Reincarnation of the Demon King : Rise of the God System

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After, 7 hours

The Royal Arena , Kingdom of Duolis, Human Empire

A long time had passed since the opening of the preliminary competition, ultimately, one hundred fifty nine teenagers came to give the exam but nevertheless, 4 among them were only selected.

" Now then let's start the finals! " Drake announced to all, displaying and broadcasting a hologram in front of the spectators and participants.


[Rank 1 : Vis Duolis

Wins : 12

Magic type : unknown]

[Rank 2 : Charlotte Richmond

Wins : 9

Magic type : Elemental (spirit)]

[Rank 3 : Dux Probitatis

Wins : 8

Magic type : Elemental (fire)]

[Rank 4 : Lienne Paris

Wins : 7

Magic type : Elemental (fire)]


" They are the ones, who will participate in the finals, a big round of applauds for them. Now then, the first match will be between.....guess it, it is Vis Duolis vs Lienne Paris!!!! "

" The incredible performance shown by Vis, in the past matches, has defied every logic and the Magic daggers' performance shown by Lienne is also top - tier. Who'll win? Will it be Vis or Lienne? "

" Don't let your eyes go away from the arena, 'cause we'll start the match right awwwwwwwaaayy!!!! "

The spectators roared from their seats, as two figures entered the arena from the opposite vertical sides. They came closer and closer until there was 5 metres distance space between them. Drake shouted, " Take your position, 1...2....3....4.....and ... begin!! "

Lienne didn't wasted her time, she took her daggers out from her back and attacked Vis, out of the blue. There was no time for Vis to react , he only received the blows from Lienne's daggers . Within a moment, of time , his porcelain beautiful body skin was covered with blood flowing from the cuts and wounds received by Lienne's daggers.

Vis was being completely dominated, he was enduring a lot of pain, but he did not gave in ,he tried to grasp the daggers from Lienne but she quickly got back and released her magic skill, the Phoenix flames, she was a fire - type elementalist, which was extremely rare in elemental type magic,so it, aroused the spectators' curiosity very quickly, she caught on the hop and attacked Vis from his rear with her Phoenix flames, burning his back and leaving Vis in a pathetic state. Vis had no strength to fight, but still due to his survival instinct he didn't still gave up and pondered, " She is dominating me like I am some dog and she is the mistress . Remember, Vis , remember, yeah, 7 deadly sins, I know how to use it,, definitely...I need to, this is my last chance! I have to do this, no matter what."

A dark mist soon surrounded Vis and Lienne stopped her barrage of attacks; a magic circle appeared on the ground ; the dark mist gathered towards the magic circle, forming a physical form of something. All of a sudden , a message popped up right in front of Vis.

<Congratulations! You have unlocked The God System >

"The Go-o-d system " John repeated the name in his mind, being shook up.

" Does, that mean? Ya! It's ,the Gods' work, then something badass is here, wait isn't it like a fantasy system story? I think so,it is, then.....I am expert at that."

"Let's have some fun!!!! "

Suddenly, a barrage of notification popped up out of nowhere in front of Vis, it seemed that Vis could only see the notifications, others can't.

< Congratulations you have, leveled up> 15x

< Congratulations you have unlocked a new skill>

<Congratulations new skill has leveled up > 14x

A interface formed in front of Vis and a male voice spoke up inside Vis's mind, " Vis, I am Magixtio, your instructor for 'The God System' , nice to meet you , Vis. "

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