The Balance Mate

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Chapter Six

Celine's Point of View

Birthdays are what humans favor than any kind of day. It makes sense that one should celebrate it. It's the day when one can officially can use their free will. I look at the young woman who will give birth soon to my first soul. I could sense her anxiety, from my standpoint her anxiety does not result of the the birthing process. Her uneasiness seems to be rooted to the fact that she might raise her kid alone. There's a clear reflection of sadness in her eyes.

I've come to know that the human is named Lisa. She's still young, probably around her early 20's but she seems to be carrying an unbearable burden. You can see it on the way she behaves. Her confidence seems to be shattered and that she is getting by each day, trying to survive. I wish she can see me so I can thank her for giving birth to my first soul. I wish, I could be there physically to comfort her. She needs a friend more than anyone else.

Lisa is sitting in an empty diner with a small round cake and a lit tiny pink candle on top. She closes her eyes, a tear fell and blows the candle, I heard her mind. She wishes, for her unborn child to have a happy life. I sat next to her while Alex sits on the back board of the bench, he sees his reflection on the glass and mumbles about our new human features this realm gifted us. I ignored his complaints like how he ignores me and usually pretend to listen to me.

I focus my attention to Lisa as she quickly wipes away her tear before her friend gets back from the washroom and notices it.

"What you blew it without me?" "I told you to wait I even rushed out," he teases Lisa, while sitting on the other side of the table. I could tell this man have deeper feelings for her. I could sense he has good intentions towards Lisa.

"I couldn't wait to eat it Dennis, here let's half it" Lisa says, cutting the round cake in half, as she slides the plate to Dennis their skin brushes briefly, I felt her heart jolt.

Lisa takes her hand back and ignored all the feeling she has for Dennis.

"So aren't you supposed to be celebrating your day with your man, why are you here working?" Dennis inquires.

"It's fine, I need the money to pay for rent." "And I'm almost on my due date, I don't have insurance coverage to cover my delivery, neither do Martin." "Plus, we don't celebrate birthdays anymore, we decided that it's just a made up occasion for people to spend money." Lisa laughs, forcing a smile.

"You mean he decided, that guy is truly an ass-" Dennis stops whatever his about to say as he sees Lisa's face changes.

"Okay whatever you say! Happy Birthday honey." "Why don't you blow the candle again." Dennis changes the mood and takes out a lighter from his pocket and pokes Lisa's half cake with the same tiny candle and starts singing a song.

"How cheesy is this shit" I hear Alex groan in the back interrupting the song I want to hear. Alex switches sides and sits next to Dennis. He comes closer to his ear and whispers dirty things to do to Lisa.

Alex leans over and tries to convince Dennis to take Lisa for himself. I look over him with dismay but my stares doesn't seem to affect him. I forego of the thoughts of trying to persuade Alex to act decently because I know it's a loosing game. He won't be convinced regardless.

"Oh, come on Dennis, for crying out loud, just bang her already." Alex exclaims.

"Stop playing the nice guy, nice guys finish last, just take Lisa all for yourself."

I'm grateful that somehow, Lisa has someone to rely on under these circumstances. At least someone is on her side who's willing to stand by her. I hope she'll get through this.

Watching her, I can sense that she has a certain strength inside her. She knows that better days are coming and that she believes that there is hope for her and her unborn child. I haven't been around this realm but seeing how humans struggle and hope makes me admire them. I admire how Lisa forces a smile and keeps her spirits up despite her circumstances.

Dennis decided to wait for Lisa's shift to be over. He's such a gentleman.
"Hey, Dennis, you don't have to wait up for me." Lisa exclaims
"No, it's alright I'll drive you home, taking an Uber at this hour would cost you another dollar." Dennis says, his smile were plastered widely on his face.

"Remember, you're saving up."
"Alright, then I'll be done in an hour, just take some newspapers in the counter if you get bored."

Alex on the other hand seems to be cringing watching these two friends care deeply for each other.

On their way home, Lisa suddenly felt a sharp pain and she started having contractions. Good thing, Dennis was with her.

"Are you alright?" asked Dennis.
"I'm just having contractions, this would go away in a minute." Lisa responded.
"Ok, just breathe in and breathe out, I'll drive you to the hospital now just in case." I could hear Dennis' voice full of worry.

"No, I'm good Dennis just take me home, Martin might be waiting for me already." Lisa says, as she tries to hold back her pain from showing.

"I don't think you're okay, you're sweating so much." Dennis holds her firmly seeing she grips the edge of a table.

"Dennis please I'm alright don't worry abo-." Lisa couldn't finish her sentence, letting out a painful cry. She seems to be in great pain.

I'm excited for her and worried at the same time. I wave my hand to help her with the pain but Alex snaps his finger stopping me in the process, reminding me not to interfere.

Dennis rushed Lisa to the emergency room and it was the right call for she's about to give birth.

On the delivery room, Lisa was anxiously waiting for Martin to come, ignoring her own pains. She keeps asking Dennis for updates on the whereabouts of her baby daddy. She wanted to have him by her side and share this beautiful moment together but to her disappointment, her expectations were shattered for he never arrived.

I wave my hands and went inside her mind, I saw that things have not been so good for the last two years they have been together. All she has become for him was a true slave. She was nothing more but a slave for her cleaning, cooking and paying the bills. The pregnancy didn't stop his beating either, I could feel all of her struggles.

Giving in to the pain, Lisa was left with no choice but to push her baby out. She steadies her breath, grasp the bed railings and with every ounce of her strength, she pushed with all her might. There he was, our human, harboring the precious soul we're tasked to take care. At last, I get to meet this tiny human being. I can't believe my eyes that such a small creature can cry as loud as a horn. Our human was finally born, as he cries and breathes in air into his lungs, a new life on earth has come into existence.

Seeing our newborn left me speechless, he's so cute and adorable. I can't wait to watch over him and see how he grows and matures to a fine young man. I hope they both stay healthy.

Alex, seeing me all giddy commented. "Celine, what's all the fuss?"
"Can't you see she just gave birth to our human."
"Oh sorry, I was focus on how her vagina expanded."
"You're so sick to the core."
"I can't believe that human vagina could fit a human head."
"I just can't just believe you Alex, how can you be so out of focus."
"Oh come on, lighten up Celine."
"Never mind, I should have not bothered with you."

Lisa lies there exhausted but seeing her newborn child, I saw a faint smile in her face. She must be overwhelm with joy but her exhaustion have overtaken her body. I sat next her and her baby and hum a song to calm them. As I watched her and her baby passed out. I stood by the corner making sure they're safe and undisturbed. I was so proud of Lisa for not giving up. She exudes strength and fortitude.

Martin arrived, I could tell he is not on his best condition nor in his best behavior. He appears to be intoxicated. Dennis saw him and redirected him to Lisa's ward. An altercation happened between them. Both were reprimanded and was told to leave the facility but Martin being the father of the baby was allowed to stay.

Martin walks off balance to Lisa's ward and seeing how he behaves, he certainly is in a foul mood. I don't need to wave my hand in order to tell that Martin is here just for the sake of keeping appearances. He doesn't care genuinely for both Lisa and his child. As he approached Lisa, he shakes her off harshly and wake her from a deep sleep.

Lisa was shocked being woken up harshly after just going through a painful birthing hours ago.

"Where were you Martin? I just want you to be beside me, while I give birth to our son." She yells with such a course voice.

"And what use would me being here?" "I'm not the one giving birth, next time unless you're dead, don't ask me to come." He slapped Lisa and mocked her body, stating she has no right for giving him an attitude, especially when she has turned very ugly and gained a lot of weight. "Do we understand each other?"

Seeing how Martin treats Lisa, I looked over Alex, enjoying the scene, very happy at how sure he will claim this rotten soul. How can this human be so cruel. I can't believe that such heartless humans exist and perhaps his soul

Martin leans forward he grabs her cheeks and threatens to give her another beating if she decides to bother him again. I can't stand the way she treats her and she keeps enduring it.

Humans are indeed the most resilient of creatures, as much as I want to help her, I can't. All I can do is observe how these scenarios would unfold for her and her son.

Lisa looked at him with fearful eyes but she can't stray away from the scent of a woman's perfume she smelled on him and the lipstick stain on his shirt. He is deliberately mocking her and insulting her every chance he gets while he sits in that room not even holding his own baby.

I stood at Lisa's bedside and saw her silently enduring it all. She's trying to hold back her tears with what she recently discovers. She tells herself that she does not mind the alcoholism. But womanizing on top of that makes her question if she was ever loved by this man.

"you're lucky I even stayed with you." Martin lets out a laugh.

For a little while, she was helpless and frozen, but when she noticed her son soundly sleeping beside her, she gathered her bearings and resolved to give him the best of her love. She would do everything she could to shield her kid from the world's misery and adversity. She cautiously hits the button for a nurse to come in the room while Martin continues to demand and spew abuses.

When a nurse entered the room and saw what was going on, she instantly acted on her goodwill and evicted Martin. She made the decision to leave him after that and found new meaning in her life. Lisa has made it her life's mission to ensure that her son is loved and cared for from the moment he is born.

"It's okay Little Nathan, You're gonna be fine. I love you mommy will take care of you." Lisa says this repeatedly on her head while she cradles her newborn.

Nothing will ever come between her and Nathan, even if she has to deal with the stigma of being a single mother in this realm.


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