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Sirius and the Keeper of the Keys

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Sirius Kotar Atlas is a werewolf. Werewolves in his community go to school for 8 years, from ages 10-18. At his school, Corpse Flower of Mages and Magic, he meets Rose Elecani and Osiris Gold. Now- what is he supposed to do when things don't run smoothly-?

Fantasy / Adventure
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If we told the truth as it is

“‘A sad, mournful howl penetrated the ears of frightened listeners. They stared nervously at the old abandoned shack and watched the door ease open. Out came the Old Banes Werewolf. His fur was a dull brown and very matted, its eyes a foul yellow. The moonlight reflected a 10-foot beast, with yellowed fangs and sharp claws.’ What a pile of rubbish!” An angered boy that looked the age of 13 threw down a small, leather-covered book with the title, “Sightings of the Species; Werewolf edition.” by Lodrey Hawkes. As the boy glared at it, a female picked it up.

“I suppose you won’t be needing this anymore, correct?” her voice oozed. She looked fair and yet was the same age as the upset male. She had long charcoal hair with a hint of blue, and grey eyes that made her look merciless. Her pale skin had a hint of life in it today, the boy in the armchair noticed. His chestnut-colored eyes looked through his shaggy, ashy blonde hair, and focused on the bits of her he both loved to look at and were concerned about.

Her cheeks were puffed a bit, as always when she was mad, and the round tips on the top of her ears were cut off. Then, the not-so-unexpected happened.

The third friend in their group had accidentally tripped and fell onto the chest of the blondie. “Osiris-!” Sirius yelped at the boy. His fluffy, deep brown hair bounced as he fell, and his freckle sprinkled face looked up. His eyes were emerald green and he wore steel-rimmed glasses.

“SorrySirius,” the boy mumbled, “ElloRose.” He waved to the girl. Then he rolled off, jumped up, and ran to the group waiting for him.

You wouldn’t know it, but the pretty pale girl wasn’t a human. Neither were both of the boys. See, Rose Elecani, Sirius Atlas, and Osiris Gold were things called Mages (Rose) and Magics (Sirius and Osiris). They went to a school to expand their skills, like Harry Potter, but for monsters. Well, maybe monsters are too strong of a word- non-humans sound better. To explain more about these non-humans, there are more species than you humans know. See, in secret, we call you the See-Nots. Our kind includes all different types of werewolves, unique species of fairies, extraterrestrials or E.T.’s, a variety of vampire breeds, and more. For example, Sirius Kotar Atlas is a werewolf. You now may realize the reason he got so upset before Osiris’ trip-and-fall. But, the reason for his anger is because Hawkes is a See-Not, and See-Nots believe all werewolves look the same, which is hilariously incorrect. Werewolves are a bit like dogs, with different breeds and sub-breeds. Sirius is a Jack Russell Terrier breed, but let me remind you it is totally illegal to breed any type of werewolf, and there is no exception for anybody. Ever. Also, certain werewolves charge their magic with the moon, but that is the only thing the moon does to them. Their form changes whenever they want it to, but they must change at least once every quarter year. With those things in mind, let me explain what Rose is.

Rose is a little something called a blood fairy. Now, these fairies sell for quite a bit of money, especially their fingers, which have healing properties. Quick side note- it’s illegal to breed any type of mage or magic. Ever. Just like werewolves, they’re still living things that have rights. Blood fairies also charge their magic with the moon. The production of a blood fairy happens when a male normal vampire and female acid fairy (which are also extremely rare) conceive. These fairies are able to both heal and control blood flow.

Osiris is an uknown. An uknown is a fairly common type of mage/magic, where the character's powers aren’t fully developed yet and have no specific type of magic. These characters, now that I realize it, are the strongest type of creature, because they can practice every type of magic and excel. Yet, uknowns are often persecuted because they don’t have a definite purpose.

Now you may be wondering, “What school teaches these things?” Well, located in New York (unknown specifically where), the Corpse Flower School of Mages and Magics, led by Principal Animadverto (its Latin, search it up.) Before you enter this school, make sure you know the correct way to say the name because she will not accept anything until you say it right. It’s pronounced Ann-eh-maa-di-vetro. Animadverto used to be a uknown, like Osiris, but then began to become a Keeper. Uknowns either stay a uknown their whole life or evolve into a different type of mage/magic. They rarely ever become Keepers, since lawfully they are the strongest and most respected type of creature.

Keepers are a very important type of mage or magic (normally mage, a magic keeper is very rare.) A Keeper controls one thing on this planet. Take, for instance, the wild hare. The Keeper will keep watching this species until it dies out or until someone kills the Keeper. The Keeper can not commit suicide. This means a lot of pressure is on the Keeper. Another rule for keepers, they must have another Keeper-to-be in case they are murdered, because without a Keeper the thing or animal may die out or become a huge trouble for See-Nots.

Principal Animadverto is the Keeper of Purity. This is one of the most important Keepers of all time, putting her on a pedestal. A rule for these Keepers is that she needs to plan 3 Keepers in advance and keep them secret. Animadverto kept close bonds with both the Keeper of Peace and of Time.

Sirius, Rose, and Osiris have been going to CF, or Corpse Flower for 3 years now, and have been going since they were 10. You attended the school, typically, for 8 years, or until you’re 18 basically. 18 is the age where CF has taught you all that is needed to be taught. Unless, of course, you’re like Alecentta Monric who finished her schooling in half the time, mainly because of her camera head. Alecentta is a type of E.T. called the Headnts, But, some Headnts aren’t so lucky like Eloise Calico, who keeps spilling Earl Grey on her assignments. But, we’ll get back to that in a bit.

The acceptance letters for CF may, actually, be the most difficult part of the school. Sure, you may have hard lessons, but how are you going to have hard lessons if you live in China and can’t get your letter? Thankfully, there’s a little something in the MxM (mage and magic) government. It’s called The Firm of Letter Sending and Receiving. This firm recruits animals and shapeshifters to go around the world, delivering acceptance letters. Since we’re in 3rd year, let's go back to when Sirius first got his letter.

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