through the tiny fabric I gave her. I rolled my eyes at how quickly she can turn things into a bore.

I couldn't help myself but not to say pass on another bet. I just want to have a taste of her now. Winning a wager is the only thing that can fulfill my lustful desires.

"How about another bet? Let's see who can swim faster."

The thought of her suggesting this little game made me laugh out loud. There is no way you can out swim me in this scenario. Instantaneously, when I look at her, my mind begins to go wild. Because this is such an easy victory, I smirk at how incredibly dense she can be. Last but not least comes the long-awaited time when I finally get a taste of her.

I agreed to the same conditions as before, but the stakes were greater this time, with her serving as my slave for two days and me being on my best behavior for two months. My enthusiasm was palpable as I shook her hand, and the gold ring on both of our arms began to glow, signaling that our proposition had been accepted.

The line started in this shore and will end at the far end continent darker blue ocean shore.

"Celine, although I am certain you will lose this one, our gold band has ensured that none of us can back out. However, since this will be the final time I will behave, I will provide you a slice of leniency and allow you to begin swimming before me for a good half an hour before I join you." "I'm giving you a head-start to make things more interesting."

"Are you sure?"

Looking at her startled expression, I nod quickly in agreement. This will be a great victory for me. She jumps into the water and immediately demonstrates how extremely fast she is swimming, but my face never budged from the beaming grin that has been painted on my face since this bet began since I am much faster than she.

I counted the time, when the minute I'm waiting for has arrived, I dipped my toes on the water when I sensed Nina's power. I groan and let out a cursed.

I snapped my fingers to transport myself to where she's been hiding. I appeared in front of her lounging, clearly surprised at how I was able to sense her. I stood in front of her waiting for an explanation.

"This is what the future king of hell has been doing here all these times?" "Playing in the water is your new habit now?"

"Yes its fun you should try it, don't you have scheming you need to do back in hell chasing my throne has become a bore now?" I say this, lacing it with venom.

"The throne I deserve you mean, once father hears about the usual messing around you do, I'll surely get it, after all what would our race say if the future king can't even bring a soul back"

Nina's voice was steady as she moves about the other end facing where Celine is.

"Alex, you seemed to have grown a weird fondness with your balance mate." " If I may add, you appear to be getting too attached and invested in her."

"Oh, Nina, enough with your mocking and unfounded observations." " I am simply trying to entertain myself here, after all it was you who challenged me to stay in this realm."

I kept my cool and made sure not to give her any ammunitions. If there's one thing that's guaranteed about Nina, if you gave her an opening, she will exploit it and turn the tables against you. She's a scheming, conniving little bi*tch and she won't stop until she gets what she wants.

"Well that's the perks of being the loved and favored son, I pretty much can get away with anything. I could even request to send you off on a different low level part of our realm once I'm seated" "In fact, sending you to the depths of hell would be one of my first mandates once I'm enthroned." I say these to distract her.

She faces me and I see her snapped, her whole hand glowed, and turned into a fire. I knew how easy I can get to her, I stood there watching her next move. She was quiet for a few seconds and suddenly her hand turns into a normal flesh, her stance relaxed. She walks closely and kisses me on the cheek burning my human flesh with her hot skin.

"Of course brother but before you could do that, you need to beat your little balance mate"
"Look, she's too far off your reach now, even if you start now, you'll loose this one again."

I look over Celine closing in on the other end of the shore. I screamed seeing my situation on how I'm fucked. Nina deliberately distracted me. She laughs hard on my face and I snapped my fingers for a whirlpool wind to kick her flying back to hell.

After making my way back to shore, swimming at breakneck speed, I made a wave cutting through the center of the ocean, creating a hazardous current for any person to swim in. Eventually, I get within a few inches of Celine, closing the gap and with just a few more reaches, I can have her in my possession. But suddenly I felt my body being pulled back as I didn't realized how Nina snapped her fingers to put in an unbelievably sturdy rope on my ankle. I quickly snapped my fingers to cut in the strong energy Nina has put in the rope and when I ready myself back, I hear Celine cheering on the shore with multiple yes repeatedly. The victory that's supposed to be mine.

Defeated in anger, I kept punching in waves sending tall ones on the shore making the humans slide in surf and enjoy it. I halted all my movements as Celine waves her hand and appeared in front of me.

"Oh Come on Alex, lets go back." Celine says, forcefully holding my hand as I tried to pull it away.

I was still pouting, following Celine as she hauled me back to the side, flying to the location of the maggot. When she abruptly dumped me into the water, I was stunned. I rise to my feet and scream at Celine.

"Celine, what the" I cut off my words as soon I've seen Celine's face in shock. She just levitated on the air, watching the maggot kiss the slut on the shore non-stop.

I yell a loud yes, as the event has turned up to my favor. This is the start, I knew this maggot isn't all that pure after all. I didn't even have to nudge him to that direction, he is after all a man vulnerable to his own desires.

I looked over Celine, to tease her but for the first time I was disheartened seeing how devastated she was, witnessing the torrid kissing of the maggot and his slut. I should be celebrating for this is the first time this maggot proved to be unworthy and acted on his desire but I can't shake the look on Celine's face. Was that jealousy, I sensed on her or was it disappointment?

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