The Wolven Witch

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Chapter III: Meeting the Alpha

I took a deep breath and nodded at Gemma before she pushed the door open. A man sat behind a large oak desk and stood as we entered. He was tall, broad-shouldered, and looked to be in his late thirties. However, in reality, the Alpha was much, much older.

“Ah, Gemma. Thank you for escorting our guest to me. You are excused now, Gamma.” I felt his eyes roam my body as he spoke. A part of me almost wished Gemma would stay; I felt comfortable around her. This Alpha, on the other hand, was making me feel anything but comfortable. Gemma met my eyes with a look that almost seemed apologetic before she turned and closed the door behind her. I let the soft click echo in the quiet room before straightening my shoulders. I had taken down bigger men than this in the field and it was time for me to put my big-girl panties on.

“Hello, Alpha Danvers. I’m Agent Raine Hagan; I’ve been sent to investigate your claims of treason within your pack.”

“Yes, I’m aware. Your captain called me this morning and told me that he was sending one of his best agents to assist me. I have to say, I wasn’t expecting someone so delicious looking,” he murmured the last sentence under his breath but my ears still caught it. I scowled at him. Wolves were always so arrogant that other supernaturals had worse senses and it was clear he assumed I wouldn’t hear him.

“Well, I do find cases like these to be delicious to investigate. I just love getting to muzzle a bad dog.” He glowered at my comment before clearing his throat. I hope he cleared it of any more asshole comments.

“Well, in that case, I’ve got a juicy one for you. My previous Beta committed treason against his pack and must be punished accordingly.”

“If I may ask, what is he accused of?”

“He is accused of attempted murder,” he told me with a flat look. “My murder, in fact.”

“Interesting,” I whispered. “Do you have any idea what his motive was or where he currently has escaped to?”

“No, unfortunately. He burst into my office accusing me of heinous crimes before attacking me when I denied the claims. He had knocked me out and was about to rip out my throat before my warriors charged in here and he fled.” I filed this information away in my mind for later. It was rare for a Beta to have enough power to best an Alpha in combat.

“I only have one more question for now. Why are you going through the SEA? Most Alpha dole out punishments themselves.”

“Oh, trust me, Agent Hagan. I would but he was the best tracker in the pack and escaped cleanly. I need more reinforcements to bring the slippery bastard back here so I can enact my revenge.” His eyes changed to the bright gold of a werewolf on the brink of changing and my breath hitched, but I stood my ground.

“Noted, Alpha. I’ll of course have to investigate if he had help from other pack members and will report my findings. My partner is a vampire and will be helping me from outside of pack land. If I require her assistance here, I will of course notify you.” He nodded that he understood me.

“If you do find another traitor, I would like to request that they be given over to the pack law along with the Beta. Anyone involved will be executed.” I nodded my consent as the phone resting on his desk started to ring loudly.

“If you’ll excuse me,” he said, turning to return to his desk. I took that as my cue to leave and stepped back out into the hall. Gemma immediately popped into my line of vision.

“How’d it go?” she asked. Why was she not asking the Alpha? She was the Gamma and had access to pack information.

“I’ll be returning soon to continue the investigation into the treason claims,” was all I told her before leaving the packhouse. I held back the guilt I started to feel at being rude to Gemma. Even if I did feel a weird connection to her, she was still an unknown wolf. Once again, the other wolves watched me as I left, suspicion clear in their eyes. I met their gazes with steel in my gaze. They would not intimidate me. I was a badass fire-witch and I was here on a mission, not to make friends. I could not let myself get close to anyone in this pack, even if they did seem startlingly familiar to me. No one here could be trusted.


I had been trudging through the woods for twenty minutes when I found the tree that Liv had climbed up. “Liv, I’m back,” I yelled upward when I reached the trunk’s base.

I waited but when a short, sassy vampire didn’t land in front of me, I started to frown. Had she left and gone back to headquarters? I pulled my phone out of my jeans pocket to check my missed notifications when I heard a branch snap behind me.

I whirled around and let some of my magic flow from my fingers. Small flames emerged and began to twist and dance around and between my fingers. “Who’s there? On SEA authority, I request that you show yourself.”

The gust of wind blew my hair as something ran past me and I pivoted. My flames grew higher, climbing the length of my arms to my shoulders.

“Damn, don’t set the whole forest on fire,” was the last thing I heard before something hit the back of my head. I collapsed but fought to keep my eyes open. My flames had gone out but I still saw the huge figure that emerged through the smoke to stand in front of me.

“Goodnight,” was all he said before slamming his boot into my skull.

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