Reincarnation of the Demon King : Rise of the God System

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Vis was in an open-mouthed situation , by the discovery of the God system and furthermore, nonplussed by the unforeseen and instantaneous male voice if this was not enough, an interface formed right in front of Vis , which grew Vis's curiosity to a greater extent.

Vis was a novel reader in his past life, so he read some system-type novels also, it was native wit that Vis knew how the system worked. Still, Vis wanted to experiment, if his theory was precise and unerring, so he asked inside his mind, " Hey! can I communicate with you like this? "

Vis hadn't contemplated the possibility of his theory to be correct, but it was accurate. Magixtio spoke up inside his mind, " Ya! You can! "

Vis was a little surprised, but nevertheless, he asked, " Magixtio, I have a question.... " Just as Vis was going to complete his sentence, Magixtio interrupted , " Vis, this is not the right time, I'll answer your questions later, first for all check your status from the interface formed in front of you .To do that, just say 'status' inside your mind! "

The interface consisted of many mini-squares, on the left side was , a square which read 'Menu' and on the right side were more than one mini-square , which individually read, 'inventory', 'shop', 'craft', 'evolution' and 'status' .Vis did what he was instructed, he repeated the name 'status' in his mind.

The interface changed automatically and displayed a new screen.


Name - Vis Duolis

Age - 13

Level - 15

Exp to reach next level - 0/5000

Race - Human

Magic energy type - Mana energy

Magic type - Chaos Magic

Mana renewal - 1500 / per minute

Strength - 30,000

HP - 10,000

Agility - 10,000

Intelligence - 20,000

Perception - 19,886

Skills - 7 deadly sins ( Level 30 ) - user can summon the great 7 deadly sins in their physical form.

Time limit - 3 hours]

[Black dimension ( Level 50 ) - user can trap anything in another dimension.

Time limit - 5 days ]

[Hell's fire ( Level 100 ) - user can burn anything with Hell's fire, will burn the object until it completely turns into dust .

Time limit - 1 minute ]

[ Inspect ( Level 15 ) - user can see others' status

Time limit - None ]

[Extra skill : increases the status of the user by 5% to 29% according to the user's emotions .

Note : only applicable when the user is using Hell's fire . ]


Vis was confounded , by the heavy increase of his strength, agility, intelligence and even mana renewal . He was more of like a cat on a hot tin roof than being knocked down with a feather, after seeing the new stats and the new skill.

Again,Magixtio spoke up, "Vis, use your inspect skill on Lienne , fast !!! "

" But... "

"There's no time, just say 'inspect' inside your mind, fast! "

" Ya! " Vis replied and said the word 'inspect' inside his mind just as he was instructed .

Like a bolt from the lighting , a status same like as of himself appeared beside Lienne ; a status which could be only seen by Vis.


Name - Lienne Paris

Age - 14

Race - Human

Magic energy type - Mana energy

Magic type - Elemental (fire)

Mana renewal - 10 / per minute

Strength - 150

HP - 110

Agility - 400

Intelligence - 50

Perception - 79

Skills - Phoenix flames ( level - 3 ) : allows the user to increase their agility, forms fire on the user's hand, can be used to attack opponents.

Amaterasu's grand flames ( level - 10 ) : allows the user to cover their body with flames.


Vis was not even a slightly surprised, he anticipated this already. As well as, he had his own plans, he spoke up inside his mind , " The sin of pride, I call thou to serve me ! "

Magixtio was laughing in no time. "So, ya, figured it out, how quick of you, huh!!! " He guffawed and laughed , he was seeing such an interesting man after many decades , not decades, after centuries and centuries .

The black mist ; which was gathering towards the magic circle and configuring into a 'certain' something for a long time finally, took form into something which aroused the spectators' and Lienne's curiosity — the dark mist, which appeared out of nowhere, formed into a physique of a knight and a configuration of a violet horse i.e. the knight's horse. On the top of the horse, sat the knight wearing a purple armour, with a badge of a peacock on the left side of his armour . He was holding one of the 7 deadly weapons - Gallows Dodger of the sin of pride .

It was a heavily decorated talking double-barrelled revolver. This weapon had an "Over Kill" mode activated by killing enemies, where bullets were turned into explosive projectiles, significantly increasing damage!!!!!

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