Reincarnation of the Demon King : Rise of the God System

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24 hours later

Capital Daemonum Regnum,Demon Kingdom

The sun was dim outside, the vociferation of the greetings for the new Demon King was sounding everywhere outside, and the devil tree, Alstonia scholaris, stood outside as silent as ever, not its leaves of course — they were dancing to their heart’s content, assisted by the howling gales. The villa of the Demon King was, immaculate, this whole procedure from moping to making it more tidier, was taken out by the Demon King’s butler, Fidelis , Servus De Fidelis. The door of the villa opened, welcoming the dim sunlight inside of the villa, illuminating a coruscating kaleidoscope of dazzling brightness. And a well proportioned young man in his 40s imposed himself between the two Royal Demon guards at arriving, upon recognising and apologizing to the man, the guards allowed some space for him to pass and closed the door without further ado after the man had got through them, clearly stating that he was someone not to be sneezed at.

Fidelis enquired to the man, soon after he had gotten himself a brimful of Royal blood drinks and rest, ” What is the investigation , bruit about the kingdom of Tribus and the kingdom of Clover? Did, you come up with gen about the other kingdoms or got a hold of some information,of whether they are planning to wage a war against us or not ? ”

“Yes, sir Fidelis .I have found out that the kingdom of Clover is asking for succour from the kingdom of Tribus , the third biggest and strongest kingdom from the Human Empire,they have agreed too,I have further concluded in my report that they are preparing for war, against us, exactly as Lord prognosticated .”

This man, Durus Wilkes Booths was a Royal informant, and the butcher of the Demon King. He was quite well-known and handsome, but sporadically he’d to change his face appearance to infiltrate the human empire, this was the reason why the Royal guards didn’t recognise him right away.

“Very, well.That’s quite the investigation,Durus. So,Lord’s prediction was correct, good for us, as we already deployed assassins there . Let’s see, what happens, Durus, better be prepared. I hope he will get through the filthy humans. Anyway ,everything will sort out in the end.”

11 hours later,

The Kingdom of Tribus, Human Empire

A huge discussion was being sorted out in the courtroom, many people were arguing , that a Demon King was appointed every hundred years but they had killed the previous Demon King only one month ago, so it was impossible for them to get a new one and also so powerful Demon King.The general in the King’s court was fired up, and asked the kind seated vertically at the middle on his throne , ” But, why, my Lord, we can’t lash out and attack the Demon King villa tonight, our soldiers are refuting and refusing the decis—” He was quickly stymied , as the king glanced his cold eyes , pointing them to him — a glance would had been enough to halt an entire team of approaching wild panthers, wonder about him and exclaimed angrily, “Cut it off! You call yourself a general, how foolish and stupid of you.Shut up!“The mood was suddenly, horned in as the Royal guard, with a pale look informed, “Look out! The D-D-D......Demon here.” Making everyone at the courtroom dumbstruck , but not so much until, a arora of a malice, weathered around them — and the bolt from the blue , came a hand piercing the chest of the King in a mere minute, splashing the blood hither and thither, without even a pin-drop sound, and then the King bellied-up— it was the Demon King, Asmodeus .

The courtiers and the solider were bewildered, first came the head of mages, prepared to attack the Demon Lord at any time , but little did they knew, the hands and the head of the mage was already cut in a blink of an eye, causing the courtiers to drop their jaw. One of the courtiers exclaimed at the sight of the bloody, clean and neat show, ” It can’t be!, it is double-step demonic dance. ” Further, flummoxing and nonplussing, the shocked audience. Double step demonic dance was a rumoured lost technique, which could be only performed by the most powerful of all Demon Kings,Zeldris and was considered the technique to increase the chanting speed of a Infosys user, so it was safe to believe that such a technique didn’t existed only or so the story goes, they had witnessed the technique, the courtiers and the solider were unable to frame it rumoured. One by all the audience started to flee away from the Demon King’s bloody sight . But who could have escaped? Such malice, performance did he showed! The general ordered, to the fleeing soldier” Bring our soldiers! We will kill him at once. ” But the solider ran without even daring to answer and lastly, he replied and wobbled his face in a cold way, clearing stating that something bad already had happened, “They are already killed! ” He spurted out loud.

The courtiers exclaimed their grim remark on their face by hearing the words, as they were fleeing, all of a sudden, the Demon King came in front of them, and without wasting any more time, he started killing — the first to drop dead, was the soldier, and then and then,every one started dropping like flies. When the show ended , it was more than a horrible sight — blood splattered all across, and the moon in the sky glinted the killer of the dead men lying on the floor, mercilessly. It seemed that the Grim Reaper had done it himself.


Capital Daemonum Regnum,Demon Kingdom

Fedelis sensed the killing ,and a grin
appeared on his face, as his looked through the window — the moon, it seemed as a red blooded moon, only through his eyes , he prophesied and muttered, to Durus ” It has started! ” And Durus repeated the same as he nodded his head.

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