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The Balance Mate

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Nothing ever comes out right whenever you're dealing with the devil fresh from hell! What more if you were destined to be mated to create balance on heaven and hell and for earth to be in peace. Alexander, the Devil, and Celine, the Angel, were both assigned to look after a soul named Nathan. Given the fact that this is their first assignment, both are determined to sway that soul back into their differing realms. But what happens, when the devil develops an uncanny emotion very foreign for his kind? It's a word humans call love. While the angel develops the same emotion towards human soul? Not your typical love triangle now is it? Find out how far one soulless being can go when confronted with the word love.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter One

Celine's Point Of View

The feeling is weird. It's light yet heavy, it's warm yet cold. I am caught in the parallels of the unknown. A feeling of impending doom has washed over me. This is it. I've reached my final destination and I stepped out of the floating boat that took me through the lake of fire.

I look down and I see the very darkest sand that seems to shine, making my light skin standout as this is in good contrast to what seems to be the beginning of darkness.

I walked some more, making my way further into the dark, deserted place. I anticipated demons to clamor for my arrival for my decision had been made known to all.

I am now damned for the rest of eternity.

It sure is a very far contrast from the place I used to dwell and spend my days. This place seems to be enveloped in an eternal darkness. Only the light from the flames illuminates this dark path I'm traversing. There's no question, I am now in Hell.

I was prepared to accept the consequences of my actions. When I made that sacrifice, my resolve was already engraved in my mind. This is my choice and whatever comes next, I will just have to endure it.

It was worth it.

I smile, but only for a few seconds, and I stop because I suddenly feel a tiny sharp pain drilling a hole in my tummy. I crouch down and breathe hard.

"It's called hunger." A deep, cool voice from nowhere echoed. I don't dare to look around because I don't feel any presence. I never thought that my senses would be heightened that I'm almost drained of my eternal grace. I guess, I am now vulnerable to pain and suffering.

"Keep walking, you will get used to it," the same voice says.

As I walked, the soles of my feet were burning with pain. I was completely lost. It seemed I was traversing a path of an endless abyss with no definite destination, but I ignored the pain and continued walking. I fell to the ground out of exhaustion as I grew numb to the pain.

I stood up once again, and the hem of my dress got caught on something protruding from below. I yanked it, ripping my dress hard so I could move forward.

I don't know how long I've been walking, but the temperature is now getting higher. The voice was right. The pain I felt earlier subsided as if it had become part of my system. However, a new terror has come my way.

I now hear and feel ominous presences surrounding me.

"It's not smart to provoke, look down and keep walking." "Don't draw any attention, stay calm and lie low." The same voice spoke.

I put my head down and moved my legs faster as I felt a tugging inside my chest. I have never felt these new sensations. The same presence has multiplied simply by following me. It feels like I'm being watched, more likely being stalked.

As I move ahead with my head down, not knowing where to go, but keeping my feet walking, I hear the voices clearer as they get louder and louder. I hear them curse me, making threats of torture and eating my flesh raw.

My feet are now starting to wear out. I want to stop and give in.

I misstepped and fell flat on the ground, scratching my palms. I breathe as I now feel the presence getting closer. "Get up and wash yourself in the nearby stream to your right." The voice tells me.

This voice seems kind and reassuring, different from the ominous presence that stalks me. I pushed myself up into a sitting position and another pain crept in. I drew in a deep breath, deciding to ignore it and went forward with my course.

A few more moments had passed when I saw a huge stream of clear water. I made my way over there. I am sprinting as fast as I can, hoping to quench my thirst and cool myself.The second my skin touches the cold liquid, it starts to drain onto the ground, creating a whirlpool in the middle. I plunged my whole body in and drank as much water as I could.I quickly washed off whatever dirt was all over my face, then my palm that had scratches, and as quickly as I could blink, there was just ground again.

A tear fell as I was feeling grateful for the helping voice that seemed to be guiding me. I knelt down and with my straining voice left, I uttered a small "Thank you."

I have always thought that this place was devoid of kindness, but even in my despair, someone was leading me to safety. I reckon hope is still not lost. I just have to take it one day at a time. As I tell myself, I will survive this. There's no point in dwelling in misery. I have to keep moving forward.

The ground vibrated, making my eyes flutter open, and an imposing and foreboding presence finally appeared before me. The very first was of Alexander's kind. I was shocked to my core. A very tall, burning figure shook the ground as it walked closer to me. I panic as I can feel the temperature rising drastically. He is like a horrifying pagan our elders talk about.

I hear him snapping his fingers as the crispy sound echoes through the room. The scorching heat suddenly disappears.

"Little angel, prayers won't help you here."

I finally dared to look him straight in the face. My eyes widened as I saw a form that was thick-muscled, half naked and with scars mauled into his frame. I could feel his dark aura radiating through his body.

He sees my reaction and he chuckles. I blink and he is right in front of me, grabbing hold of my right whole arm. He snaps his fingers and I scream as I feel a burning circle sensation on my neck around my nape.

He snaps again and it stops. I now feel something gripping my neck. I touch it and there's nothing but my skin.

He snaps his fingers and my reflection shows. My neck had a shiny silver, thin collar embedded in my skin. I was chained by this demon. Am I about to be taken captive by this demon?

As he hauls me closer to him, he laughs hysterically. "Look what fate has brought me." "Aren't you a precious little angel?" "It looks like my fortune has turned around. I found an invaluable slave to do my bidding."

This demon is consumed by his desires. "Come here little angel." "You're mine now." He tore what remained of my dress and started to grab my breasts. I tried to fend him off, but he was just too powerful.

I struggled to break free from his grip, but he drew me closer. He holds me from behind and locks my hand with a tight grip. I was sweating profusely and my body was tightening from the tension.

As my sweat drips, he licks it and murmurs. "What a sweet-tasting angel you are." "This would be fun." His sharp tongue touches the side of my neck as he licks my dripping sweat. He is getting more aggressive, the more I struggle. He was forcing a kiss, but I moved my lips away.

He slides one of his hands onto my breast and squeezes my nipple so hard. I screamed in agony, but he continued to assault me. He continues to cup my breasts and roll his fingers over my nipples.

"Just give in to the pleasure, he moans." He let out a gasp of delight and groans. "You like it, don't you?"

His hold is getting tighter and I am drawing every ounce of strength to break free. I can feel his shaft pulsing from my behind as I continue to struggle.

"Stop struggling, you can't overpower me." "Sooner than later, you will submit to me."His hand continued to grapple with my body as I screamed frantically.

"Get off me you demon." I made an effort to push him away. "Take your filthy hands off me."

"Your screams are useless here, no one will hear you, don't waste your energy." "Just be a good angel and submit to me." "The less you struggle, the easier it will be for you."

One last time, I muster every ounce of strength I have to break free, but his grip is just too constricting. I am running out of breath. I am running out of time. Is this it for me? Am I about to be violated by this demon? All these thoughts were scattered in my head.

I refused to be victimized by this demon. One last time, I twisted my body and tried to land a blow, but my efforts were rendered useless. I lashed out one more time and finally was able to break free.

"You're one feisty angel." He exclaims. "I will torture you so badly that you will regret ever putting up a fight."

I ran as fast as I could, trying to escape his aggression, but I was yanked back by the chains attached to my collar. Unfortunately, I find myself back in his clutches.

"Silly little angel, you thought you could escape me." "Just submit yourself to me and stop putting up a fight." He grabs me and, to my surprise, something is growing in him. His shaft is as big as my arm and it is still growing. "You will soon have a taste of what demons are made of." He laughed proudly.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you savor it, after the fight you've put me through." "I'll make damn sure that you'll suffer from your insolence." Every second that passes, a sense of hopelessness draws in. I am now at the precipice of my demise and my resolve is about to be shattered.

This can't be happening, I no longer have the strength to fight this demon.

For the first time, this is what powerless feels like. My strength was running out. I was always resolute to never give up, but I can no longer grasp my reality and despair is starting to take over me. I've exhausted all my options. I no longer have any fight in me.

My body is starting to get heavy, the atmosphere is weighing me down, and exhaustion is taking over. This demon is about to ravage my body. I let out a desperate cry. "Stop, please I beg you to stop."

I wasn't sure if I was hallucinating due to exhaustion when a shadow appeared in the corner of my eye and I caught a glimpse of someone familiar, and then comes the final straw, a strong painful pull caused me to lose consciousness.

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