A wish gone wrong

By Kenneth Allan All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 1

Mildred gives Norman his party

Norman’s thirty second birthday party was a success and Mildred could not wait to give Norman his secret gift. Everyone was present, his sister and brother with their children and some close work friends. After the party goers had left they retired to their bedroom and Mildred gave Norman his secret present.

Norman is a cross-dresser much to his wife’s annoyance. He constantly borrows his wife’s clothes and luckily they are roughly the same size but occasionally he would tear something and that annoyed her. Once he was dressed he would parade in front of her pretending to be a woman which made Mildred very uncomfortable but she loved her husband.

At first she thought he might have been gay so she invited a couple of gay work mates to dinner and told them to seduce her husband but he would have none of it then she thought perhaps he was gender confused. Feeling he might need help she tricked him into seeing a psychologist who pronounced him quite normal, his feet were firmly planted in the masculine camp. He was so insulted he didn’t speak to her for a week. Mildred resigned herself to accepting her husbands ‘hobby’. It didn’t do her any harm as he was extremely discreet and private about it all, she being the only person that knew of it and it certainly didn’t affect their sex life.

Every Wednesday, Mildred would give up her one hour lunch break to visit a little massage booth run by a very old man of indeterminable racial origin, she presumed he was Chinese. She loved going there and the old man always made her welcome. On this particular occasion Norman had annoyed her. She had bought this nice pretty evening dress for a work function the following month. It fitted her perfectly but Norman had to try it on and in the process ripped it. He was very apologetic and tried to buy her a new one but there was none. Mildred, extremely annoyed though she was, forgave him but it remained in her mind gnawing away. The old man picked up that she was bothered and coaxed her into talking about it. She told him about Normans ‘hobby’ and how it annoyed her but she didn’t know what to do about it.

He asked, “What would you like to do about it?”

Thinking Mildred said, “I would like him to turn into a woman for a month and realise it’s not as enjoyable as he thinks.”

The old man fell silent momentarily then went into the back room returning with a box.

“I think this is your answer,” he said and opened the box. Inside was some thing that could have come straight from Victoria Secrets. There was a pair of sleek nylons, a scarlet garter belt, silk crotch less panties, a Scarlet uplift bra and a pink negligee. Mildred could not believe that the old man would have something like this.

Mildred's gift explained

“These are magic clothes and if worn at the time of the love making climax it will turn a man into a woman for one month” explained the old man. Mildred looked at the him to see if he was joking but he looked deadly serious but then he always looked deadly serious.

“What happens if it is just a joke,” she replied

He answered, with a twinkle in his eyes, “Well, just think of the fun you will have trying it.”

He has a point, Mildred thought, she always fantasised about another woman making love to her. It might be fun even if it is her husband.

“There are conditions though,” the old man said, “if the man knows and agrees to the transformation then the clothes will handle everything and convert him to a woman but if you intend to deceive the man then you must do everything yourself. At the moment of climax you must visualise strongly the woman you want the man to be, if you don’t do this it will decide for itself what the man will be. Do you understand?”

Mildred nodded and asked, ” What do I owe you for this?”

The old man’s face changed expression. He replied, “These objects extract a price I am not willing to collect.”

“Oh, right, well thanks,” she replied and left the shop. Mildred was now in deception mode. After the gender confusion incident she felt certain that Norman would not agree to the change and to cover up the lingerie she decided to soften him up with a gift. A nice new blue summer dress with matching bra and panties. Thankfully she knew his size.

Norman changes

When the party was over Norman and Mildred retired to the bedroom. Mildred said to Norman, “Here is your real present and when you open it you will see why I have given it to you in private.”

Norman opened the package and was amazed at the nice new blue summer dress.

“Go on,” said Mildred, “try it on.”

“But,” replied Norman, “I always thought you were against my little ‘hobby’.”

“It annoys me but I recognise you will not change and I love you. The only harm it might do is to our relationship together and I wont have that so I decided I would help you. I am tired of you using my clothes so I thought we would create a wardrobe of your own. Look, I have even purchased your own lace panties and bra. Now get undressed and lets get the bra adjusted”

Norman was overjoyed and quickly undressed. He slipped into the blue lace panties and found they fitted snugly but comfortably then he put on the bra and Mildred adjusted the straps. It fitted perfectly.

“Right,” said Mildred,” lets slip these falsies in.”

She had a pair of beautifully made flesh coloured silicon breasts in her hand and she slipped these into the bra. Norman then put the summer dress on and he was fascinated with the result.

“I also got you these,” Mildred said and handed him a pair of mid-high heeled shoes. Norman was speechless with gratitude and slipped into them. He stood in front of the mirror running his hands up and down his body, sometimes cupping his breasts, admiring himself.

“Finally,” Mildred said with butterflies in her stomach, ” I have got you this.”

She opened the box and Norman was speechless as he lifted the pink negligee up to look at it.

“Mildred, I don’t know what to say or how to thank you,” he said.

“You could put them on and make love to me,” she suggested blushing slightly.

As Norman donned the lingerie Mildred stripped of in record time then stood there looking at Norman in his crotch-less panties and scarlet bra with the falsies. The sheer nylons held up by the pink garters gave his legs a peculiar feminine look in contrast to the rest of his body. Although Norman was the same size as Mildred his body was very definitely masculine. He had a hairy chest and back, muscular arms and shoulders and a six-pack stomach. Stuff that usually turned Mildred on and to see him standing like this dismayed her but she hid her dislike and moved closer to him. Her own breasts just touching Normans and she moved them side to side gently rubbing her nipples against the fabric of the scarlet bra.

“I’ve always had a fantasy about a woman making love to me and what could be better than my husband,” she whispered. She reached down and pulled his penis through the crotch-less panties slowly stroking and squeezing it. She led Norman into the bedroom and when they had finished making love went to sleep in each others hands with Mildred completely forgetting what she was supposed to do.

Norman discovers everything

Mildred was woken by a scream, a man’s scream. There was something wrong about that and then she realised it should have been a woman’s scream. She rushed into the bathroom to find Norman about to take a shower with a look of horror in his face.

Norman screamed, “What have you done to me, Mildred?”

Confused, Mildred looked at Norman, Norman the man not Norman the woman but Norman with two perfect C-cup breasts rising from his hairy chest. Her eyes moved down his body and in shock looked at a neat triangle of curly hair beneath his six-pack stomach instead of a decent sized penis.

“Oh god sorry Norman, it wasn’t supposed to happen like this,” she cried out.

“How the hell was it supposed to happen,” he shouted making Mildred wince.

“You were supposed to turn into a woman. Please calm down, lets get some coffee and I will explain every thing.” said Mildred handing Norman a robe. Over coffee Mildred proceeded to explain it all to Norman.

“So,” Norman said, “if you had been honest and told me about it this would not have happened.”

Mildred gulped and said, “Yes but you would not have gone along with it, would you.”

Reluctantly Norman agreed, “So how long is this going to last or an I stuck like this. ”

“A month.”

Mildred makes peace with Norman

“I’m really sorry Norman, I love you and didn’t intend to hurt you. It’s just that you would walk around pretending to be a woman I thought if you spend some time as one it might cure you.”

“Cure me. You make it sound like I have some sort of illness. I have always been fascinated by women’s clothes. I don’t know why. I think, maybe, I like the look and feel of them against my skin. I guess its also because I have found men’s clothes boring and colourless and, yes, I do like to pretend I am a woman when I wear them but that doesn’t mean I want to become one. I am quite happy being a man and delighted at being your husband though I don’t know what use I am going to be now without a dick.”

Mildred’s pulse quickened at a sudden thought so she said,” But now your my husband with a pussy. Would you like to know what that feels like?”

Puzzled Norman said, “What are you getting at?”

“Look why don’t we go back to bed. We might as well call in sick since you cant go in like that and I feel like a day off,” replied Mildred.

“Are you suggesting we make love as two women,” he said.

“Would... would that be so bad?” she asked hesitantly.

Norman looked at his wife. He loved her so much that he couldn’t get angry at her for doing this.

“It’s what you have always fantasised about, isn’t it.” he asked.

Blushing furiously she nodded.

“Ok, do you want me to put the lingerie back on,” he asked.

“Nah! Just get in the way.” she replied and they headed off to the bedroom.

Normans first orgasm

Lying in bed Mildred first attacked Normans breasts. She rubbed her hands through all his chest hair and gently squeezed his tits. Her mouth encircled the left aeorale and nibbled his beautiful large pink nipple while she rolled the right one between her thumb and forefinger.

“God, that feels good,” moaned Norman. Mildred started kissing her way down his chest, down across his rock hard abdomen to the top of the large triangle of pubic hair. She paused there then gently pushed Normans legs apart revealing a pair of moist pink lips fringed by curly auburn hair.

Beginning with his lips she nibbled, licked and kissed them then gently separated them to reveal a pink moist cavern. She blew gently into it then licked Normans clitoris. Norman moaned loudly and intensified the feeling by playing with his own nipples.

Mildred was amazed at the amount of juice Norman was producing. It wasn’t squirting but was certainly soaking the sheets. She didn’t make him climax immediately but played with him till he was moaning for relief then she pulled the trigger. Norman took off and when he eventually came down Mildred lay down beside him.

“Was that good?” she asked and when he didn’t reply said,” would you like to try it together?”

“What, do you mean a sixty-nine position. I don’t think I can come again”

She laughed and said,” Oh I think you will find you can.”

“Hmm, ok then, you lead.” he replied.

Mildred scurried down then straddled Norman so her vagina was just above his mouth.

“Just do what I do,” she instructed and commenced nibbling Normans swollen lips. The played with each other till hunger drove them to stop and find something to eat then they went back to bed for a few more hours but eventually sheer exhaustion took over and they had to finish.

Normans makeover

“That was fun, wasn’t it,” asked Mildred hopefully.

“Yeah, it was but what about the future.” asked Norman.

“I will take you to Julian’s’ Beauty Salon. If anyone can make you look like a woman Julian can,” suggested Mildred.

“Wouldn’t it be better if I just simply stayed as a man.”

“Not with those bazookas you won’t. Short of a mastectomy someone is bound to discover them and you don’t want to go around with them all bound up.”

“But what about my job. I am going to have to turn up sooner or later,” said Norman.

“Quit. You have never like it anyway and you hate your boss.”

An astounded Norman replied, “But your the one always telling me we cant afford for me to quit.”

“I know but there is a casual opening for a girl at my place I’m sure you could get, then when you change back we will find you a better job. I owe you that since I got you into this mess”

“Ok I’ll do it but I’m sure going to be one ugly girl.”

“Well you might learn something. Life is easy for beautiful girls. Stuff just falls into their lap, usually. As an ugly girl you have to work at it.”

Julian’s salon

They found an oversized anorak that would fit Norman and would hide his boobs. They drove of to Julian’s and the only people in Julian’s salon was Julian and his receptionist, Sylvia. He did not believe in entrusting his customers to anyone else but himself

Julian was deeply engrossed in something with his receptionist when Mildred and Norman walked in. Julian looked up and said, “Mildred, Mildred my dear, your two weeks early. What brings you to my little shop.”

Mildred smiled and said, “My husband. He is in need of an extreme makeover.”

Julian raised an eyebrow and Mildred said, “Show him Norman.”

Norman removed his anorak and sweat shirt and stood there in his bra. Sylvia’s eyes nearly pushed her spectacles off her nose but all Julian did was touch his chin with his forefinger and said to Sylvia, “Reschedule my next appointment and tell her it is free.”

He then locked the door and put up the closed sign.

“Follow me,” he instructed them and led them into a tiny office.

“OK tell uncle Julian all about it.”

Mildred filled Julian in on what had happened to Norman and when she had finished Julian asked Mildred what she wanted him to do.

“Make him look like a woman for a month at least”

Julian looked at Norman and said, “Strip off, Norman.”

“Bugger off, I’m not letting you perve on my bits,” retorted Norman.

“In case it has slipped your notice the female genitalia just does nothing for me,” answered Julian scornfully.

“I can vouch for that,” said Mildred, “he’s seen mine dozens of times.”

In disgust Norman removed his jeans, panties and bra and stood there self consciously as the other two stared at him.

“I feel like a lump of meat standing here like this,” complained Norman.

“Welcome to our world Norman,” said Mildred then to Julian, “well can you do anything.”

“Hmm, it’s a challenge that’s for sure. Let’s start by getting rid of all that hair,” said Julian. After Norman had been shaved, dilapidated and waxed he was bathed and washed by both Julian and Mildred and it would be wrong to suggest he didn’t enjoy this.

The next step was his face and then they threw everything at him. Facials, mud-packs, everything available.

“Thankfully,” Julian said, “he didn’t have strong facial hair so be won’t have a five a clock shadow.”

He finished by fitting him with a wig and they both stood examining him.

“If he keeps that neckline low cut to show plenty of cleavage then they won’t question his gender. More likely he will pass as a post op transgender.”

“Great,” muttered Norman.

“Oh stop complaining. Let’s go shopping and you can enjoy one of women’s great rituals.”

Mildred takes Norman shopping

Norman took his first steps into the world as a woman convinced everyone was staring at him. In fact only a few women gave him questioning stares and those men that did, never got past his impressive cleavage. Norman passively followed Mildred who appeared to know what she was doing and she led him into a supermarket straight to the hygiene aisle then stopped at a section.

“Right, what do you prefer tampons or pads?” asked Mildred.

“What. What do I need them for?” replied an astounded Norman.

Mildred rolled her eyes to the ceiling and said,” Because your a woman, at least that is what my close examination of your vagina last night revealed. Since we don’t know when your cycle starts we better be prepared. I think you should use tampons.”

She picked a couple of packets from the shelf and continued to the make-up section and picked up lipstick, make-up, eye-shadow and all the little support pieces women need in their lives. When they had finished Mildred led them both out to the mall and into a nearby coffee shop. She ordered two cappuccinos and sat at a table. Mildred placed the shopping bag on the table and stared at it for a few moments then said,” We need to get you a handbag.”

“What do I need a handbag for?” asked an incredulous Norman.

“Where do you propose to keep all this stuff. Down that massive cleavage of yours, I suppose.” she said irritably. Norman momently fussed around his neckline then said, “Your just jealous that the boys notice mine more than yours.”

Mildred quietly adjusted herself, sat up straight and threw her shoulders back.

“Am not,” she retorted.

“Are so,” replied Norman, “watch this.”

He got up and slowly walked across to the news-stand across the mall. He made sure his shoulders were back and his bust was out. He just as calmly strolled back.

“Well,” he said, “come on, be honest, how many guys were staring?”

Mildred, in a bad temper, said, “Lets get a move on. We have more shopping to do.”

She moved off with Norman following and smiling broadly.

The next thing she got was underwear. Mildred was definite Norman wasn’t going to use hers and she steered clear of anything that was even slightly sexy. She didn’t want Norman to get any ideas then she fitted him out with a collection of dresses and other apparel. Finally they ended up in the shoe shop and tried on just about everything in the shop then bought two pairs.

They passed the evening in sulky silence and eventually went to bed. By now Mildred had cheered up a bit and sidled up to Norman in bed.

“Want to fool around a bit, darling?”

Norman just sniffed, said he had a headache and rolled over and went to sleep.

Mildred gets Norman a job

In the morning Mildred instructed Norman to dress for a job interview.

“Shouldn’t I write some sort of resume?” he asked.

“Nope, the job is only for a month till another girl returns from maternity leave. I’m pretty sure I can convince them to hire you. We will just say your my sister, Norma. Adopted sister,” she said hurriedly.

Mildred worked as a co-coordinator for an electrical contracting company. She took the orders for work and assigned them to the tradesman. Norman or rather Norma’s job was in the warehouse where she supplied the parts and goods to the tradesmen.

That morning Norman got severely on Mildred’s nerves. Firstly the old Norman would have a fifteen minute shower, five minutes to do his business, five minutes to shave and five minutes to shower but the new Norman was still in the shower after half-an-hour. Mildred stormed into the bathroom and pulled the shower curtain open. Norman was standing with his hand between his legs and a stupid look on his face.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

Norman spluttered, trying to speak.

“Oh forget it,” said Mildred crabbily, “just hurry up. I need to have one to.” Men, she thought, just cant keep their hands off anything.

The next time was when she was drying herself off. Suddenly there was a burst of obscene language coming from the bedroom and when she entered Norman appeared to be fighting with his bra.

“I cant get the f***ing thing on,” he shouted as it suddenly sprang across the bed.

“Come here, I’ll show you how to do it.” said Mildred.

She used her own bra as the example. “See that was easy wasn’t it.”

Norman had to admit it was and the final time was when she was in the bathroom putting on the finishing touches to her face when another burst of obscene language came from the bedroom. She burst in to see Norman almost in tears and his face a mess of make-up. Mildred s heart softened and she hurried to his side.

“Here dearie, let me clean this mess off and start again.”

She cleaned it all off then applied a little face cream to soften his masculine skin, added some carefully applied lipstick, a little mascara, a little cheek colouring and just shaped the eyebrows slightly.

“There see, a little goes a long way.”

Norman was impressed, he really felt he could pass as a girl.

The final time took place in the personnel’s managers office. She left Norman there to wait till Miss Wright could see him. Later, when she popped in Norman was still waiting but had fallen asleep with his legs wide apart exposing vast acres of white panties to the amusement of the young man opposite.

“Norma, Norma, wake up,” she whispered in his ear, shaking him.

Norman responded groggily and said,” who the hell is Norma.”

“You, you idiot. You got your legs spread so wide I could drive a truck up it.”

Norman sprang upright closing his legs just when the door opened.

“Ah, Mildred and, er, Norma. Come in please,” Miss Wright held the door open and ushered them in, “please sit down.”

The three of them had a pleasant chat about life in the business and explained the job to Norman then commenced asking questions about Norma. Norman, very adeptly fielded the questions impressing Mildred. Miss Wright finally said that that was all, asked Mildred to take Norma down to meet Charlie and would Norma please wait outside while she talked to Mildred.

“It’s probably not my business but would your adopted sister have once been your adopted brother?” Miss Wright asked tentatively.

Mildred was a bit taken aback but said, yes, something like that.

“Does she still have a,” and here she waved her hands vaguely about her crotch and said,” you know.”

Smiling Mildred said, “No, its all gone now.”

“Well, I guess its none of my business. If Norma needs any help or someone to talk to, my door is always open,” said Miss Wright as she ushered Mildred out of her office and closed the door.

Norma starts work in the warehouse

“Watch out for Charlie. He’s a bit of a pervert. We rather suspect he’s a sex addict and will probably feel you up a bit but a knee in the groin usually fixes him. Don’t worry he wont take it personally.” advised Mildred.

Norman was fully expecting a grotty old man but he was quite handsome really, about forty years old and divorced. The ex found him with his hand up the post-womans uniform and she wasn’t complaining.

“Charlie, this is Norma, my sister. She will be here for a month till Caroline comes back from maternity leave.” said Mildred.

Norman stood there and realised what it felt like to be stripped naked with a man’s eyes. He took the initiative and stepped forward to shake his hand and said, “How are you Charlie, I am looking forward to working for you but I don’t feel I should be treated as a sex object, don’t you agree, Charlie.” Charlie just grinned stupidly and stared at his cleavage.

“Charlie!” Mildred almost shouted pulling Charlie out of his stupor, “perhaps you could show Norma the warehouse and tell her what her job is going to be.”

“Ok, ok” he replied.

Addressing Norma, Mildred said, “I’ll leave you in Charlie’s hands, god help you, and I will drop in during my break.”

Norma’s job was to take the tradesmen’s work sheet and collect the materials from the store-room, make out the paperwork and have it signed. She was quite busy and to her surprise Charlie left her alone till she needed to locate some special electrical fittings. Charlie said they were in the back storeroom and he would take her there. The back storeroom was down a little dark passage and was a small room, just big enough for two people. Charlie closed the door when they entered the room.

He pushed against Norma and said, “Your one hell of an ugly bitch.”

Completely unfazed Norman replied, “Your mother should have drowned you at birth.”

Charlie grunted, “I bet you don’t have many boyfriends” he moved his hands over his breast, squeezing it. “If you play your cards right I could make your life worth living.”

At that moment Norman should have kneed him in the groin but excitement started building up within him and he didn’t move. Charlie moved closer and raised his skirt up and slid his hand down his panties. Normans breathing increased and Charlie started kissing and fondling. Norman responded and slipped her hand into his fly, grabbing his penis. Norman couldn’t stop himself, it was as if she was somebody else.

Charlie lowered her panties and was ready to penetrate when the door flew open and Mildred appeared. She hit Charlie over the head with a shovel. Charlie staggered backwards and Mildred swung again. Charlie took off down the passage with his penis flapping through his fly.

“What the hell were you about to do,” she raged at Norman.

“I... I’m sorry. It was as if I was somebody else. I couldn’t stop myself,” whimpered Norman, pulling his panties up.

Calming down Mildred said, “Norman, you have to have more control, he could have raped you then. Come on lets go to the ladies and you can freshen up.”

Charlie avoided her till the afternoon when he cornered her, outside, behind the warehouse. He again moved close to Norma and said, “why don’t we finish what we started.”

“Gladly,” said Norman and kneed him in the groin. He left her alone after that.

The two girls dropped into the pub on the way home to talk about the day’s events. Mildred had a gin and tonic and Norman was going to buy a pot of beer but Mildred suggested that might not be an appropriate drink for a girl. She settled for a vodka and orange.

“I couldn’t help it. As soon as his hand grabbed my tit, I started to get all wet and when he slipped his hand down there I was his. I’m glad you turned up.”

“I wonder if we should put you on the pill,” said Mildred.

A surprised Norman said, “Why would I need them, I’m not going to get pregnant.”

“I wonder how many women have said that,” smiled Mildred, “OK just keep penises out of your vagina.”

Normans first period pains

Norman no longer wore skirts to work but jeans instead. This was a lot more comfortable and offered greater protection against Charlie’s wandering hands. She was enjoying the job and becoming more and more used to her body. Norman had a great personality which went a long way to offsetting his looks and actually flirted with several of the tradesmen. She was leaving the counter to get the materials for a tradesman when he yelled out, “Hey, Norma did you sit on some ketchup.”

Puzzled Norma felt her bum then rushed to the ladies and pulled her jeans down. He almost fainted at the sight of the blood. She called Mildred on the phone in a panic.

“Mildred, Mildred, I’m dying, there’s blood everywhere.”

“Calm down, your just having your period. Now have you got your tampons” asked Mildred.

“Hmm, no, there in the handbag.”

“And where is that?” Mildred asked again.

“At home,” said Norman.

“God your an idiot. Didn’t I tell you to always make sure you have them with you. I’ve got some spare work pants and I think I have some spare tampons in my locker. Stay where you are and I will bring them to you.”

Just as Mildred hung up Margaret, the other worker in the warehouse, entered the ladies. Margaret was in her fifties.

She knocked on the stall door and called out, “Are you ok, Norma?”

“Waaaa,” she wailed, “I’m dying. The blood is pouring out, Waaaa”

“Don’t cry dear. I was a heavy bleeder in my day and I survived. I’m sure you will be alright”

“Waaaa,” she wailed again, “I want my wife.”

“Wife,” a puzzled Margaret parroted.

“No, no I mean my sister.” said Norman desperately. It took weeks for Mildred to kill the rumour that she was a lesbian married to Norma when actually she was a lesbian married to Norman.

Mildred arrived and knocked on the cubicle door.

“Open up, Norma, its me Mildred,” she called out. Cautiously Norma opened the door and Mildred went in.

“Ok lets have a look. ” said Mildred, ” Really, is that all there is, a two inch spot of blood on your jeans and a bit more on your undies, I don’t think your going to die.”

“Waaaa! You weren’t a man a few days ago. Waaaa ,why am I crying so much”

“It’s only your hormones dear. Here ,” she handed Norman some tissues, “clean yourself up and I will show you how to insert the tampon then I will take you home. Luckily I had some clean clothes in my locker.”

Mildred got Norman home and installed him, moaning and groaning, on the sofa and went back to work.

The next morning Mildred was confronted with an emotional and highly irritable Norman. She discovered him sitting at the breakfast table with a face of gloom.

“Morning,” she said tentatively.

“You don’t love me anymore!” was the response. Knowing what Norman was going through she put her arms around his shoulder and said,” Of course I do, dear.”

“Then why didn’t you hug me last night?”

“I tried to but you bit my head off, told me to get back to my side of the bed and turned your back on me.”

“You should have done it anyway. I would have for you. You don’t love me any more and anyway you kept pulling the blankets of me. Do you have to rattle your teaspoon in your coffee cup and would you stop using my make-up!”

Mildred had a very good idea what was about to come so she hurriedly got ready for work and left leaving Norman in misery on the sofa. Men, she thought, such babies.

After a couple of days Mildred’s nerves were at breaking point. It was like walking on eggshells permanently and Mildred found out what it was like living with a menstruating woman. Was she like that, she wondered. Probably was but she hope she wasn’t that bad. She breathed a sigh of relief when one morning she woke up to breakfast in bed by a cheery, friendly Norman. Just to make up for the last few days, he said.

The office party

Every six months the company throws an office party using the pretence of appointing an employee of the month. The staff usually numbered about thirty, ten office staff and twenty tradies. The boss would send out for lots of pizzas, beer, wine and nibblies and it usually turned into a happy and noisy affair. He would also put on a couple of buses for those who chose not to drive. Upsetting incidents were very rare as the boss was quite clear what would happen to the troublemakers.

Mildred was a bit apprehensive about going with Norman as inhibitions tended to be very low on these occasions but Norman insisted. If Mildred wants him to find out what it is like to be a woman then she should be prepared to let him have some fun. She could not argue against that so against her better judgement they got dressed and went to the party. Mildred complained about what Norman chose to wear, which was very low cut and came to her mid-thighs so she in retaliation she put on a stunning little black dress.

“Maybe I should worry about you,” said Norman.

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” she replied.

They both arrived at the party in a good mood and soon mixed with their work buddies. Norman knew most of the tradies and now got to know the office staff, most of whom she had never met. As she was getting another wine she was cornered by the boss. He was a large man of about sixty. He had been an electrician originally and built his company over twenty-five years and he introduced himself as Geoff.

“Your Mildred’s sister, right?” he said.

“Adopted sister, her mother and father adopted me when I was a baby,” she lied.

“There’s a rumour that you had your dick chopped off,” said Geoff thinking that being the boss allowed him to be direct and rude. The curious thing was that his personality allowed him to get away with it. Nobody ever thought he was being hurtful.

“Not quite,” replied Norman, “but close.”

“Does it look real?”

“What looks real?” asked a puzzled Norman.

“Your vag.” said Geoff.

“So real it bleeds,” replied Norman then moved up very close to him and said with a smile, “would you like to feel for yourself.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that Geoff’s wife was watching them closely Norman believed that he would have.

“Oh no, no I’ll take your word for it” he said and moved on. He was about to take his wine and go and protect his wife against Charlie when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned and stared into the eyes of the bosses wife. The bosses wife was every inch a bosses wife. She exuded an air of absolute authority even though she had none. She was younger than Geoff by ten years.

“I do not appreciate you flirting with my husband,” she said in a loud voice then she whispered, “but if you do, for gods sake, be discreet.”

She then wandered off leaving a stunned Norman.

Once more Norman headed to his wife when he was intercepted by Hector. Hector was a tradie and one Norman quite liked. He flirted with her whenever he got a chance and now he used his charm to hold her. The attraction was too much for Norman so she turned her attention to Hector and started making small talk. Eventually, after a couple of more glasses of wine, Hector said he had something to show her in a vacant office. Later, Norman admitted to having a good idea what that was but at the moment refused to take heed of the warning. She followed Hector into the office. Hector took hold of her and slowly pulled her to him.

“You know, you can always walk out of this office. I wont stop you,” he said. Hesitantly, Norma shook her head. Hector began kissing her and she responded. Hector began squeezing her breasts and she squeezed his penis. He broke away and turned her around, bent her over the office desk and lowered her panties. She waited while he dropped his trousers then he started rubbing and caressing her from behind. Very soon she was ready and Hector entered her and started to pound away. Oh god, thought Norman, this is heaven. Better than Mildred’s tongue. After a few minutes they climaxed together, relaxed, then Hector pulled out just in time for Mildred to enter the office. She took one look at Norman’s face and stormed off.

Mildred had just finally escaped from Charlie’s claws. The trouble with Charlie is, he is the bosses wife’s brother and impossible to get fired. Every woman develops their own self-defence tactics around Charlie, or not, depending on how you feel. The little black dress was an instant magic flame for Charlie and it drew him like a magnet. He wouldn’t let Mildred go. Eventually he cornered her behind the office potted palm tree and put the pressure on Mildred.

“I could get Norma fired you know,” he threatened and the trouble was Mildred believed him.

“What do you want, Charlie?”

“Just let me lift your dress and have a feel,” he said.

Sighing Mildred replied,” You can kiss me and squeeze my tits. Anything else and I will knee you in the balls and take my chances with the boss.”

“Deal,” said Charlie and start kissing and squeezing Mildred. Eventually Mildred un-entangled herself and slid away.

“Enough, ok,” she said. Charlie shrugged, satisfied and moved to another target. Mildred went in search of Norman. Someone said he and Hector had gone into the vacant office so she followed and opened the door.

The sight was too much. Norman was bent over the desk, her skirt over her waist,her pants on the floor and a trouser-less man with his dick rapidly deflating behind her. Even though she shouldn’t have, she jumped in her car and immediately went home. Shit, thought Norman, now what do I do.

Hector said, “What’s up with her, she your lover or something.”

Normans attraction to Hector vanished immediately and said,” You got to get me home.”

“Whoa there baby. I’m not driving anything in my state. Your going to have to wait for the bus.”

Shit, she thought again, all my money is in my purse and I left that behind. Resigning herself to the fact that she would have to wait she got another drink. When she did get home Mildred was in bed. Norman came in and sat on it.

“Are you angry with me Mildred?” asked Norman gently.

Mildred rolled over. Her face was tear stained and she said, ” I was to begin with but then I realised I got you into this. I wanted you to know what life is like as a woman so I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. Anyway you will change back next week so no harm done”

Smiling gently she continued, “Why don’t you get undressed and into bed and tell me all about it. After all that’s what we women do.”

Mildred discovers the old man has gone away

“So exactly how do I turn back?” asked Norman.

“Well, you can’t till one month passes then we just go to the old man and he gives you a special massage and, Viola, your back. We can do it at any time. Want some more time as a women,” she asked with a smile.

“No way. I want turned back before my second period arrives.”

Mildred could fully appreciate that, so on the first Wednesday after the deadline they went to the little massage parlour only to discover it all boarded up. A notice that was pinned to the door said, Gone to Tibet. They looked at each other in stunned silence.

“Does this mean I’m stuck as a woman,” he demanded with anger in his eyes.

“Oh I’m so sorry Norman. Look we will go to Tibet and find him.”

“Tibet,” he yelled, “how. We don’t even have the money to go to the seaside.”

“We will do it. Somehow. I promise.” she cried but Norman went strangely quiet and stayed that way. He stopped talking to her with the exception of polite comment. He was pleasant, never abusive but cold and distant, distracted by some thought. She avoided touching, especially in bed always turning her back on Mildred till one day in an attempt to lift her mood Mildred started to say, ” Norman... ” but Norman exploded. “Dammit Mildred, there is no Norman, I’m Norma now and will be forever.”

He stormed out gathered his things and moved into the spare room then shocked her the following day by announcing that she was quitting her job.

“But you love that job Norman, I mean Norma” said Mildred but Norma ignored her. She left for work and when she came home Norma was gone, leaving a little envelope on the table. She opened it and read the letter;

Dearest Mildred,

I love you and always will but you need a man in your life not a woman.

I do not blame you for what happened. I realise I was very selfish in my hobby and I did not want to accept that you were uncomfortable with it and now understand why you did it.

I am a woman now and I have to leave to prove I can be. I do not want to be a drag around your neck if I don’t succeed, you don’t deserve that. You deserve a man that can love you and I give you permission to find one.

I love you,


Mildred sank down in tears.

Mildred discovers Norman in hospital

Slowly Mildred got on with her life. She told everyone that Norma had found another job and others that Norman had left her but she was very lonely. She would take out the summer dress she had bought him and would give anything to see him in it. She took the box of hated lingerie and stored it in the bottom of her cupboard and just trudged on.

Six months passed and she was about to go to bed early, as was her pattern these days, when there was a knock on the door. A policeman stood there.

“Are you Mildred Thompson?”

“Yes, can I help you,” she replied.

He held out a photograph of a woman apparently sleeping in a hospital bed.

“Do you recognise her?”

She was confused for a minute then said, “my god, that’s Norman, I mean Norma my sister. What happened.′

“She was in a pedestrian accident. She hit her head on the road and has been in a coma since however the baby is OK ”

“Baby?” she said shocked.

“Yes. Did you not know she was pregnant.”

Mildred felt faint, “No, she didn’t tell me. What hospital is she in?”

“North side. Would you like a lift.”

“Oh god please.”

Twenty minutes later she stood at Norman’s bedside with her hand on Norman’s six month baby bump.

Tearfully she asked the doctor, “Will she recover?”

“Well, there is no other injuries and the brain scan doesn’t indicate any damage. It’s just a waiting game.”

“Can I sit here,” she asked.

“Of course.”

She turned to the policeman and thanked him. He wished her well and left.

Mildred sat there and stared at her husband and prayed. She sat there for three days till one day Norma opened her eyes and rolled her head towards Mildred. Her face had changed, it was softer now, gentler and more feminine.

“I love you Mildred.”

Mildred broke down in tears.

“Oh god, forgive me Norman, forgive me.”

Norman smiled, “There is nothing to forgive. Now I must sleep.”

A nurses and a doctor turned up and asked her to leave.

She was not allowed back till the following day and when she returned Norman was sitting up in bed.

“You should have told me. I would have helped.”

“I screwed up,” said Norman, ” I guess I didn’t want to admit it.”

“How are you living?”

“I have a little job and a little flat. I managed to get some government money.”

“Please come home Norman. I don’t want a man, I want you and I don’t care what sex you are.”

“But I will have a baby now Norma, someone else’s. Can you handle that.”

“I guess that’s one of the lessons to learn. In times like this women stick together. They help and support each other. I want to help you, one woman to another.”

Norman gives birth

Norman went back with Mildred.

To be honest the burden of a pregnant Norman almost squashed her. She had to constantly massage Normans feet and slip pillows under her to make her comfortable. She had to respond to every little order or Norman would get the sulks. She had a craving for chocolate ice cream that much that Mildred kept the freezer stocked.

One night after an unusually busy day Mildred flopped into bed and was instantly asleep. She was woken at one in the morning by Norman calling out to her, ” Mildred, Mildred, are you awake.”

An exasperated Mildred replied, “I am now. What do you want.”

As if she couldn’t guess.

“I would really love some chocolate ice cream.”

“I’ll get it in a minute,” she replied in an effort to delay it as much as possible.

“With blueberries.”

This snapped her to full alertness.

“We don’t have any chocolate ice cream with blueberries’” she replied afraid of the answer.

“The store at the petrol station at the Plaza has some.”

“But that’s fifteen kilometre away and its one in the morning.”

“It’s open twenty four hours.”

Mildred tried a stalling tactic and said, ” I’ll get you some in the morning.”

Norman heaved a deep sigh and said, “I would go myself but I’m the size of a small elephant.”

Mildred, in a vain effort to bluff her, kept quiet but Norman brought out the big guns.

“If you loved me, really and truly loved me, you would go get some.”

Mildred, realising she was defeated, got out of bed, put on a track suit and went out in search of chocolate ice cream with blue berries. Two hours later she returned to find Norman fast asleep. She was tempted to dump the entire tub over his pretty head but instead put it in the freezer and went back to bed.

Normans remaining three months of pregnancy wasn’t all toil for Mildred. She enjoyed them both shopping for baby things, Norman was going to have a girl. They redecorated the spare room into a nursery and Mildred would go along to all the pre natal classes.

They created a birthing plan and rehearsed it often which turned out to be totally useless.

The final seven days of Normans pregnancy also coincided with Mildreds period so that the household was in a state of abnormally high tension between Norman continual complaining to Mildred’s unstable emotional state and high irritability.

The fight started when Norman ordered Mildred to massage her feet. Mildred would normally ignore the tone of voice but in her current irritable state she retorted, “what am I your slave. I’m getting pissed off with your high handiness anyway a ‘please’ would be nice.”

To which Norman snorted, “If it wasn’t for your own high handiness I wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“Well if you had kept your thighs shut you wouldn’t be in this mess either”

It gathered force till Mildred stormed out to her favourite wine bar. Norman would have done the same except he couldn’t get out of the chair.

Mildred stormed into the wine bar in a foul mood which dispelled when she spotted two close work friends. She had told close friend at work that Norman had left her and now she was intimate with Norma. The other two women were having man problems as well so the three spent the evening bagging the men in there lives until one of them said, “Men, all they think about is themselves.”

Suddenly Mildred remembered she had a very pregnant husband at home who was probably quite scared. She reached for her phone then discovered with a shock she had left it in the bedroom. She gave her apologies and ran out to find a cab and ran into the house calling out for Norman. All was quiet and she ran about the house trying to find her then she found the note on the table.

Baby has decided it wants out.

Got ambulance to hospital.

Please hurry I’m very frightened.

Mildred’s first instinct was to take the car but then decided getting caught or in an accident would make matters worse so she called a taxi-cab. She waited for thirty nail biting minutes before one turned up and when she jumped in she said,” Take me to the hospital. My husband is having a baby.”

The taxi-cab driver had been in the industry all his life and nothing surprised him. He just pressed the accelerator heavier.

Mildred sat in the passengers seat biting her nails and almost whimpering. The taxi-driver said, “Everything will be all right, love.”

“You don’t understand,” cried Mildred, “I’m a terrible wife. I go out and get pissed with my workmates while my husband is having a baby.”

Totally unfazed the taxi-driver said,” Don’t beat yourself up love, these thing tend to be a bit unpredictable. I was fishing when my wife decided to have my second.”

When she got to the hospital she rushed to the reception desk and blurted out,“My husband is having a baby. Can you tell me where he is.”

Luckily the receptionist was a kindly lady and said to Mildred, “Now dearie, take a deep breath, pause and try that again.”

Mildred did just that and was beside Norman in ten minutes. She held his hand as a contraction struck. They were getting frequent now.

“Don’t leave me Mildred. Please.”

“I wont Norma. I will be by your side till the baby arrives.”

He was swiftly taken to the delivery room and started the ordeal. He had never known such pain in his life. He swore and cursed at everyone, he grabbed Mildreds arm and the bruises lasted for days. He really thought he was going to split apart then whoosh and relief followed a few seconds by a babies cry. The nurse cut the cord and the after-birth followed soon without complications. The nurse put the baby girl on Normans chest and he cried freely. Mildred followed soon after but was ushered out so that Norma could get some sleep and the baby checked over.

The next day Norma went home with the baby, Geraldine, and was breast-feeding her in the lounge area when Mildred came in. Mildred stopped for a minute captivated by the sight of her husband breast-feeding her baby-girl. It was too much for her so she turned away, crying softly

“Mildred,” cried Norman, “what’s wrong. Come over here and sit down and talk to me.”

Mildred sat down and said,“Sorry, its just that I always imagined it would be our baby and I would be feeding her. It hit me that would never happen now.”

Norma said, “Take your top and bra off.”

Mildred was puzzled but did as she was told. Norma passed Geraldine to Mildred and said,” Guide her to your nipple.”

Little Geraldine found the nipple and started sucking. Mildred was delighted and Norma said, “Geraldine is not my baby, she’s our baby. I will feed her and then you can nurse her that way you two will bond together.”

A couple of weeks later Mildred was sitting on the bed watching Norman stand, naked, in front of the mirror. “This giving birth sure plays havoc with your figure!” he moaned.

Norman had gained a few pounds but it was all distributed to give him a more feminine appearance with the assistance of the oestrogen pouring from his ovaries. His bottom, hips and thighs gained most of it giving a rounder, smoother and softer look. His six-pack abdomen had gone and was replaced with a smooth, flat and soft abdomen from his ribs to his pubes. Another layer laid itself down over his shoulders, arms and back which, together with some muscle loss further contributed to his feminine looks. Lastly all the angular features of his face was smoothed out. Certainly his hips were not as wide as a women’s but the oestrogen had helped by almost eliminating body hair.

“I don’t know what your complaining about,” said Mildred, “I get quite jealous at times.”

She slipped out of her pyjamas and stood beside Norman comparing their bodies.

“You know,” Mildred said, “there is one thing you haven’t done as a woman.”

“What would that be?” Norman asked.

“Strutting around in a tiny bikini in front of a bunch of guys,” laughed Mildred, “come on, lets get dressed and buy us one.”

They got out the taxi in t-shirts and shorts. Mildred slipped out of hers and looked really good in her tiny red bikini. She put her sweat-shirt and shorts in her beach bag and said, ” Your turn.”

A bit self-conscious Norman took his off and stood in an equally tiny yellow bikini.

Mildred whistled, “Jeez Norman, your hot!”

Norman blushed furiously.

“Okay, lets go. Don’t forget to wiggle your bum. Don’t worry about your boobs, they will look after themselves.”

The two women started strolling along the esplanade as if looking for a spot to sunbathe. It didn’t take too long before two very good looking men joined them and they found themselves in a little seaside wine bar. Norman started flirting with her man and it wasn’t long before she felt a familiar warmth between her legs then, with a start, she looked up at Mildred like a schoolgirl with her hand in the lolly jar but Mildred gave her a look and winked. Mildred herself was having a good time with her man.

With one of those invisible signals both women went off to the restroom. Sitting on the stall Mildred said, “They are quite nice, aren’t they.”

“Yes they are.” replied Norman, “Mildred.”


“If you want to go off with yours I wont mind. I think you deserve it since I cant give it to you.”

There was a quiet pause then Mildred said, “Thanks Norman.”

After nine months of pregnancy Norman was more in control of her emotions so she declined her gentlemen’s invitation to go back to his flat. She wasn’t on the pill and she didn’t trust men. She went to bed feeling quite happy and not at all bothered that Matilda had not come home. He was feeding Geraldine the next morning when Mildred rolled in looking quite happy.

“Its been a long time, hasn’t it Mildred.”

Mildred replied, “It sure has been.”

Norman put Geraldine down in the cot and said, “We have to talk Mildred.”

Mildred said, “Sure, just let me change and get a cup of coffee.”

They sat together on the lounge and Norma said, “I have a woman’s body now and it reacts to a man the most women’s bodies do. I enjoyed, and will enjoy again, sex with a man but I am still a man inside. This makes me incapable of falling in love with a man but you are a woman, totally. One day you will fall in love with a man, if you do I will not stand in your way. You will still be in my life and you still will be Geraldine’s second mummy.”

Mildred replied, “Thanks Norman, I have been missing the sex and last night was good for me. It is good to know that you wont mind if I get a bit now and again. That goes for both of us by the way but I have a man in my life and that is you. That stupid lingerie may have changed your body but it didn’t change your mind. Your still the same brash confident, intelligent and unusually gentle man and I wouldn’t swap him for anyone. Now do you mind if I have a shower and go to bed”

One day Mildred decided to show off Gertrude and Norma to her workmates. Everything went off smoothly and the boss was only to willing to hire Norma again. She had been very popular. On there way back Mildred decided to have a last look at the old man’s shop. It was still boarded up but a young man was standing in the doorway.

Mildred inquired about the old man.

“Oh, he has passed away. He caught pneumonia in Tibet.”

Both girls expressed there sympathy.

Norman said,“Unfortunately we have a package of his we need to return.”

The young man asked what it was and Mildred told him.

“Ah,” he said, “shape changing underwear. Just return it to the address on the box and the man will change back.”

“What!” they yelled together, “he said I had to get a special massage.”

The young man laughed, “That’s gram-pa. He was a lecherous old man. That was just an excuse to get his hands on some lady parts.”

Mildred turned bright red while Norman doubled up in laughter.

“So,” said Mildred coldly, “if we had posted these back to that address everything would have gone back to normal.”

“Yep,” was the reply.

They rushed home and opened the box of lingerie. Sure enough there was a label that said;

On receipt of this box to the following address the man will be returned to his original form.

Mildred broke down crying, “I didn’t see it, I didn’t see it. I’ve ruined your life again.”

Norman exploded, “You silly woman, you don’t know what you have done to my life.”

He grabbed the box of lingerie and stormed outside. He dropped it into a drum, poured kerosene over it and threw in a match. It burnt brightly, much too brightly.

He turned to Mildred and said, “I have been given a chance no-one has ever had. A chance to live life not only as a man but as a woman. Out of that I have a wonderful daughter and a wife I love unconditionally. You didn’t ruin my life, you made it.”

They hugged and kissed each other, went to bed and made love till dawn.

The end.

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