Reincarnation of the Demon King : Rise of the God System

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Everyone including Vis was dumbstruck, they hadn't witnessed a 13 years old boy to become a user of chaos magic.The two children, and the two men gave Vis a once-over, furthermore shifting their gaze from the hologram to Vis, as if he was an uncanny animal ; Ubi rubbed his eyes, to see if it was veridical or not, after corroborating it, he bellowed out loud of rage , " WHAT THE HECK? HOW IS IT POSSIBLE ? HOW DOES A CHILD LIKE YOU HAVE THAT ABILITY ! Huh , Oh! Sorry I got a little carried away, anyway congratulations! I will take my leave now, the compitition will begin at 9 am tomorrow at the Royal Arena ! Bye! " He quickly got out of the garden, with egg on his face, being chagrined and appalled. After his leave, Char came closer to Vis and imprecated her curses for Ubi, later cooling down.

"Son, I've something to talk about with you, please come to my's urgent. " The king enunciated and got out of the garden, bumfuzzling the children .

After a couple of minutes, Vis set

his foot on the King's room, cudgelling his brains about why he had called been him .The king congratulated and panegyrized him as soon as he set foot on the room and told him to take a seat.

The day after,

9:00 am

The Royal Arena , Kingdom of Duolis, Human Empire

There were a roughly a hundred thousand spectators watching the empty arena — of course the numbers of spectators was a guesstimate , but still the amount of spectators was somewhat scarcely credible. A pandemonium was happening among the spectators, as it was already time for the preliminary Compitition. All of the uproar was suddenly quietened, as a large figure, with a white beard and red brows entered the stage, emitting a beastly aura around himself ; until he took the mike and choked prior to talking the Mike close to his mouth.

The man droped a bombshell, " With attention please, dear, all, present here, I am extremely sad for the late timing and inconvenience caused, I am Drake Millit, a A - class mana user, I will be the commentator for the matches, this compitition will last only for today, only the top three will be permitted to compete in 'The Teenage Magic Competition' ,hope you enjoy the program to your final extent! Let me then, introduce the rules :

Rule 1 : The teenagers will not kill each other.

Rule 2 : The full use of power will be permitted .

Rule 3 : The opponent can surrender themselves to the opposition.Also if the person is unable to fight more, or is passed out, then the opponent will be regarded as defeated.

Rule 4 ( the last one) : No illegal weapons will be allowed, no help from the outside will be permitted,and if it is done, it will result in the teenager being automatically eliminated !"

"That's all, the first bout will be betweennnnn! "

" Linger Red, the son of the duke of Red and Vis Duolis , the son of our king, Alberta Duolis "

" Cheers to them! Please step in, Linger and Vis "

The spectators soon became animals, who were looking like lions on their respective cages ; two doors opened at two corners of the arena and two teenagers stepped in.

At one side was Linger and at right at the opposite side, was Vis, they came nigher to each other until there was at least 5 metres distance between them .

Drake shouted with joy, though with a cold blooded look on his face ,"1.....2...3.....4.....annnnnnddd...begin! "

The first one to make the move was Linger, he came at an unco speed, as he had lightning attribute but not as fast as light, of course, and landed a punch at Vis, or so he and the spectators thought — the fist landed on air ; in fact, Vis was not there, he already dodged it, and was just beside his side, Linger again tried to land a punch but that time, Vis didn't dodge, in lieu ,before Linger could prepare himself to land the punch, Vis grasped Linger's head , as well as lifting Linger's whole body in the mid - air in the procedure. He threw Linger's body in the up - air, forming a crater on a ground, and a gale around Linger's body which was still in the up - air. Linger, fell very barbarously on the ground, his half of the bones were broken, and he was enduring and undergoing a lot of pain through out his body which resulted in Linger's pass out and Vis's unpreventable and bound to happen triumph.

The spectators was not expecting the match to end so quickly, they were more amazed by the fact that Vis was so sturdy, Drake was also having the same reaction as the others, he was astonished ;he was not believing his eyes , he was paused for a couple of minutes, after he got a hold of him, he blazoned abroad , " Vis Duolis is the winner! "

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