Reincarnation of the Demon King : Rise of the God System

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13 years later,

The king's castle, Kingdom of Duolis, Human Empire

It was a decent morning, the birds were chirping producing an unbelievable melodic sound that won anyone's heart as soon as it reached their ears, the hustle and bustle of the kingdom market was also somewhat relaxing as always it was, many voices in glee were heard from the king's garden — three children played to their heart's content — among the three was Vis (after being born there, John's father .i.e. the king of Duolis and his mother, the queen named him Vis) and two other children — Dux, the son of the Duke of Probitatis and Char ( short name for Charlotte), the daughter of the Duke of Richmond and the fiancee of Vis.

In 13 years the world had been changed, completely, so much that new kingdoms were rising , the Demon Empire was been decreased ( leaving only 3℅ of their territory) all this was happening due to a certain change —instead of using Infosys, people used a newly discovered energy, known as mana energy resulting in the foundation of magic. This was quite spectacular as well as and at the same time intriguing!


Two men, entered the garden, where the three joyful figures played restlessly. Upon, seeing the figures, the three children bowed and welcomed them — one of them was the king , and the other was a renowned mana user, Ubi Reskcoud .

Char was holding Vis by arm to arm and smiling at him, as soon she saw Ubi, she became bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and asked Ubi exuberantly , " Uncle Ubi? I'm glad that you dropped up here! It has been a month of Sundays since I saw you last. Are you here to check our power (mana) level for ' The Teenage Magic Competition ' ? am I right? "

" Ya, you saw right through me, HAHAHA! " He laughed sadistically pretending and enclosing the fact that was his surprise was ruined.

The Teenage Magic Competition was a very salient Magic Compitition, where more than a fifty selected students, participated from all around the Human Empire go against each others to learn Alchemy, the highest level of magic known on the Empire, they were held every 10 years and so everyone was basically pumped up .

Ubi took out a clean polished shining purple colored orb from the air, flabbergasting the others. He, afterwards asked one by one , the still shocked children to come forward — the first was Dux, he came forward with a wide grin as he was on cloud nine and thrilled with event , that was about to be taken place.

Ubi placed the orb on his hand and mentioned Dux, " Dux, place your hand on the orb , quickly please."

" As, ordered sir!! "

Dux became more excited, so as a consequence, he unreluctantly agreed and placed his hand on the purple dazzling orb — rays of purple light soon glinted up the orb and then as the light, lowered , a hologram soon after popped up at the above mid-air — it displayed Dux's name, strength, agility, intelligence, mana energy, mana type and skills he had.


Name : Dux Probitatis

Strength : 189

Agility : 50

Intelligence : 10

Mana energy : 100 / per hour

Mana type : Elemental (Fire)

Skills : N/A


There were different mana types — Elemental Magic - which drew mana from either of one of the four or five elements (water, fire, earth, air, and sometimes spirit) , fire being the most rare. The next was Superpower Magic that increased the muscle power and strength of a mana user, next was Spellwork Magic, which entirely depended on spells for using Magic, last but not the least, instead the most rarest and powerful, Chaos Magic.

Dux and the others were glancing at the hologram with overwrought eyes. Ubi took a glance too, and remarked,

" Dux, congratulations! You're selected, your affinity is fire which is extremely rare, good work, anyway, now you must prepare yourself for the preliminary competition. Break a leg."

" Thank you sir! I will try my best! "

The preliminary Compitition was a sub-compitition , to select the top three teenage mana users in a kingdom, to be more specific, it was a part of 'The Teenage Magic Competition', the top 3 in the preliminary compitition could only participate in ' The Teenage Magic Competition '.

Dux steeped backwards, and Char advanced towards the orb. She put her hand on the orb and in a moment of time, a glowing light soon came out of the orb. When the light, became dim, a hologram again popped up at mid-air air.


Name : Charlotte Richmond

Strength : 100

Agility : 40

Intelligence : 25

Mana energy : 100 / per hour

Mana type : Elemental (Spirit)

Skills : N/A


Ubi nodded his head and told Char,

" Congratulations! You are selected for the preliminary compitition! Good luck!"

" Thank you, uncle Ubi! "

Char happily looked at Vis and smiled, Vis also did the same and advanced towards orb.

Vis had all the memories of his past lives, so he secretly trained himself in the deep dark at night, in this life, he got many things, one of them meeting Dux, one of his dearest friend and Char who fell in love with him and therefore, resulting in Char's position as the fiancee of Vis .

( Click at the paragraph comment to see Vis's art)

Vis was confident , and at the same time, was in a blue funk , he came closer to orb , putting his on it — a flicker shaft soon radiated out from the orb, gales of winds started forming around Vis, the winds became more faster than usual, by the time, the event had stopped, a hologram soon popped up at in the mid - air, as the children , Ubi and the king glared at the hologram, their eyes were bugged out.


Strength : 5590

Agility : 2500

Intelligence : 4000

Mana energy : 100 / per minute

Mana type : Chaos magic

Skills : [7 deadly sins ( Level 30 ) - user can summon the great 7 deadly sins in their physical form.

Time limit - 3 hours]

[Black dimension ( Level 50 ) - user can trap anything in another dimension.

Time limit - 5 days ]

[Hell's fire ( Level 100 ) - user can burn anything with Hell's fire, will burn the object until it completely turns into dust .

Time limit - 1 minute ]

[Extra skill : increases the status of the user by 5% to 29% according to the user's emotions .

Note : only applicable when the user is using Hell's fire . ]

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