The Balance Mate

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Chapter Seven

Alex's Point of View

What kind of name is Nathan? These humans have a knack for weird-sounding names. They even made up a name for Satan for our great dark father who sounds like this little weakling.

That reminds me, Martin being out of the picture makes this task a little more daunting. I could have used him to bring more suffering to this child's life. Ah, such a waste of a good cast.

Fathers, no matter how overbearing or negligent they may be, always have this effect on you, a certain influence that can mess you up. But regardless, I've learned a thing or two from my own father and that is how to survive and never to expect anything, because expectations would bite you in the ass. One just has to master being good at taking things into their own hands.

I wonder when I take over hell, what kind of names they will come up with for me. I can just snap my fingers and I shall bring terror to this realm's dreamland to introduce my reign.

Manifesting desires has always been the core of my existence. I snap my fingers and my power easily turns on. It's like second nature as breathing.

Purity is a concept that only exists in the imagination. Whether we like it or not, all creatures are vulnerable to their desires.

No matter how hard one tries to suppress it, it always finds its way to the surface. You have no control over it. Humans, in particular, have always been the most susceptible among all races.

They're the most dissatisfied among all beings. They always find faults and act in discontent over the most trivial of things; hence they are easy targets. You give them something to obsess over and they'll simply give it without giving it a second thought.

This is my playing field. I have the home court advantage here knowing that humans easily succumb to their desires. All I have to do is to give them a little nudge.

I sigh in frustration, walking around this small apartment. It's expected of these weaklings to design such a kind of living space for their underlings.

Three minutes in, three years in human time feels like an eternity. So far, nothing interesting has been going on. I've tried my best to scare Nathan the first year I was here, thinking I could give him the worst fever, but he seems to find me amusing. Perhaps it's Celine being next to me that gives off the less intimidating vibe.

I also gave the mother something wet to dream about, resulting only in Nathan interrupting the session because of his unbelievably never-ending hunger for his mother's milk. I should prepare an area specifically for gluttonous sanction just for this maggot when I claim his soul.

Nathan would be my living trophy, my first claim. My mark would look deeply scarred on his face. I can imagine Nina's face when I arrive with this soul.

I guess I have to speed up the process and come up with a plan to claim this soul. It would have been a lot easier if the father had been around to influence this soul, sending him easily to hell's path.

I look at the little maggot playing by himself on the floor while the mother sits on the couch knitting one of the ugliest pieces of clothing I ever laid my eyes on.

I snapped my finger and right away the phone rang. I made sure that it was louder than usual.

She gets up from the couch, but not before letting the little maggot know to behave himself.

I have to do this while Celine is busy trying to comfort the stupid mother crying in the other room over the bad news of losing her job again, otherwise she might regard this as a form of cheating.

Celine is mostly preoccupied with waving her hands to make things comfortable for both mother and child, while I snap my fingers, sending in unpleasant scenarios. I have grown accustomed the usual game with Celine. It's time we take things to the next level and perhaps end it sooner.

My best chance is to separate the two so I can trick this little maggot while his cognition is still premature.

I snap my fingers and a shiny fork appears in front of Nathan. I knew it would get his attention right away. I'm surprised he has already taken the initiative to wet it with so much of his saliva.

I couldn't help but let out a loud laugh. Appealing to his gluttonous nature seems to be working.

"That's right Nathan, who's a good soul? Go ahead, suck it all in, wet it some more. "I egg this little guy to keep sucking it up. The more wet it is, the better.

I snapped my fingers again, making the little socket on the wall look so enticing. I made sure to make it look like the usual banana he eats. He stood up. I even put music in his ear to make him walk faster to it.

Every step forward gives me a thrill. The thrill of how much pain the electricity will give him and fry his little idiot brain.

I clap, I cheer and I yell at every inch closer that little metal fork in his tiny little wet hands to the socket. I stood closer to this maggot and made sure he got closer to the socket. I snapped my fingers as I could already feel the heat in hell.

The fire that emitted from my body started growing as my excitement rose.

Just a hair strand away when he's about to fully come into contact. I heard the mother yell and stop him in his tracks.

I see Celine wave her hand, sending a strong wind to put off the fire. I growl as I hear my skin sizzle.

"Nathan, come here baby, drop that fork! That's a dirty fork. Come on baby Nathan, "Celine says, her voice encouraging the little maggot to drop the fork on the floor, making him run to his mother while he ignores the rest of the stuff I was cheering him to do.

Damn it, that was so close, I grinded my teeth in anger. I look at Celine trying to coo these two idiots of a human trying to survive their miserable existence, most especially at this soul. Now I have to find another way to get him alone. After seeing this incident, I snapped my fingers to read the mother's mind. She would surely not leave him alone unattended anymore.

I just don't understand Celine's fascination with this tiny human. All it does is eat, sleep, and poop. He's too helpless for his own sake, but I can't seem to turn the tides in my favor. Celine and her mother are on 24/7 surveillance. I have to distract them both and stage another accident for this maggot.

The night has finally come, now this little maggot is sleeping soundly in his old beat up bed. I looked over Celine and she was like a hawk watching over him, ignoring me in the process. It's been hours in this slow realm and I don't know why it's bothering me that I don't hear her usual annoying non-stop voice. I should have been more slick about that stunt I pulled and given him extra faster legs. All of this could have been over then.

I sigh in annoyance as she hasn't given me a single glance.

Celine was well aware that I was the cause of the commotion a while back. The butterflies, which are black and glossy with sharp wings, emerge in front of her as soon as I snap my fingers. Flying all over her, causing her to scowl at me as I give her a wink, It's flying all over her. Celine continues to disregard my taunts as she sweeps her palm in the air, dispelling the little creatures. When it comes to keeping things fresh, the friendly rivalry between myself and Celine is a close second.

Seeing as how Celine and I were both sitting up next to Nathan's bed, I decided to irritate Celine for giving me the side eye. I snapped my fingers and cast dark shadows to startle and frighten this maggot. It will cause him to scream so loudly that it will wake his mother, causing her to have another restless night as a result, that can be a fun day, perhaps she can fall asleep in the park tomorrow and an accident might just stumble along while this maggot climbs one of the bars. I let out another laugh as the dark shadow started turning to a monster.

Finally, he woke up and saw the monsters I had made hovering above him. Just as he was ready to start crying, Celine stopped me once again and swiftly waved her hand, transforming the monsters I had produced into little fluffy clouds animal shape and Candies. I was completely taken aback. Damn, Celine, she's always up for a challenge whenever she gets the opportunity. She then went on to throw another wave of her abilities at the maggot, putting it back to slumber in the process.

"Alex, why do you keep doing these things? You're making it difficult for both of us," she said when I finally heard her speak to me.

"Well, Little Angel, it's nice to finally receive a response from you, and we're back on speaking terms." I say making sure my voice were deep and loud, I flicked off one of the clouds shaped in a dog's form floating real close to me. I got to my feet and snapped my fingers to levitate to the other side of the bed, where she was sleeping. I positioned my face so that it was near enough to hers.

"You see Celine, this world moves around very slow. We have so much time on our hands and standing by doing nothing bores me to death." "I hate boredom and I don't like to keep things uninteresting." I snap my fingers, changing the clouds back into dark shadows but this time making it more scary with burning eyes.

"You should have known by now that I'm not the type to sit around and do nothing." I say, moving my hands to touch her cheek. Before I could even touch her skin Celine was quick to move, she waves her hand to vanish the dark shadows completely. I felt a gust of wind giving me a strong push, my back touches the low ceiling, making me fall on the floor hard.

I growl and shock at this retaliation, No one was brave enough to go up against me and yet this little angel dare do this to me. The fire I emit turned on quickly making Celine's eyes grow big.

I let out a loud groan and snapped my fingers to transport in front of her. I am way more stronger than her, She tried to wave her hands to get away but I was faster to cage her.

When I wrapped one arm on her tiny waist burning a huge part of her clothes but surprisingly not her skin, I could easily tell there's no way she could out power me. She won't be able to get out. I held her long hair, threading my fingers with it. Pulling it down to exposed her perspiring neck from the heat. As I was about to lick it. I halt on my movements when I hear her laugh.

"What the hell is going on? What exactly is so amusing?" As I take a step back, I let her go. As I went back a little more, she burst into tears of laughter. The fact that she is smiling in my face makes me even more irritated; she should have been frightened since I was going to lavish her with terror, but instead she is laughing in my face.

"Alex, you've done well! Let's have a nice time, shall we? Whatever you decide, I'll make certain that it is balanced." She waves her hand, and she is transported to the opposite side, where she is dressed in new clothing. Her gold band makes my eyes shine brighter than they've ever been before, I look at my matching gold band glows same time as hers. She shuts her eyes for a brief time before opening them again. As she sweeps her hand across the air, a massive bucket of water falls down on me, extinguishing the fire that had engulfed my whole body.

"Fuck" I Screamed.

Celine's voice sounded very sultry and sensual to my ears, and her menacing challenge had me completely hooked. She waves her hand, causing the room to become cooler once again. After a little moment of silence, she smiles at me as if nothing had occurred and then returns her gaze to Nathan. That this ordinary angel isn't scared of me at all is beyond comprehension. With the stuff she did, I'm meant to be boiling with rage, but I guess that's what I get for asking for an entertainment.

After recovering from the splash of water I was drenched in. I smiled at her after looking her with piercing eyes. I snapped my fingers to transport close to her face, but I restrained myself from touching her again because I was anxious that I may not be able to control my desires this time around.

In order to disguise my desire for her, I laugh even more, but not before whispering in her ear. "I'd want to offer you a bargain based on your enthusiasm. Let's make it a lot more interesting, shall we? Rather of involving the mother, why don't we just do it? Take this tiny maggot for a test drive and see how far you'll go for him."

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