The Wolven Witch

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Chapter I: The Beast in My Blood

Three Centuries Later

I flicked the top of the lighter in my hand open again, lighting a flame to absent-mindedly play with. I hadn’t needed the lighter to produce a flame- fire was my affinity after all- but it helped me blend in with the humans waiting in the subway tunnels. My magic swelled, making the flame taller than it should’ve been able to become and I snapped the lighter lid closed with a sigh. My target was late.

I once again sent out magical feelers to detect nearby supernaturals. My partner’s energy was detectable from her position and I could sense a few others but not my target. I went to open the lighter again when my magic suddenly stood at attention. “Game on,” I muttered under my breath.

I quickly checked my cloaking spell as I pretended to adjust my tiny skirt. It was intact; no supernatural would be able to detect my power unless I wanted them to. I glanced around and immediately spotted my target: a vampire known for sexually assaulting his victims before drinking from them and erasing their memory. I waited in my spot against the wall before slowly stepping away and sauntering across the tunnel within his view.

My magic tracked his change in course as he switched directions and started following me. I headed out of the subway and turned into a nearby alley that had my partner waiting on a nearby roof. I ran my hand along the wall and pretended to stumble in the stilettos I was wearing. I felt a cold hand at my elbow and giggled as I turned to face my target.

“You alright, babe?”

I watched under lowered lashes as he slowly pulled me towards him.

“I’m so sorry,” I slurred, “I just left the girls and I guess I had a little more than I thought. Thanks for the save, handsome,” I added with a wink. I watched the red slowly leak into his eyes as he took in my bulging cleavage and tiny skirt.

“No problem,” he said, before slowly leaning in to make eye contact with me. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” he asked, his compulsion making his voice smooth and alluring. I smiled and pretended to check him out.

I leaned in, brushing my lips against his ear, before whispering. “Not today, Satan.”

He lurched back from me, eyes wide, but my magic ensnared him before he could take off. I heard the thud as my partner dropped down next to me. “This makes me ashamed to be a vampire,” she grumbled, before punching the vampire with enough supernatural strength to knock him out.

“I can’t blame you,” I sighed as I picked up the vampire’s unconscious body with my magic. Liv, my partner, chuckled as she quickly opened a portal in the dark alley. I sent the target through first before following him, with Liv bringing up the rear.

The familiar atmosphere of the Supernatural Enforcement Agency (SEA) welcomed me as we entered the lobby from the portal. The swirl of colors from the portal gave way to navy-colored walls and a cement floor. I could smell burnt coffee and hear at least five phones ringing on the desks in the office space to the right. I handed the target off to Liv before heading left toward the locker room. “I’ve got to get back in my jeans,” was the only explanation I gave her before walking away.

I quickly headed to my locker, ignoring the male werewolf and vamp’s catcalls as I went. The agency only had one locker room so I, unfortunately, had to put up with their idiocy. I pulled out my jeans, black tank, leather jacket, and boots before slamming the door and entering a changing room.


“Raine!” I turned at my partner’s voice and saw Liv pushing through the busy lobby to reach me. I waited to speak until she was close enough that the other supernaturals wouldn’t be able to hear us without using their power.

“What’s up, Liv?” I said, raising a brow in question.

“I dropped the perp off with the captain and he offered us a new assignment.” I nodded, letting her know we could take it, and started to continue on my way when she caught my arm. “The only catch is that it’s a wolf, so you’d be on your own. I could only run intel; they’d smell me from a mile away.”

“Why’s he putting us on the case then?” I asked, eyes narrowed.

“Apparently, three other teams have already tried. He thinks that we’ll stand a better chance with your magic.” She gave me a knowing look; Liv was perfectly aware that we were one of the only teams in the SEA that had a witch.

“Fine. Tell Cap I’ll do it, but that it’s waiting until tomorrow. Aunt Clem is already up my ass for missing last month’s full moon ceremony.” Liv nodded and released her hold on my arm so I could continue. “I’ll text you and you can give me the details of the mission then,” I told her over my shoulder as I opened a small portal. I stepped through the portal and let the magic of it wash over me while it transported me across the globe.

When I emerged I was in my Aunt’s foyer. The familiar smell of incense greeted me as I glanced around the wood-lined walls. Her familiar, Jasper, in the form of a cat was the first thing I saw as I looked around.

“Hi, Jasper. Where’s Aunt Clem?”

The animal meowed at me before turning and walking downstairs. I took the hint and followed the feline. In the basement, my entire coven was meeting as they waited for the moon to rise. I dodged a few older witches who tried to speak with me and headed toward my aunt.

“Lorraine, you’re late. The moon rises in half an hour,” my aunt said when I finally reached her.

“Sorry, Aunt Clem. But we finally got a lead on that disgusting vamp and I wanted to bring him in as soon as possible.” My aunt nodded, knowing that my job ensuring the safety of innocent humans and supernaturals was incredibly important to me. I never wanted another young supernatural to watch their parent die tied to a stake. “Just keep in mind that the coven needs you on ceremonial nights. Fire witches are rare, and having you present makes our coven more powerful.”

She turned away before I could respond and continued with her preparations for the ceremony. Full moon rituals were important for witches. They rejuvenated our powers and provided us with the protection of the Moon Goddess. They also helped me to control my inner beast. It may have fed my power and made me stronger but that didn’t mean I wanted or needed it. The damn thing was only a reminder of what I lost, so most of the time it was tucked away in a steel cage within my mind. However, full moons made it extra hard to keep locked away.

Twenty minutes later, the entire coven was surrounding my aunt in the forest clearing behind our house. The clearing was a perfect circle, ringed by trees, and was imbued with the natural magic of the earth. The coven started to chant as the full moon reached its peak, I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, I felt them flash colors once before settling back to their normal blue. I reached for the hands of the women on either side of me; when the coven had joined hands, I felt the surge of magical energy rush through my bones. Our magics mixed and mingled with each other as our chanting grew louder. It grew in volume until I could feel the words echoing in my head and a sweat broke out on my forehead on the warm summer night.

My aunt suddenly threw back her head and opened her mouth on a silent scream. Fireflies erupted from her mouth and swarmed into the night sky, creating dozens of new constellations. All at once, the fireflies made a rapid circle around us, my aunt’s mouth closed, and she finally collapsed as the fireflies disappeared into the night. I quickly rushed to my aunt and helped her to her feet. The rest of the coven had gathered together and were chatting, energized by their renewed and charged magics. My aunt leaned on me heavily but I barely registered it as I led her back to the house.

Later, as I tucked my exhausted aunt Clementine into bed, she turned to me and whispered. “Your magic is growing stronger; you’re the most powerful member of the coven. But you won’t reach your full potential if you don’t accept yourself.” I just nodded and kissed her cheek before heading outside and making a portal home. But all I could think as I lay in bed hours later was that I would end up disappointing Aunt Clem. Because I would never, ever accept the beast in my blood.

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