The Balance Mate

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Chapter Three

Alexander's Point of View


The world I belong to is heavy and intoxicating. A field with dark gloom and a land of distant shadows. It is where hatred, pain and suffering are ubiquitous, a land thriving in despair. It is where your skin burns as you gasp for breath. It is a place that destroys your resolve to live and shatters any hope.

My world is designed to weigh dark souls down as its atmosphere has an intense pressure that wreaks havoc upon contact caging sinners in the process. It's a world for sinner to have eternal hunger.

The air has an immeasurable amount of heat continually dancing in our system incinerating any weakling we touch making our kind crave for more sulfur. This realm exists and thrives on the energy of heartless souls by burning them for eternity. It's what the humans believe the most horrible region you would ever be condemned and calls it Hell.

In this domain, time is slow, feeling deep and endless hunger. To grasp how time works in this dimension, compare it to pathetic human time. A day in this realm is equivalent to a generation of a measly human lifetime.

My kind are the only strong ones who can withstand this harsh environment unless we grew fond of certain souls for entertainment purposes.

We are the only worthy ones to rule this domain. We feed on the weak and wicked souls who's misfortune fell in eternal damnation. We find nourishment from their regrets, anguish and suffering. Tragically, we are known by many names. Some call us Diabolicals, Fiends, Fallen Angels but the name that resonates the most fear among humans are Demons.

Ever since, my conception, I have only known this domain, where nights are endless and the air is heavy. I have grown accustomed to this world. It's not as bad as what others perceive.

Nahhhh I'm kidding it's the worst!

We made it suffocating for these weaklings who's more favored by the higher power, just the simple act of breathing takes an extra effort.

I stretch my neck, cracking my bones on each side as I feel my body release more heat to torture the souls surrounding me. I gain the greatest satisfaction seeing them groan in distress as they burn.

It isn't so bad here, after all we enjoy so much freedom that we can lust all we want without being called for. Act upon our impulsions without being reprimanded. We use the essence of the soul to manifest anything we desire. The possibilities here are endless, only your imagination limits you.

We can have as much sex as we want, sin as much as we want and do whatever we please. So I guessed that's an amicable trade off for the toxic and harsh conditions we're subjected to. Committing transgressions is as trivial as breathing. Sinning is a novelty in this realm. Damn if you do, damn if you don't. So the rational choice is that you do, so I do.

I wonder if the Heaven realm, enjoys the same freedom as we do. I have always been a tad curious on how the other realm is. I heard that Angels are a sight that beholds an incomparable beauty. I had my brief encounters with them during my escapades on Earth but they loose their forms after they cross the portal and settle. They become more human-like. Damn, I would love to break some of them in half, I wonder how their flesh would taste like?

I love banging the residential creatures here as long as I hear them scream, burning them from the insides but I don't mind tasting something new either.

I couldn't care less with the conflict and now the truce between realms. This balance thing would soon crumble as our kind couldn't control our natural instincts for destructions. We have an insatiable lust for power after all, we're just going along with our end of the bargain. The odds are just stack against us but once we get the upper, all hell would break loose.

I took only 3000 souls today, eating a few useless ones and yet I still yearn to burn some more, it never gets tiring torturing these sinners if only we don't take turns, I could last a lifetime just causing pain. I take in so much pleasure seeing the beloved children of higher power surrender in agony.

I ran fast to the black sea just for a quick dive and headed home but not before picking up my favorite red headed twins, they are condemned in hell for committing sins of the flesh, they are to served their bodies to every single demon non-stop.

I snap my fingers twice to manifest a soft bed, I plopped on it pulling the chains on their necks harshly, I hear both them release a short ugly gasps.

I look at them and they already know what I want. In a swift move they pulled their naked bodies up from the edge of the bed, and starts kissing and licking each other. They know very well how I like to have a show first.

After a few seconds I feel a tiny growth igniting, I interrupted their session yanking them to stroke me. Four hands is still not enough to cover my whole shaft. One twin covers my tip with her whole mouth while another licks my testicles while they both stroke me.

I made sure to give back the pleasure inserting my thick index finger on their back door and middle finger in their pleasure hole. I do this gently while I progress to sliding it hard scratching their insides as I want their blood to drip.

"Ohhh please don't stop." one nymph moans . As the other one gasps for her breath begging me to go deeper. "Ohhh please harder." the other nymph wails.

I hear their delicious cry but they know better than to stop and soon all I hear from them are rebellious moans of pleasure and pain.

I find satisfaction that I am causing them both pain and pleasure at the same time, where their minds are confused either to release a sigh of distress or a rupture of delight.

I yank one twin to taste her wet lips, I glide my tongue inside her all the way down her throat slightly blocking her airway. I pull away, hearing her gasp for air while I slap her buttcheek hard as she made her way back down to sucking my shaft. What a true nymph she is!

I snap my fingers twice as a pillow appears catching my back as I lay down, I closed my eyes as they continue to stroke my shaft, I feel it slowly growing harder and harder as I get excited with every motion of their hands. I let them have their way and I submit to the pleasure hearing their lustful mmmmm tone.

"Ahhhh" I let out. This is pumping up my adrenaline, I can feel my shaft pulsing in excitement, as tension builds up.

I feel it coming in just a few more minutes of pure heat when suddenly I hear both of my nymphs scream loud in horror, I opened my eyes and see their blood gushing out of their legs as they wail on each side corner.

Damnn, it I didn't get my release.

I see Nina in the corner of my eye. Her one arm shaped into a sharp sword giving me her usual bored look. She groans from the noise the nymphs were making and swiftly slices their legs completely off.

I look at her in annoyance grunting my eyes as she likes to show off her skill, as she licks their blood on her sword now turned into a normal hand. She had a look of instant gratificafion, as she sees them decapitated in the ground.

"Would you like me to slice their heads off, I'm sure their mouth would still be useful" Nina chuckles as she taunts me. Nina knows that I am the the type who endorses morbidity and gruesome sights.

I snap my fingers twice, returning the nymphs' legs to normal. As much as I enjoy the torture, it's not me who inflicted this on them.

"Leave" I order them as they scramble on the floor in fear.

"What do you want?" I say this while I give her my best smile.

"Its your turn to pick up souls, it's about time you earn your keep. I told father we shouldn't let you go to earth, we will just lose another soul to those idiots up there."

"Oh Nina quit your whining, I'll have a new soul in my hands within minutes."

"Would you like to have wager on it?" I didn't miss the glint of corruption in her eyes. I knew exactly what she wanted and she doesn't dare hide her schemes.

"Sure, what do you have in mind?" I indulge her.

"Your crown! I want to rule hell after our father, I want you to give it to me." Nina's eyes burn as she says this.

I come closer to her snapping my fingers for some clothes as I get ready "Oh sister what a cliché to play this game" I laugh on her face mocking her.

"Even if you win, my powers will always be stronger than yours, the throne will never accept you and how else will you kill me when we're both condemn to this eternal hell, I suggest you accept this early on that you'll always be my pet." "You'll always be a subordinate and never the master of your fate." I knew I won this argument, without letting her speak.

I can feel the look of disdain she gives me as I snap my fingers to transport myself to the gates.

I saw a tall dark faceless mist figure waiting. "Alexander you're late!" I ran pass through his body knowing I'm late.

"No I'm not, I always like to be the last one, tell father I'll be back in minutes to get this soul!" I yell this as it echoes through the portal.

The way to the middle ground had a different aura, almost menacing in nature. The temperature is rapidly dropping and a blast of wind engulfs me. I feel a burning sensation on my skin. The kind that prickles and condenses your insides. It's freezing my body slowly. It's so painful as if my insides are revolting and as the temperature drops, I felt a throbbing visceral pain for first time. I shake the little ice that has formed all over me and adapt my body to release more fire to protect me.

What is this presence that seems to paralyze me? Oddly, this is the first time I was subjected to this kind of sensation that renders me weak. This is the first time that I have to focus my flames to fend off this kind of chill. Who could possibly be rivaling my strength, strong enough to condense the air and extinguish my flames?

In a blink of an eye I find myself in grey land. There's nothing here but an empty space. I had to scorch to rekindle my fire in order to announce my arrival for someone to approach me. I make sure to steadily increase the fire every second.

When I sense an oncoming figure flying at a very high speed directly towards me, I turn my head around. I knew this is my balance mate. This tiny creature approaches, and though I thought it was larger, it turns out to be barely half my size.

This is an angel? I chuckle in my head suppressing my laugh as this task is going to be easy.

Before it could descend in front of me, the wings blew in a strong blow, extinguishing the flames I had worked so hard to display. I decided to frighten it in return as my smokes sizzles.

I knew this creature would be curious and would want to see my face. I waited for it to get on my height.

"Boo!"- a loud roar

As I coax on her face! I got to take a look at the loveliest face I've ever come across on all realms.

Hell, I was mesmerized with the creature that stood before me. If this is what I have to endure to be rewarded with such presence, I guess I'll just bear with it and build up my endurance to behold her beauty. This is going to be fun, I will get souls and Angel's pussy to bring home.

I let out a cunning smirk, after all this angel deserves an audience.


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