The Balance Mate

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Chapter Four

Celine's Point Of View

My wings acted independently, protecting me as if it understood how the injury could be prevented. It lifted me up, nudging and encouraging me to face him fort. My wings flapped to reach his height, I put my face closer to his large face, I look at him straight in the eyes.

When the smoke cleared, there he was, my balance mate half-naked, a frame that's almost twice my height. As soon as our eyes met, I felt the shivers in my spine a rush of emotions that I can't explain. I was perplexed to see such a creature that commands splendor and grandeur.

Unknowingly, my eyes are drawn towards this being standing in front of me. I froze in awe and fascination with the beauty this creature exudes.

These definitely could scare anyone but the blue orbs had a thin red lining on them, they were tantalizing. I've never seen such interesting colors mix in together all in one eye. Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

I looked over a little above it, there it was two bulging bone on top of his forehead, swollen black horn on its glory. I'm suddenly compelled to raise my hand to touch it. The force is powerful pulling my whole body instantly, towards the heat it releases. Suddenly there it is, my palm glows as it touches the smoothness of his right horn. There's something that provoked me to act on instincts. There's something more than peculiarity that led me to disregard my reason and all forms of logic.

My lids closes as I feel unprecedented sensation when I grip my palm moving my hand upward. I felt a strong hand wrap on my waist and another on my wrist halting me before reaching the pointier end of his horns.

"Little angel if you stroke any further you'd find yourself on a different realm." He says, his chin tilted down making us both look down on another bulge in his pants.

I back away from his tight hold, feeling warmness on my cheeks. "I'm so sorry, Its just that I find them... Uhhhmmm what's the word..."

"Sexy, I know I have that effect" He finishes my sentence.

"Cute! I meant to say CUTE" I say while I give the horn a light flick emanating a tiny hard clink sound, Earning me a tiny groan from him. "No one has dared touch me, Do you not know who I am?

His voice is starting to get a little rough along with the fire he radiates as he continues on. The orbs in his eyes were turning darker as he yells."You gotta be kidding! I'm the future ruler in he-" I cut him off as I flap my wings towards the heat I felt his about to release before I get burned.

I must have insulted him with my remark of finding his horns cute. In response, he let out a sigh.

"Cute? No one ever called me that. Your eyes must be deceiving you, angel from all the smoke that obstructs your vision. I am more than this word cute. I hate to be the bearer of bad news" Alex mumbles.

Before he utters another word, I flap my wings a couple more time as I try to get rid of the dark smokes thats sizzles around him. My mouth was left open in surprised when he was finally revealed. A new face that is chiseled and structured as if our maker exerted an extra effort in molding him- strong but tender at the same time and a built that is carved to perfection.

This new appearance have awakened something in me, something is very off with me today. This creature has mesmerized me and cast a spell of fatalistic attraction. He is beauty and splendor molded into one being. I can feel it in my body but my mind can't comprehend it completely. I am weirdly drawn to this creature.

"How can I forget to introduce myself, my name is Celine." I say trying to distract me from whatever sinful sensation I'm feeling this instant. I push in more energy to glow brighter next to him but its not working. I find my body and every fiber of my being pull towards him. The polarity of our species does not exist at all. He is as ethereal and beautiful as our kind, if not more so.

"Go ahead Celine, you can take off your clothes, show me your nipples." He coaxes me, I feel my fingers slide one strap off falling on my shoulder at his command. "Go ahead take off the other one as well, you're almost there." He says, I feel his energy pushing in me, coaxing me to do It.

"But I don't even know your name." I say as I'm aware something is not right floating into my consciousness.

"Alex" I hear another voice ring deep inside me, snapping me from the daze. For a split second I was caught off guard as if I was hypnotized. I let out a heave in disbelief as he tried to trick me. I look at him in disgust while he laughs, seeing how red my cheeks were as I was about to show him my chest.

I can't believe that I almost felt for his trickery, surely he's one cunning creature. As I gazed upon him once again. He's still laughing carelessly. I feel more than embarrassed at how easy that was for him to do.

"Very funny demon." I say as he wouldn't stop taunting me with more laughs.

Uh, I can't stand this, he almost got me. If not for his tantalizing blue red eyes I wouldn't have been distracted. Thats it! That's how he did it! It's the eyes, I flap my wings to gather up a pool of small wind carrying sharp small particles to send to his eyes and just like that he stops laughing making him squint his eyes rapidly in irritation. "Why you little" He screams at me.

I flap my wings, flying closer to meet the middle gate keeper as our attention is being called, making sure to leave more dust for this demon to inhale. I hear him cough in the back, Pleased at myself for teaching him a lesson. I let out a faint giggle. I feel his strong energy following me behind. I flew faster to reach the middle gate keeper.

As I was trying to contain my smile to maintain my innocence. I reach the middle gate keeper first, It appears to be a mist figure. It takes no form nor features except that it envelopes every corner of this space.

"Welcome to middle. I am Auclas. I'm glad were keeping it clean and friendly" I didn't miss the sarcasm in the figure's tone as he is surely referring to the stunt this demon, Alex pulled. So demons has names after all.

"You are both now connected and you will be each other's balance mate forever." The keeper says this as I feel a warm touch similar to a hand but when I look it's just a mist wrapping my body close to the demon. "You are now bound to one another, you are partners in maintaining the balance of the realms."

This figure suddenly released a wave of energy and as it forces to raised my hand I found a ring of light circling my wrist. I glanced over Alex, and he has one too.

Auclas can see my amazement look towards it, he continues to explain "That ring of light is proof that you two are bound to one another and that no power in this realm can separate the two of you as balance mates."

"It is the Universe that have come to decide that both you are tasked in guiding human souls either into the light or into dark." "Let me remind you that you're existence is a co-existence."

"However, you are not to meddle with the affairs of humanity and drastically affect their fate and destiny." "Interference at some levels is tolerated but driving them over the edge towards destruction is regarded as taboo in your mission."

When I glance to Alex, he's already looking at me, having heard the figure say this. I'm now trapped with this treacherous demon for eternity.

Alex brushes his arm on mine while he brings our gold marking close together. "We're mated Celine." "What you gonna about it."

I could only guess what his gaze tells me, I should be extra careful seeing what he can do, my realm is depending on me to bring this soul back to heaven. Having Auclas in front of us, I remained friendly, returning the glance with a cheerful smile while I respond. "Yes we are Alex." "Lucky you," as I say it with sarcasm.

What misfortune has befallen me to be stuck for eternity with this demon. I have to be smart and be on high alert. I'm certain he has plenty of tricks in his sleeves at his disposal. I better not be caught off-guard again by this demon.

There's no way I'm giving him a chance to get away with another stunt like that again.

We followed Auclas to the Tree of Souls, where we both had to stand under it. A seed with a blue light inside falls precisely between us and I bring my face closer as the light flickers within, holding a soul.

Auclas gathers his force and flicks the seed to a freshly opened portal, just before instructing us to follow it. Auclas tells us that time on Earth moves far more slowly than time in our world.

"A minute in here would be a year in human lives." Auclas says, flicking his energy towards us, propelling our bodies to get near the traveling seed which made me think about the span life of a soul. We could be in that world max of one hundred minutes, given this soul's life would last to live for 100 years. I smile at how fun this is going to be. One hundred minutes isn't enough to explore this realm.

I didn't know my smile had completely showed until I looked at Alex. He comes closer to me, making me wave my hands in fear, attempting to protect me from whatever deception he's up to again.

"Celine, what's a matter it's only a little handshake?" Alex says, He offer his hand seeing how I geared up my inner energy.

I grabbed his hand in mine, but made a mental note that he attempted to make a fool of me right away. But, on the other hand, his features are the opposite of how they describe them in my realm. Alex is sort of adorable, more heavenly. It's a good thing he has such a lovely face, since else this would be terrible.

Whatever the case may be, this is most likely simply an initial response to seeing his kind. I tell myself that except those horns, those powerful biceps, his chiseled abs, and his massive body, he's nothing remarkable. What the heck is going on? When I glanced at Alex, I saw that he was doing it again, but this time I focused my inner force to halt his immoral influence on me.

I'm in over my head. Maybe this kind of trance still needs some time to adjust to. As I tried to get away from this deception, a quick flash of light shot out of my palm straight into his, causing Alex a mild burn and forcing him to cease with the seduction stunt while he take his hand back.

I hear him laughing as I shake off the feeling. He knew he got to me again, I float there and gasp in embarrassment.

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