The Balance Mate

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Chapter Eight

Celine's Point of View

Bringing in the power of light requires tremendous responsibility and caution. I have to be careful not to overly use my abilities to alter their fates. It is necessary that I exercise control when situations are taking a turn for the worst.

I finally felt Alex' strength, and I'd never experienced such a powerful darkness before. I couldn't take a breath for a second, and I was terrified as I felt the heat when his arm caged my body tight.

I couldn't move, and my abilities were completely rendered useless when I attempted to channel my inner light. I scoured for pure energy I could absorb and all of the good force I could generate, and the only thing that came out of me was a stream of light.

Alex seems to have a clear grasp of his abilities, he can channel it without exerting much of an effort. Apart from creating objects out of his imaginations, what I loathed most among his abilities is his power to persuade one's thoughts. He has this cunning ability to resurface your inner most desires and exploit it to his advantage. He usually does this thru the power of suggestion and hypnotism. Once you're caught up, it makes it remarkably difficult to escape his trance. He's devious and dangerous when he implores this ability. It often takes a tremendous amount of self-awareness to shake him off. In all honesty, I have been victimized by this ability more than once. I just find it dismal when he conjures it.

I was relieved when he came to a halt, and I was pleased to see that he has finally realized that I am his equal. I had to act with astuteness to counter his abilities. But more so, I had to show him my courage to send him a clear message that I won't be bullied around.

As Nathan grew up fast so as Alex' patience grew thin. I have now come to realized that Alex is more than willing to exceed our limitations just to hold claim of Nathan's soul. Alex appears to be resorting to more devious measures to endanger Nathan and lure him to his side.

In the meantime, I am left without a choice but to remain vigilant on his actions. I have lived in this world for more than a decade, which is comparable to the 14-minute period of time spent in heaven. The passage of time in this world is incredibly slow, and the souls that inhabit this realm are fortunate enough that they have been granted a sufficient length of time to exercise their freewill.

Lisa is driving the automobile, and Nathan is in the passenger seat, and I am sitting next to Alex in the backseat of the vehicle. He has entirely changed, from his voice to his physical characteristics. Luckily, with the brief period of time we've been watching and interfering with Nathan's life, he was unaffected by Alex' influence. He remains good-natured and incredibly benevolent. Through the years, we've seen firsthand how genuinely beautiful his soul is. When compared to other people of his age, he is much more intelligent and mature.

Perhaps it's the way his mother has shown him where they stand in life and the only way to survive is to work together. Nathan understood it all at a young age, he has never given Lisa anything to complain about nor remark their living standards.

I remember how Alex tried his best to tempt him to steal, I almost thought he would walk out of the store with those stolen snacks seeing how hungry he was. But instead he stopped on his tracks and thought about the stress his mother would feel when he would get caught. I now understand the strength it takes to exercise one's free will. Seeing how Nathan was able to resist Alex' temptations gave me a glimpse on how Nathan will be in the future. Safe in this knowledge, it gave me a sense of comfort and certitude that Nathan would continue to choose what is morally right.

We heard him sing along to the song at the top of his lungs in the vehicle with Lisa, who is beaming with delight. I tried to hum to the new music to join in, nudging Alex to join in, but true to his nature he graced me with his irritated look.

The second I saw that look turned into a wide grin, my heart raised a beat.

Alex snaps his finger making Nathan choke on his own saliva, he let out a continuous cough in the middle of his song. I wave my hand right away to give him the breathe he needs. After Nathan recovers and goes back to entertaining Lisa. I look back at Alex for yet another stun he pulled.

"What? I don't like the little maggots' singing." Alex always quick in his reply before I could even say a word he snaps his finger to transport himself on top of the car. I waved my hand to follow him up there, I knew better than to leave him sitting alone.

This has been an on going thing with Alex ever since our first incident when Nathan was three. He would always push and tempt to risk Nathan's life over a meaningless bet. He seems to be growing more impatient and agitated the more time we spent here on earth. His actions are becoming more rushed and aggressive.

He calls me out "Celine, do you want to see this car loose control?"
"Alex, don't you even dare snap your fingers."
"Let's just see if Nathan is really as good as he portrays." "I want to know if he'll choose his life over his mother or make the sacrifice for her."
"Come on, Celine let's make things a little more thrilling, I promise not to kill them in the accident."
"You're pushing it too far this time around. If you choose to go this route, I will have the right to freeze your little round friends down below, I will make sure you won't be able to grow it back." I made sure my voice was as cheery as it sounds.

I've learned through the years that the only way to get through to him is to talk to him in the manner that he knows how to communicate, and threatening him with his masculinity is one of the most effective ways to get him to listen.

"Tell you what. I'll just give them a little scare and skid the car a little." "Let's have this little fun and you can wave your hand to calm them and you can throw in a little magic to give the car a nice shine to it, that's still a good balance." I smile at thought of giving them a good impression for the new town's folk.

"For God's sake, Alex, just this time, I'll let you off the hook." As a result, I reluctantly consented to his request since that was the only way I could negotiate with him. In the period of time I have spent with Alex, the more I have come to grasp his cunning mindset. It frequently frustrates me, but it also makes me smile. Witnessing how ingenious he can be when plotting and how stubborn he can be when he's eager to complete a task, somehow makes him admirable in fulfilling his goals.

After the Alex' commotion was over. I drew a breath of relief as he kept his word on keeping them safe. We sat on the car's roof and watched the two as they continue to make their way to another location where Lisa has received a better job offer.

They have almost perfected the art of moving from one place to another. During their drive through the new town, I could feel Nathan's apprehensions; he hopes that this town would be their final place to call home. He longs to be surrounded by people he can rely on and can finally call them friends.

The neighborhood they moved in is much better than the last one they stayed. It has friendly suburban vibe, though the house is not spacious, it's enough to accommodate Lisa and Nathan. It's a three bedroom bungalow with a porch overlooking the street and a garage enough to park one car. It's a contemporary and simple abode, comfortable enough for the both of them.

Nathan is taken aback by the amount of stuff they have accumulated as they unpack. It isn't much at all. He has one medium-sized box for himself, another medium-sized box for his mother, and the rest of the items are simply things they used around the home on a regular basis. Thanks to the fact that this rental property already had the majority of the furnishings they need.

True to the suburban hospitality, one by one their neighbors rang their doorbell and welcomed them with all sorts of casseroles, pastries and confectionaries. Lisa finds it amusing to receive such warm reception from people. She was so used to being ignored that receiving attention was totally new to her.

One of her neighbors named Judy offered to help them settle in and brought a bottle of wine to celebrate their moving in. Lisa delighted, welcomed her in their house and took out wine glasses. Judy noticed Nathan and remarked that she too has a teenager that's almost his age. Judy has a daughter named Chloe and she hopes that they could be good friends when the school year starts.

Lisa was pleasantly satisfied with the neighborhood she chose. She hopes that they can finally settle here for good so that Nathan could finally make friends. She too feels exhausted every time they need to move and uproot their lives. She has also avoided making any friends, apart from her good friend Dennis because of her constant need to move in search for a more financially stable job. Thankfully, she was able to secure a caregiver job at a hospice nearby their new home.

Lisa works mostly on weekdays and on weekends she takes cleaning jobs. Nathan, seeing how his mother works tirelessly, tries his very best to get good grades at school. He constantly maintains his grades so as not to loose the scholarship grant and remains active in extra-curricular activities.

Alex have grown extra impatient as how things are turning out. He constantly tries to employ his usual tricks to convince Nathan to commit offense and act indecently. Their new neighborhood belongs to the middle class where majority of the kids have more than a comfortable living.

Given her familiarity with the experience of becoming a new child, I could sense Lisa's worry when she left Nathan off at school. It's an open invitation for bullies to attack her kid since he doesn't exactly fit into the affluent group. In her words, Nathan should "avoid getting himself into any trouble." The fact that her kid has a remarkably good-looking face is something she is acutely aware of, and she is determined to keep jealousy from other kids affecting her son.

Walking along the new school hallway, Nathan instantly attracts attention, and he is greeted by a coach who they had met over the weekend who compliments him on his appearance.

Having played on a basketball team at a young age led to his status as one of the jocks. It doesn't hurt that he has tall frame. Having practiced for long hours resulted to having a body that attracts the attention of females his age.

Right away a temptation build up from Alex surfaced in Nathan's consciousness. "Look around Nathan, look at the girls they are yours to play with." "How good would it feel to have their tits fill your mouth and how juicy their insides would feel."

I waved my hand, hoping to get an insight on Nathan's thoughts. All I hear is another usual "keep your head down," and the knowledge that this is all temporary and that he should not believe his mother's claims about this place being home. I frown at the doubt and Alex being oblivious to this kind of emotion.

As Alex continues to fail at every turn makes me laugh boisterously on how his efforts are futile in trying to corrupt Nathan for his sake.

I waved my hand to transport in front of him, stopping him from snapping another accident in the gym where Nathan is currently practicing.

"Why don't you and I give it a break and enjoy the practice, maybe you and I can learn and play that game?"

"A game you say Celine? I like that if you win I lay off Nathan for two weeks in this realm's time but if I win I want to have your lips for an hour?"

"You lay off Nathan for a month and I will take that wager." I say without even thinking of asking what he will do to my lips for an hour. The things that comes out of this demon's mouth is very intriguing.


He took my hand and shook it like how humans do in this realm, a gesture of agreement, something we've picked up observing humans.

Challenged, Alex stood by the corner and started to scheme, his whole body emits fire. I suddenly felt uneasy and channeled my inner light as the heat he starts to emit is getting hotter.

His whole demeanor suddenly changed, his excitement is palpable in the atmosphere.

I'm certain he's already planning his next move to create tension and trouble for Nathan. Did I make a mistake and might have ignited something I will surely regret with this game?
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