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She looked out the window crying, crying for everything to stop, screaming trying to get away from everyone. She had survived for so long and she wasn't going to let anyone ruin that. Eira Theo William was mated to a complete opposite of her race, Darcio Orion Carter Find me on wattpad: SamanthaCourtez

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1: Hell

Chapter 1:

Year 1823:

She made her way through the forest to pick up some fresh herbs for her siblings. It was almost lunch time and they needed to eat something before her parents came back. She had promised her grandmother to take care of her siblings and she wasn't going to betray them. Not now, not ever.

She carried on, on the path her grandmother had made for her so it would be easier to make it through thr forest as she in fact was only 7 years old in human years. She walked on path happily humming a tune only she knew to herself.

She sighed as she finally arrived at the herb garden that her and her grandmother had secretly planted as a food source. The herb garden didn't only have herbs ofcourse, it had vegetables and fruits, 'The herb garden'was just a term her and her grandmother used.

There was an invisible barrier over the garden to keep it hidden from everyone and anything. If anyone had to come across it, it would be because they are either very strong or the spell had worn off.

She looked around her to make sure no-one was looking. When she was absolutely contented with her search she chanted a spell softly, only for her ears hear and walked forward into the garden. Anyone who read this spell could walk into the garden.

She set her basket down on to the ground and set to work. It was extremely difficult for her to gather the herbs, fruits and vegerables she was going to use to cook but one way or another she gathered all that she needed. Someone haf to feed her and her siblings and that someone just so happened to be herself.

After resting for a few minutes she gathered her belongings and set home. On her way home she hummed the same tune happily, soft enough for herself to hear. She was so content with the soft chirping of the birds, the movement of the leaves and the comforting breeze of the wind.

She stopped on her tracks to enjoy the forest breeze and atmosphere before she had to return home, to utter hell. It was her duty to protect her siblings and she didn't mind the big responsibility but something in her just wanted to be free and maybe have loving parents or just a kind person to care for her and read bedtime stories to her siblings and brush her hair and tell her everything was fine and everything would be okay. After all she grew up too early and had to take on the mother image in the family.

After a while reality came back to her. She took a deep breathe and rubbed her eyes to stop the few tears that threatened to fall. They were going to get through all of this one way or another and she new she had to stay strong and take care of them, maybe just maybe someone would remember them and find out what was going and just maybe save them. She felt butterflies in her stomach. She took a deep breath and proceeded to leave the forest.

She looked around to make sure no-one was in the kitchen and snuck inside. Her task was to secretly make lunch and dinner for her and her siblings who were all cooped up in there shared room fast asleep. She had already dropped the basket in the room an did the fruits just incase anyone woke up hungry or in case they were caught.

She took the herbs and the vegetables to the kitchen with her in her little sling made from her blanket. She started cutting the vegetables as neatly as possible and put a few in the frying pan after adding oil. She mixed the remaining cut up vegetables with salad dressing as there desert. Vegetables with salad dressing was the best thing in the world.

After that she picked a few herbs from her batch took out the blender and blended them together to make flu medicine for them as it was winter and they already ran out of medicine. She carried on like that, picking out herbs and blending them to make all kinds of medicine, enough for the whole winter.

She hurriedly packs the medicines in there respective glass jars, put them in a sling and hurried to the room. After hiding them she hurried back to the kitched returned all she had used to their original places and emptied the frying pan and the bowl used to mix the salad and into two separate plates and hid them in the room.

She cleaned the kitchen and the frying pan to thd best of her ability, praying that her parents wouldn't noticr that she had used the kitchen. After that she sat down in the living room to rest and relax and to get ready for whatever was coming there way to night. Her body was sore and she felt like screaming and crying. She looked at the clock on the wall, her parents would be home soon.

"Eira you damn servant, GET DOWN HERE THIS DAMN INSTANT!!!" she heard her dad scream. They were back.

She quickly hurried off the couch and rushed to the ground floor to great her parents and cousins. She had been informed earlier about there visit and had tried, the best of her abilities to clean and tidy up the house. She had made sure her siblings were locked in there room and she was the only one out. No-one was going to hurt her siblings while she was alive she thought to herself.

Everyone started filling the house. There family was huge. They owned so many properties and land and are one of the biggest families in the continent, also one of the strongest. They were feared and respected all over the world as just their name could inflict fair in anyone.

"What did I f^cking tell you about waiting by the door till I get home?" Her dad asked his face filled with rage. 'How could this little servant of theres think that she could disobey him in front of their family. How dare she?' He thought.

"U-Uhh, s-sir I didn't mean it. I-I swear I didn't. I got so tired and fell off to sleep and I got so carried away that I didn't see the time after that. I'm so sorry. Please I beg you to forgive me." She uttered slightly running out of breath. Truly she was afraid of what he was going to do to her, she had known better than to get on his bad side.

He lifted her of the ground with one hand, punched her with the other and threw her, hard against the wall. She grunted in pain as she tried to stand up but was slammed again into the wall. Tears threatened to fall down, 'Big girls don't cry, strong girl's don't cry', she chanted to herself softly.

Her body lay still against the wall. Her ribs felt like they were about to brake if not already broken. Her eyes closed, her breath coming out as fast hard gasps. She was having a panic attack in front of her attacker, her worst nightmares. She prayed that he would just leave her alone.

After what seemed like forever her dad decided that it was about time they went in to enjoy dinner without the disturbance of a little unimportant slave who couldn't respect or listen to her master. "Lets get in everyone, leave your coats by the door, we should enjoy ourselves the best we can." Her dads voice illuminated the silent hall as he made his way to the dinning hall.

Everyone behind him who had coats on dropped it right next to the coat hanger leaving it for her to pick up. She was grateful that that was all they did and nothing more. Slowly getting up, she picked up the coats and hopped on her legs to reach the hooks. Finally finishing she slowly made her way to the bedroom. Exhaustion clearly setting in. She had no energy to do anything at this moment.

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