The Balance Mate

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Chapter Two

Celine's Point Of View


The world I belong has no gravitational field. It has no intensity but just a pure bliss of freedom. This intangible realm has no borders, no limits and it is beyond explanation. An inexhaustible amount of light shines infinitely.

It is where the alpha and omega co-exist. It's what the humans believe the most sacred and divine place and calls it Heaven.

Time in this realm is slow so we can savor all the goodness, to comprehend how time works in this dimension is to compare it to human time-a day in this realm is a millennium in a human lifetime.

My kind are the only ones who are worthy and permitted to live in this place. We are the intermediaries for the Higher Power.

Having the ability to channel the divine light, we are known by many names. Some call us Celestial Beings, Messengers, Guardians and commonly depicted by humans as Angels.

Ever since my existence was made known, I have only known this realm. A realm of pure bliss, where human souls transit or take refuge on their path to our Creator. I have been a guardian of this realm, never questioned my duties nor my purpose. The guardians have been taught the virtue of piety and obedience to the Higher Power, a being we have never seen but only heard of.

I put on my best dress for this special occasion and I wave my hands to check my reflection, the usual essence that emanates from our bodies has a tremendous allure that can readily entice any human being. Gifted with extraordinary features, we're often identified as beautiful. For most of us, we don't understand, we feel that we all look the same. All we care about is the chance to bring in more souls to the light.

Our existence is greatly regarded by the Higher Power, and we have been granted the most sacred gift.

Our Wings.

As I fly through the majestic crystal waterfall to wash my long silver locks along with my wings, I stay under it feeling the cold water pour on my head as it soaks my whole body. I couldn't help but watch everyone in awe as this is our source of light.

The light, which freely allow us to traverse between realms. Although I've never been ready well more of not allowed to do so today is the day we finally prove ourselves and get to use our power.

This power is so strong, it protects us from any kind of darkness so as long we stay pure and pious. It will grants us the ability to wield light and cast any form of darkness.

My thoughts were interrupted when I was pushed out of the water falls. I looked back and saw my close friend Dana giggling.

"What are you thinking about again?" Dana says as she flies through taking my spot while playfully tugging me back holding my hands.

"Dana" I screamed in excitement "I haven't seen you for weeks". "I'm so nervous today what if I screwed up?" I pout my lip as my wings flutter the excess water.

"You will do just fine, just make sure you remember that our wings is what defines us, our most priced possession." "It is the reflection of our subconscious , a manifestation of our light and the embodiment of our virtue." Dana says wisely.

"You truly are the most divine, what would I do without you?" I say this as I hug her turning us around taking over back my spot. Dana giggles, waving her wings as she bids me good luck. "You will be late. Go and make sure your speed dries up this lovely dress."

As she flies away, I see how her wings have altered, adding additional feathers and turning the trimmings gold. This is an obvious sign that she has more experience than the rest of us. The light that radiates from her wings is immensely bright like a warm embrace. Her presence is simply divine and majestic in every aspect. She's been guiding souls for almost a year now.

A humans lifespan on earth is only an hour in heaven. I wonder how many souls has Dana guided through the light successfully.

It didn't take long before I've reached the compound of my kind. Everyone is truly at their best. We all give our courtesy to one another, feeling the greatness from above.

You can feel everyone's cheery mood and the excitement in our system are all over. Everyone seems to be in a celebratory mood. Today is the beginning of what the creator has made us for. I have always imagine how today will feel like and it's exactly it.

A loud horn is being heard as the festivities have started and the announcement of his arrival, the superior who is in charge of us today is known to be Zion. His wings has a certain might, grandeur and thickness to it, half of it glimmering into gold. A halo of light incandescently poised over his head catches my attention. My eyes widens as he approaches us.

To say the very least, Zion has an imposing presence that commands stature and veneration. Yet, despite his commanding presence, he always guides us and imparts his wisdom without reservations. He is indeed very wonderful and has been helpful to us all.

He flies through in the middle and all the angels have surrounded him in circle. Zion gives such an inspiring speech of encouragement. As to not be afraid to meet our balance mate, our counterparts and to trust the power of light.

"Guardians, this is your rite of passage, do not be afraid." "You have matured and you're finally ready and equipped to take on missions." "The Higher Power believes that all of you are now ready to assume more responsibilities in keeping and safeguarding the balance of the realms.

He has explained that only one angel at time is allowed to pass through the gate to meet our balance mate, our counterparts.

The Universal Law of Nature dictates that for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.

In the same manner, our creation requires a counter balance. When we were created, another being was imbued with our existence. They are called the Fallen.

Ways weren't always like this, it was much simpler back then until the Higher Power gifted the humans souls an inexorable free will to chose and in the past the angels who are now called the Fallen committed the sins of greed and envy, thus a revolution started. Their greed for power was insatiable and their envy for every creature was all-consuming. The war for souls that they waged, disrupted the balance of our realm.

For centuries the war ravaged our Heavenly Realm but one of the best and fiercest warrior Mikael, put a stop to this resulting to the balance process being created. Yet, no one knows the whereabouts of Mikael, he just vanished into thin air when the truce was brokered. There are rumors that he lost his form and sacrificed his light. But this are just rumors, they say he will return when chaos erupts to restore balance and vanquish darkness once again.

When they departed from the Heavenly Realm, a realm of fiery pit was created as a sanctuary of their kind. Their exile and banishment from this realm restored the balance once again. But the balance has always been fragile and delicate, and the human soul has always played and determined the balance between realms.

Hopefully, the peace would last for another century but a sense of doubt and uneasiness among my kind is always present. We're always on high alert and this partnership to maintain balance is actually the realm's way of keeping them in check.

We're all line up in a perfect golden hanging ledge mist waiting for our counterparts. My thoughts are racing, I have never seen his kind. In my mind, I have always pictured their kind as terrifying, mortifying and appalling- the kind that sends shivers to your bones. Since our kind identifies with traits that are deemed to be ethereal and beautiful, our counterparts must be opposed to our image with the higher power banishing them they were stripped off of their wings and given a distinct feature no one in my assembly has ever seen.

One by one, angels disappears into the gate. I float here in such nerve racking emotion as millions of us wait for our turns to be called.

Finally I'm the last one left. I feel an intense heat race on my face. A heat so extreme and palpable that is excruciating and almost destructive. I hesitate to fly forward as I feel a liquid trickled down my temple. The atmosphere suddenly became heavy as if I'm gasping for air. I swipe my fingers over my head and sees a strange white liquid, I look at Zion for some answers.

He simply smiles and says "It's called sweat in the human world, flutter your wings and manifest the power of your light, it will protect you from the heat your mate releases." His hand waves encouraging me to begin.

"Over time you will grow accustomed to the heat and you'll learn to work around him." Zion continues as I focus.

"Do not falter, bear with it, you have the power of light!" Zion exclaimed. Finally before I caught the light within me as I close my eyes channeling my inner light.

My medium size wings flutter lightly as I feel the coolness of my power surging and in a matter of seconds I no longer feel the heat. I was channeling my inner light and it took an enormous amount of concentration just to dissipate the heat.

I fly in the light a little more waving Zion goodbye "See you in an hour hopefully with a pulp soul." I yell this to him, hearing my voice enthusiastically.

As questions arises in my head yet dare not ask and just ponder on the thought, will I ever get used to this kind of heat, as Zion claims? How did the others endure such a presence that seems to weigh my wings heavily?

Has it always been like this for our kind?

I fly through the gate, I felt an entity touch me but it's only a gust of wind which catches me and I twist my body so I can keep my inner light on to protect me; however, the wind flows through me sucking my whole form downward.

I see my long hair flows up when I suddenly loose control of my wings as it spreads open on its own flowing along with the orbit and in a blink of an eye, I find myself in an empty grey space.

I drew in a breath, concentrating on keeping my inner light. Another presence has appeared but this time, I felt my connection to it. I turned around and just a few feet away, I see a huge burning fire form moving closer.

I knew this was my counterpart. I didn't wait as I head on, I flew and decided to meet my counterpart halfway to show my fearlessness.

As I come closer I feel the heat grow hotter. I pushed my inner light to glow brighter matching his and right before I knew it I was standing in front of him. I flap my wings touching both ends twice creating a strong blow of wind accidentally blowing all the fire out coming from the form.

A black thick smoke sizzles covering my unidentifiable counterpart. I stand three feet away impatiently waiting to see how my counterpart looks like.

"Hello" I greeted but no response.
"Hello I am called Celine." I tried again my voice was so soft, my balance mate probably couldn't hear from all the smokes surrounding him.

I squint my eyes trying to focus my vision and flap my wings multiple times to help him completely blow all the smoke away.

As the smoke dissipates, I look up and I'm surprised to see a much taller form than I am. I make my way up fly up to reach his height, settling on the level of his face. The black smoke is still covering his face.

I ready myself to see what the fuss is all about.

I phase one more second to blow away the smoke.


When suddenly a red fire burning face barges out with a long thick outgrowth bone encased on his forehead overwhelming me in the process. I was startled for a second almost falling down hitting the grey ground, but I was able to regain my bearings and my wings formed a power shield.

I hear a deep voice laughing leaving me with a question. Is this the type of mate we have to endure in order to achieve balance in the realms?

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