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Family drama, two mates, gods, What could go wrong? Follow Valdís's journey the ups and the downs. The power hungry work hard to recruit her. Will evil prevail and Valdís fall to the dark side or will the good in her triumphs and brings peace to everyone?

Fantasy / Romance
Noha Bakr
4.8 4 reviews
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Ever think your family tree is fucked up? Of course, we all do at some point of our lives, you might think you have family drama but my family drama and the extent of their fucked upness is on a whole godly level, I kid you not.

Let me begin by introducing myself, I’m Valdis and this story is about me, you might think my name is a boy’s one but sadly it’s what I got, my sweet life giver chose it for me; something about its meaning that’s why I ended up with it. You’d automatically think it was my mom or dad who gave me that name but it’s more complicated than that it was my godfather and yes, he is the one who gave me life, funny right! how can a man be your life giver? I’ll get to that in a minute so bear with me.

I’m 18 and a senior my birthday is in a couple of days, first day of school yeay me note the sarcasm, anyway I’m not having a party or anything crazy like that, I’ll spend my day with my parents, I know I’m 18 and I should hang with my friends but sorry to burst your bubble while I lack in the friends department that’s not why I’m hanging with my parents, you see my parents left this earth on my 13th birthday and while there are no bodies to be buried I made the headstones to be able to sit with them and talk, don’t pity me I kind of knew that they’ll be gone at the time they did but it still doesn’t hurt less.

If you’re wondering who I live with well that’s the fun part I live alone in the same cabin I used to live with my parents, our cabin is so deep in the woods people call it the dead zone, so I’m a kind of a loner with a boy’s name who lives in the dead zone all for good reason and good time too. I do get visits from my kind godfather and great grandfather; you might wonder how’s your great grandfather still visit isn’t he like a super old dude? Well he’s far from an old dude he actually looks very handsome and very well built and if he wasn’t my great grandfather I’d say he’s a sexy man in his late 20’s perks of being a god, no literally he is a god, you thought I was kidding well jokes on you, you see my great grandfather is Hades, yup the fucking one and only Hades the ruler of the underworld you know!

To know how I am the great granddaughter of Hades we’ll have to go through memory lane and learn of my family tree, my crazy ass totally fucked up family tree, it’s a rather entertaining story really.

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