Reincarnation of the Demon King : Rise of the God System

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A 25 years old boy named John is suddenly shot by his friend, which results in his death, upon dying he finds himself on an unknown place, where two Gods - Theia and Erebus gives him a task i.e. to normal the power equilibrium on another world, Betsuno Orbis Terrarum and reincarnates him as the new Demon king, Asmodeus. He then, appears at the place where, a war between Human kingdom, Clover and Demon army was to held, but he stops the war and gives the kingdom of Clover warning to return their lands within 1 week and sign a peace treaty. Then, it is shown that Durus, the informant and the butcher of Demon king informs to Fedelis, the butler of Demon king that the kingdom of Clover had asked for assistance to the Kingdom of Tribus and is planing to wage a war. The scene changes, king of Tribus , Balmoth was holding his courtroom, but then the Demon king comes and kills everyone there. After, few days, two unknown people came and started to fight the Demon king , after killing Fedelis and the Royal guards. The Demon king, ultimately losses and is killed. After dying, John finds himself laying in front of a unknown God, the God then introduces him to John — he says that he is the God Osiris, the god of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation in ancient Egyptian religion. And then, holds a deal with him that he will reincarnate him again

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1:The Arrival of New Demon King, Asmodeus

John roused up, feeling dizzy, his head was feeling hefty, he was having a oblivious countenance on his face. He was regaining his blurry vision, slowly by slowly, he said, "Where am I?If I remember correctly, I was shot by a man, and then.....uff! I can't hark back what happened after that, in other words, I can't remember anything but my name, age and how did I died."

Two figures out of the blue appeared in front of his eyes, resulting John to have kittens. One of the figures indicated John they were not his enemies and introduced herself, " I am the Goddess of the light of the blue sky — Theia." Subsequent to, the other one said, " I am the primordial, God of darkness and the consort of Night —Erebus."

John was flabbergasted or perhaps, he thought he was in his fantasy world without any indecision, so to investigate if that was dream or not, he tweaked his skin, however, at first he hesitated, but soon he understood that it was required to check the outcome — though, it was not as he anticipated, he felt the pain ,the pain one felt when tweaked the skin. He was freaked out, at that moment, he was feeling like a some jerk, who is given a chance to see the great two, rumoured Goddess and God , 'Theia, the Goddess of the light of the blue sky and Erebus, primordial God of darkness and the consort of Night ' and pondered , "Why are they here, are they going to take me to heaven or hell? Which one will it be? "

John's heartbeat was constantly increasing at an incredible speed, he was getting cold shudders , his face was becoming cadaverous, his mind couldn't stop thinking ; he was sweating ; it was perhaps obvious that he was pusillanimous or who wouldn't be? This was indeed the most quotidian reaction,anyone would show, at that moment. John anticipated that something adverse will occur to him either he will be taken to heaven or hell but the complete and exact opposite happened — The Goddess, Theia elucidated John, " Don't worry, little human boy, you were very righteous and ethical, though you were betrayed and killed by your bosom friend,but now you will advent your new life, given to you by us.."

John wasn't believing his ears, but he gathered up a little aplomb and said to the Deity, Theia, " Pardon me, but the 'new life', you said, what is that about ?"

" I ,see, you are intellectual . Then, let us get on to the deal, we would like your help to return the power equilibrium back to normal, in another world — Betsuno Orbis Terrarum, a world consisting of two empires ,The Human and The Demon Empire and the supernatural powers gained by chanting certain words known as "Infosys". The Humans have declared war on the Demons, occupying 90℅ of the world, which caused a lopsided imbalance in the power equilibrium of Betsuno Orbis Terrarum. Only, 10% of the Demon territory is left now, the Demons are also humans, indeed but their, way of living is peculiar than humans — they need blood to survive, and darkness to grow. "

The other deity , Erebus perptetuated after the Goddess of the light of the blue sky, Theia, "We want you to become the 'Demon King' and lead the demon army to capture the lost territories by any means, we are Gods , so, we can't become the 'Demon King', as a result, we chose you. If you can return the power equilibrium to normal , by 1 month of time, then we fulfill any one wish of yours and if you fail, then, you will be given judgment by the 'Three Great Gods'. So, will you accept the deal or not? "

" I will. It's gonna be a pleasure of diverting after all, please give me information about 'Infosys', I want to use it, this seems like damn fun. " This time John had a weird grin — a grin to find happiness, at last.

6 hours later

Kingdom of Clover, The Human Empire

A messenger in haste, entered the courtroom, where the King of Clover and ministers were seated on their individual and respective seats ; he greeted the King ; he addressed the King , reading the message aloud ,"Dear, Clover , it's me, Balmuth , I wanted to inform you that the Infosys Lakrimas are informing that a high-level threat has been deducted in the area of Democilas, please investigate and give me your report by tomorrow. "

4 hours later

Democilas , Former Demon Territory

The Clover army marched, their canons and mages through the battle ground, where the battle between the Demon army and the Clover Human was to be betided, the sky was clear, refracting the light through all the things , from where it felt. The commander in the charge for the war ordered, " Hey! My soldiers let us win today's war for our King, kill the demons , only humans will live, annihilate the demons!Charge through." But before they could charge into the Demons, a man or to be specific , a Demon came forward, with the other demons bowing to him,and forewarned the soldiers, " I don't have any intent to fight you, please return our territories taken away by your kingdom, and we will leave you unscathed! "

The soldiers along with the commander guffawed at the remark, firing infosys ammunition charged by the mages towards him. Who would have known who that demon was? The demon chanted a spell just before the infosys ammunition were about to hit him, "Destroy, thee, I, the Demon King chants. " All of a sudden, the fired ammunition, blasted in the mid-air, leaving the commander and the soldiers in consternation. The demon had a barbaric beam on his face and remarked, " You, filthy humans, remember this name, I am the new Demon Lord, Asmodeus, I shall give you judgment for atrocity, from now, I will give your kingdom, a week time to return the demon territories, owned by The King of Clover, and sign the peace treaty with us, I will keep my word. . . .word , you sanguinary humans ! " And slowly the demons and The Demon King (John) became evanescent into the atmosphere.

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