The Balance Mate

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Chapter Five

Alex's Point of View

This should be easy!

Judging by how she conveniently fell for my wicked charms, she won't be able to resist me. I'm a master in seducing the weak and vulnerable.

I look at this creature in front of me that's almost half my size and I smile at how I was able to trick her that easy.

I should be counting less than twenty minutes before I could claim this soul back to hell as I chase after this elusive seed through this portal.

Humans are corruptible. You give them something to obsess about and they'll grab every opportunity to abuse it and that's how you lure them.

I can already tell that it may take me less than twenty years in human time to influence this soul. This angel next to me might fight me with her enthusiasm, but she has no match for my cunning deceptions undefeated in all realms. I can keep coming back on earth and beat my mate consecutively.

As we both fly faster next to the seed that emits a blue light within. I suddenly had the urge to touch it but the seed went right through my palm. I tried to touch it again but it flew on the other side of Celine near her shoulder making me growl. She looks at me giving me a smirk.

"None of us can touch it yet as it still has a freewill to make a choice." Celine says with a very cheery voice, smiling at the little seed. She push her light making her glow brighter. Showing off her power blocking my heat and sings to it, making the seed fly around her as if it's a loving little bug trying to play with her.

I grab her arm connecting our gold band, She lets out a surprise yelp, interrupting her little hum. "You're right but I'm your mate so there should be balance." I say as the seed flows through both of us connected on one arm. "Well as I was saying this seed has a blue light that can..."

Mentioning how the seed is free and hasn't reached the right to be claimed is all I heard, her beauty is quite distracting. I hear her cheery tone that should irritate me, especially how positive she was sounding as if she's so sure she'd be the one to claim it but I'm not.

It's just making me want to rip her clothes more, My eyes laid on her ample breast, damn I was so close in seeing it, what if I just take this little angel back to hell or take her in this portal that'll show her who has the upper hand.

I snap my fingers twice to lit my fire up, gearing my power to touch her when
I felt a couple light flicks on my horn, the tinkle sound snaps me back from my sinful thoughts making my fire sizzle down.


"Are you listening to me?" "For a second there, you look a little scary." "May I remind you about the truce." "Don't you dare try anything funny unless you want to be locked up in the middle." Anyway as I was saying the seed is-"Celine gushes more about the seed as it continues to fly through us, only hearing the last part of what she said. "See you on earth little seed."

As I just froze there in her confidence, not at all afraid of me, I've never had anyone touch my horn, I should be bothered by it and punish her for being too brazen but for some reason I find her endearing and charming.

Another strong energy draws us both, pulling us in, engulfing our bodies, I see my skin turning into a different color. I snap my fingers twice for a mirror, to see what's happening, I see that I'm slowly losing my horns.

I looked over to Celine next to me who had a smile on her face as she slowly loses the smooth white feathers on her wings in bulk.

It seems unfair, she's only loosing her wings but she retains her original physique and features. My change is more drastic compared to her. I won't complain, I'm happy she retrained her ethereal features, her silver locks and that smoking hot body that I would sure love to give a test drive.

Side by side we are loosing our majestic forms as we cross over the portal, from what I can surmised we are acquiring a more human-like form. My astonishingly tall frame is coming closer to the height of a human but I'm grateful that my physique remains robust and muscular.

The orbs circling my eyes suddenly lightens as the color of my iris becomes a prominent blue. My markings are still there, still half-naked, I stare down on my member worried it might shrink in size and to my disappointment, it did with a couple of inches.

But I don't panic cause I guessed retaining it's original size would be greatly disproportionate to this body. I let out a small sigh of relief cause it's still a workable size.

She sees my transformation, making her look at herself, I see her waving her hand manifesting her power to look at her reflection. When both of us got a look of our weird form. We phased ourselves side by side following the seed to a small looking box.

I'm astonished at how this is going to be a piece of cake. I let out a laugh making Celine look at me and laugh along.

"What's so funny?" Celine asks while laughing her heart out.

"Just happy that you're my mate" I lie to her, my fire burns even hotter as the thought of her laughing along to her losses.

"Oh thanks, I'm glad you're my mate as well" Celine says, shaping her lips into a kiss pout, she blows a gust of wind hard on me putting off my fire once again. I stopped my laughing in irritation and just proceeded my focus on the seed.

I caught her looking at me when I momentarily glanced at my member. Catching her eyes, I teased her, it's not hard yet, want to give your mate a hand?

She looks away with embarrassment. "What are you talking about?"

I answered back, "Oh you can't fool me I saw you lusting over my member."

"I'm certainly not and besides I don't understand what's that huge thing hanging between your legs, it seems bothersome, I'm just worried that you'll have a hard time walking around."

I can't resist but give her a little taunt and education. I answered back, then as my mate you need to be responsible for it. You have to constantly touch it and give me a hand so it won't grow any further.

Innocently, she answered back in disbelief. "Whatttttt !" "Really, are you being serious now?"

"You wouldn't like to see me in discomfort, our mission would be compromised if I won't be able to walk around, I constantly need your hand on it to keep in check. I don't mind if you stroke it back and forth."

I was trying my best to be serious about it, hoping she will buy it. Keeping my cool and having poker face, I hope I convinced her.

She responds, "Ok, I'll do this for you but no more tricks this time." To my surprise, she continues on babbling when all I want her is her hand touching my member already.

"You have to promise that you'll be in your best behavior."

Immediately, I responded, "You have my word." But inside I was silently laughing, how gullible can she be. Hahaha, it was a good thing I was paired up with a novice angel. This would be fun. I have to always remind her that she needs to stroke it every now and then. I have to contain my laugh so she wouldn't suspect anything.

She was now approaching me and as she gets closer, I couldn't contain my excitement, she will really do it and give it a stroke. As she gets closer, my shaft keeps pulsing and growing in size. Damn, she's so hot, she's giving me a hard on. I dare not to control it any further and let her approach me carelessly.

As soon as she reaches me, I was on full display. Proud as I am, I stood in front of her with all my glory. "Oh, is that another horn?" This angel is truly a marvel, I can't believe how facile and dense she can be. Then suddenly her hand emitted a harsh glow blinding me a little bit, I felt it slowly sliding in my body and boom I find myself groaning in pain. I let out a sharp yell

"Damn you" Celine gave it a hard flick.

She looked back and said "Oh did I hurt your horn?" "I'm sorry, I don't know how to handle that thing, apart from what you told me to keep it in check." "So I thought, I have to be stern and stop it from growing any further."

I froze in pain trying to conceal more of my agony. Damn, she caught me off-guard. This angel knows how to play.

She approaches me once again. "Just let me know if you need help keeping that thing under control."

"Don't worry one day you will end up under my control." I can't help but grind my teeth in annoyance as she walks away from me towards the seed. I snap my fingers twice to get rid of the pain.

The seed buried itself inside a womb of woman's body. It will be born to a poor low life human, which can be easily corrupted by luxury and seeing how Celine fell for my hypnosis, I'm already bagging this soul.

I just have to turn up her lust and a little more push, my charms will win this round. I simply have to keep taunting her and there goes her guard and logic. You got this Alex on the bag.

Trying to contain my thoughts, I felt sorry for this beautiful angel that she got paired up with me but regardless that won't do her any good.

Celine continues to mumble her excitement towards the little seed.

I have to admit, I expect for her to be boring, I look at her shoulder and how her traps would feel when my fangs puncture it. Her dress would look so good with blood drenched on it.

She comes closer to my face and I'm caught off-guard with her otherworldly beauty cutting my imagination of eating her raw. She puts her face near mine perhaps it's a fascination now that our height is completely altered to a human form. Fuck she can now easily reach my stance.

I snap my fingers as she continues her mumbling. Brushing her off in the corner of my mind, now that we're mated seemingly becomes an impossibility. Yes, for the first time no matter how much I deny it I'm drawn to her. Though I'm always drawn to women, she certainly takes the top notch. It must be because we're mated.

Her silver-colored hair, pale white skin and grey-blue eyes that pierces through you is enough to warrant anyone's attention.

Ooohhh I can smell her very core, Her delicious body makes her an enchanting being. I probably got the hottest but most gullible mate the universe bound me with.

Even her talkative mouth would look so damn good around my shaft. I try to control the heat that's turning on before I burn her.

Our attention is diverted by the weakling making annoying noises as the seed is finally completely embedded in the womb and is now has become a full soul. We both look at it inside the womb as the blue light develops the seed into a male soul.

"Oh my god, the baby move, honey the baby is moving." the woman screams repeatedly.

"Shut up, I'm sleeping!" the man next to says, pushing her back to the mattress. I smile at the man's cruelty. He can be very useful in the future.

This place is like a minefield of memories. Seeing how this family dynamic works, corrupting this tiny little maggot would be like a walk in the park. I can clearly see, how this soul would eventually belong to me. I don't even need to lift my sharp nail. How unfortunate for my mate Celine that this soul was brought to such a dysfunctional family.

Though I would have preferred that this soul would have fallen to a girl's body so I can feast my eyes as it matures but regardless I can't complain, again you win some you loose some.

I won the playing field but lost on the gender. But then again, men are easier to corrupt and tempt.

I looked over at my mate, and I see her with teary eyes.

"What's a matter with you?" I ask her with so much confusion as to why she's tearing up. These angels are so weak and openly giving out their emotions.

"Did you not see what he did to her? He deli—-" Celine mumbles as I tune out of the petty conversation once more, pretending as if I care. all I can think about is how firm her ass would feel on my palms while I sit here and wait to claim that unfortunate soul.

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