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This story is about the kingdom of Mermaids and dragons. In this, how a weak,gutless, frightened girl became queen? Magic, adventure, fantasy are involved

Fantasy / Adventure
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It was a night of strong wind and rain with terrible thunder and lightning. All the streets are scattered towards the wind. Then the time is exactly 12 o clock. No one was on the streets. In that wind and rain, a newborn baby cries loudly with a loud voice. An oncoming old man named Richard, saw the baby and examined her carefully and he was shocked, thought, "this baby was not ordinary". Because there are only four fingers on that baby legs. When he saw the child, he remembered that he had read a book a long time ago about these types of humans can control waters like oceans, rivers etc.
If they cry thunderstorms may occur. And then he picked up the baby into his hands and took it to his house enthusiastically. He named the baby Isabella. He is unmarried and has no children. He who lives alone in his house is a wizard. Richard does not like to talk to anyone. He always reads books in his own library. As Richard's outlook is very hard, so nobody used to talk with him but he is very good man. Isabella calls him "papi".
Isabella is very brave, intelligent, has more grasping power and also has a little humor. When Isabella is five years old, Richard gifts two magic wands to her. He teaches all his Wizardry things to Isabella. Richard looks after Isabella very well. Richard and Isabella both lived well and happily together. They became very close.
Richard's health deteriorates as he gets older. One day, he called Isabella and told her, "my health is not at all good I may die within few days I don't want to leave you alone. I think this creature would be better to keep it with you. I made it with my magic and it accompanies you. It will be as long as you live and it will die after you die". Papi named it Ruby. It is a creature, that speaks and can do anything like humans. It can walk, run, swim, fly all things. Ruby can also do magic. It looks like a small white bear height is up to 80cm. It has two hands and two legs. It has beautiful eyes with lovely eyelashes and nose.
Isabella cries with so much grief then the atmosphere changes to thunderstorms.
Richard says, "Don't you worry Isabella?My body will die but my soul will not die. I will live even if I die. My soul wanders on the earth. Wizards will never die. Only a wizard can see the other wizard on the new moon day. Isabella, you can meet me on every new moon day. On this day, put a fire in a dark room in which one window has to be opened. Then you will find a Magical mirror in my room. Place that mirror before the fire. You need to throw any one object that must belongs to whomever you want to meet. He will appear on the mirror. You can talk but can't touch them. This process must done at sharp 12 o clock on New moon day."
Felt a little happier after hearing what Papi said.
"Another thing to remember very well is that, you should not tell anyone about your magic if so, you will be in trouble," says Richard.
Richard died a few days later.
Isabella cries a lot but Ruby comforts her. Isabella loves Ruby so much and Ruby too.
Isabella joined another new school. Isabella always falls asleep without listening to the teacher because she practices magic with Ruby every night she won't sleep at night.
One day in games class, Isabella sees a girl who is very sad.
Isabella goes to the girl and asks, "what is your name?Why are you so sad and moody? Tell me ".
That girl is an introvert, silent, weak and coward.
Isabella asks her repeatedly. But the girl did not open her mouth. For a while, that girl openes her mouth and said, "my name is Elizabeth. No one wants to be friends with me because, I was very weak and coward instead everyone makes fun of me."
" Then why you are always sad be active then everyone will love you for making friends," says Isabella.
Elizabeth : I always try to stay active but I am very distressed by the dreams that come to me.
Isabella : Suffering from dreams? It sounds different.
Elizabeth : Yes,Every day dreams come to me, in which I feel both mermaids and dragons are fighting in the sea and asking me for help. Daily I'll have the same dream and at same place. I always think about that like I said I am so weak and coward how can I help them?
Then Isabella comforts Elizabeth. Isabella tells Elizabeth to be brave.
They have been good friends ever since.
Isabella asks what is your family about? Then Elizabeth says, "I have no parents but I found to a wife and husband on a street they raised me well for few days but a few days later a baby was born to them and now they are keeping me away."
All of these things make Isabella very upset.
Isabella thinks that to look good and make Elizabeth happy from now on.
After meeting Isabella, Elizabeth forgets everything and starts to be happy.
Every day they go to school. One day, at night while, Elizabeth was studying in her room suddenly, she had a vision in which, both mermaids and dragons are again fighting and mermaids are asking her to help.
The next day is Sunday, so there is no school. That whole Sunday, Elizabeth is filled with the same thought. She wanna go to the nearby sea at twelve o'clock that night after everyone has gone to bed.
Elizabeth arrives at the nearby sea at twelve o'clock .
Elizabeth was walking on the beach suddenly, she will see a mermaid. The mermaid goes into the water unexpectedly thinking that someone has seen me. Then, Elizabeth quickly went to her and says, " please come out don't be afraid I need to talk to you. Why do you all come in my dream every day and bother me so much? Why does everyone want to help me ? Why is the war between mermaids and dragons going on in mermon kingdom?Let me know all these things. Tell me."
Then the mermaid anxiously comes out of the water and looks at her and asks her to remove her shoe and socks. Elizabeth does what the mermaid says. Then the mermaid looks at the toes of Elizabeth and feels very happy. Elizabeth asks, "why are you so happy?"
Mermaid : Because, I found my queen of mermon kingdom.
"Who is your Queen?," asks Elizabeth.
"That's you my queen," said mermaid.
"What are you talking about who is Queen ? I'm not a queen," said Elizabeth.
Mermaid : I am the head of all the mermaids in this sea.
Your parents were the king and queen of this Mermon kingdom. Wars between us have been going on since antiquity. Your father, like you, knows in advance why and where wars are to be happen on this earth and comes to stop them with his magical powers.
Likewise, your dad came to the sea and stopped the war. Your father changed the mindset of dragons to good. With his magical powers (with wand) he made dragons to forget their past. From then we have lived happily together. Then we all asked your father to be the king for us. Your father and mother became our king and queen.
After a few days your mother became pregnant.
Few months later, a strange shaped man came to our kingdom, whose head is full of very poisonous snakes and his hands are like pincers as a scorpion has. He is a prisoner, who was captured by your father in order to stop the war and is now released. His name is SLITHER. After his release, he became much more powerful and came to this kingdom to kill your father as revenge. Now, he became more powerful than your father. He killed your father and mother with his supernatural powers. He is now ruling Mermon. He made mermaids as slaves and takes good care of dragons. With the help of dragons and he wants to rule the entire world. He changed the mind of dragons to bad. Dragon's wish is to kill all mermaids. We lost the battle with them.
Your mother gave birth to two babies at the time of her death both having four fingers to the legs. Your mother swore to me to see you both safely. Then I took the two babies at night and put them on a street in a nearby city.
Every day at 12 pm I will come here to find you and your sister. You have a sister too. We need to find your sister to save us.
Only you and your sister can save this world from Slither. Your father preserved those magic spells in an Oyster to change dragons and to unite dragons and mermaids.
No one knows about this oyster even Slither too. No one can take it off from it's place.
You are the elder one because there is a mole on your first finger.
It's too late, I have to go or else I will be punished. Tomorrow we will meet here at 12.
After listening to all these, Elizabeth go to Isabella's house at that night. Isabella practices magic at night. Elizabeth saw Isabella while practicing magic. "Who are you?How do you know magic?Are you a witch? Why haven’t you told me about all of this so far?," Elizabeth asks nervously.
Isabella tells about papi, ruby, and also about her magic.
"I heard that old man did not like children but how he raised you?," Asks Elizabeth.
"Oh is it? I don't know," Says Isabella.
Isabella keeps thinking about that in her mind.
Isabella asks," Why did you come here at late night?"
Elizabeth says everything that mermaid told her except four toes on her legs because every one avoided her because, she has four fingers on legs. She did not say that. She may stop making friendship with her if she said she had four fingers.
Isabella keep thinking about, "papi doesn't like children then why he took good care of me."
She eagerly awaits for new moon day to ask about this. New moon day comes, that day she meets papi and asks him that, "I heard that you don't like children then why you raised me? I wanna know the reason papi tell me."
Then papi says, "When I saw you, you have only four toes on your feet. I read in a book about humans like you. Your parents are the king and queen of the Mermon kingdom."
After listening it, Isabella tells all about what Elizabeth told her.
Papi tells, "you and Elizabeth are sisters, both of you will have four fingers on legs."
Isabella unbelievably shocked.
"Yes, it's true," said papi.
Now, quickly find Oyster, you need to change dragons. If not, Slither will kill all mermaids because mermaids are enemies to dragons and he wanna rule entire world. So, be fast. Do you know how to open oyster?
Isabella says, "No we don't."
" Then go to the past. Ruby will take you there. First thing you need to do is to make dragons good for you by finding oyster because your father preserved all those a magic spells in it. Secondly you have to kill Slither," said papi.
"How can we kill Slither as he is so powerful," says Isabella.
Papi began to say this, "Isabella you can do it. Remember Slither's life is in a bird. He kept this bird in mountains, you can find it 7 mountains beyond. There will be a beast near each mountain,but after the seventh mountain, demons will attack you. None can escape from them. He made it so secure that no one could see or kill the bird. Your journey is going to be very tough as you move forward. You should also find the Magical Sword once you find this bird. You can get this sword in sword cave. The cave is about 70 kilometers from bird's Nest. You need to throw in a fountain anything that belongs to whomever you want to kill. In front of magical sword you can see a fountain. If the death is useful then the sword will be given to you. If it feels 'no' that sword can't be taken from it's place.
Ruby will take you there. Ruby can change itself as a big flying bird five people can sit on it. So, Ruby will help you. Isabella don't get despair. You can do it.
One thing, you and your sister can control waters and also can live in water. You were crying when I found you on the street that day a big wind and rain fell. That rain was because of you.
Isabella asks, "Can I control waters?"
"Yes you can. But you should learn how. A master who can control the nature's five elements like earth, water, fire, air and space. He lives in Himalayas. Go there and tell him that Richard sent us. He will teach you everything,"said papi.
Isabella smiles and papi disappears.
Next day, Isabella goes to school and tells all these things to Elizabeth.
They hug each other and feels very happy. Elizabeth says, "we go to the sea tonight."
They go to the sea and tells everything to mermaid. Mermaid feels happy. Mermaid tells the place of Oyster which is preserved by their father. It is in the middle of the sea at the back side of Slither's throne. None can take it from it's place but you both can put your hands together on the oyster and pick up.
Meanwhile, a dragon sees mermaid talking to those two and tells to Slither.
Then, Slither puts that mermaid in jail. Slither asks about them but mermaid won't open her mouth. He torture Mermaid a lot.
She will not come from the next day.
Isabella and Elizabeth keep talking about why mermaid is not coming. While they were talking each other. Another mermaid came and told them, "our head was put in jail by Slither. She told me to let you know about this."
They feel sad and go home.
Next day, Isabella and Elizabeth they both get ready to go into the sea along with Ruby. Three of them become invisible and slowly they will go to the throne of Slither. He was already in deep sleep. Slither suspects that there are humans here through his smell. But he ignored and he fell asleep again. Isabella and Elizabeth put their hands on oyster and picked it up.
The three of them took the oyster and came back to their house.
Next day, Isabella wants to go to Himalayas. Isabella asks her sister Elizabeth to come.
Three of them goes to Himalayas to meet the master. They introduce their self to him. The master teaches to both Elizabeth and Isabella. They will learn everything in very short time perfectly.
Now, they need to know how to open oyster. They search in books for clue but nothing is found.
Then, Isabella says, "we have to go to the past. It's only the way to open the oyster."
Ruby has a magical travel book. Ruby opens it and he will write something with his fingernail. Elizabeth asks, "what are you writing with your fingernail Ruby?" Ruby says, "it is a magical travel book. It is like a time Machine. This book will take us to that period, if we write the details of the period that we wanna go. It does not work if we write with a pen, it works only with my fingernails. No one can use this without me."
Ruby writes ' the period of preservation of magic spells in an Oyster by the sea King'.
Three of them get into the book. And they will see the father of Isabella and Elizabeth. Ruby reads the mind of their father. Ruby will know how the oyster can be opened. Ruby says, "we need a single drop of blood of dragon, mermaid, and you both. We have to combine those four drops and apply around the oyster then it will be opened."
Next day, they will go into the sea to collect mermaid and dragon's blood. They will collect mermaid's blood and they become invisible and slowly they will go near to a dragon which is sleeping. And ruby turns into a small creature and it will bite a dragon and collects blood.
They combine the four drops of blood and applies around the oyster. Then oyster itself opens with a very large light. There is a papyrus paper in it in which magic spells are written. Isabella learnt that magic spells. Elizabeth too reads it consciously.
Elizabeth learns to be brave from her sister Isabella.
Secondly, they need to find the Slither's bird.
The very next day, they wanna go to mountains to find the bird.
Ruby turns to a very big bird. Isabella and Elizabeth sit on Ruby. Then they get started.
When they were on the first mountain, a man who has a stick in his hand meets them and asks, "why you all are here? It is very dangerous place."
Elizabeth says, "we are here to find a bird to save this world from Slither."
Ruby tells, "he is not safe I think it would be better for us to leave him."
Andrew listens it. Since then Andrew wants to separate Ruby from Isabella and Elizabeth. Isabella and Elizabeth believe Andrew.
Whoever comes for that bird, Andrew will take them through the path where there are terrible beasts to kill them. Andrew is Slither's man. Andrew considers the beasts as his pets.
Each mountain has a dangerous beast. Every beast will attack them. Isabella fights with them with her magical powers and Elizabeth also fights with her water control power and Ruby helps them. Now they all are tired and falls into sleep at 6th mountain.
Andrew's ideas are always futile. He breaks the magic wand of Isabella to be killed by demons at 7th mountain and puts the broken wand in Ruby's hand. After they all woke up Isabella looks for her wand. Isabella finds broken wand in Ruby's hand.
Andrew says, "Oh Ruby what is this? Why did you break the wand? We must cross seventh mountain too."
Everyone suspects Ruby. Isabella cries because that wand was gifted by papi, Elizabeth comforts her.
"We may have problems if you come with us go back don't come with us," said Andrew. Ruby gets back.
Next day, they cross all mountains Andrew says, "I can't come anymore because demons stay here they kill you. I'm the servant of king Slither. All this everything happened according to my plan. I myself have brought you through the path of the beasts. Ruby is no more, he went back then who will save you. You do not even have magic wand." and he laughs.
Isabella and Elizabeth feel exasperation. Then he goes off. They are very saddened by the loss of Ruby.
They will move ahead. After sometime they get caught to demons. Demons attack them. They come to a state of dying. Both become unconscious. Then Ruby comes there with another magic wand which has given to Isabella by papi. Ruby saves them both from demons.
After some time they both will woke up and asks Ruby what is happened. Ruby told.
Both girls feels very happy to see Ruby there again. Both girls hugged Ruby and apologized. Isabella says, "Ruby I never leave you again I swear". She cries and hugged Ruby tightly.
Then they go from there.
They will find a tree which is very green in colour it looks different from all the other. That tree is very bushy. There is a single beautiful bird in a nest on the tree. The bird is so beautiful colourful and attractive. Seeing the beauty of that bird they did not want to kill it. But they need to save this world from Slither. Then they caught that bird, tied it's legs with rope and kept in a box.
Slither is so scared he knew that someone is going to kill him. Then he wants to go to the bird living place on a dragon.
Ruby, Isabella, Elizabeth goes to sword cave to get magical sword. They see a fountain there. Elizabeth throws this bird's feather in the fountain. Then automatically a paper came out from it. In that 'CRUCIAL DEATH' is written. Then they will take the sword easily from it's place.
Isabella, Elizabeth and Ruby wanna return to the sea along with that sword and bird which is kept in box. They see Slither while they go back. Elizabeth says, "If we fight with them in the air we will lose ourselves so, let's go to Mermon faster." Isabella says, "yes you are right. Ruby Hurry up!"
Slither sees them. He follows them. They chase each other.
They go into the sea.
All dragons starts attacking Isabella and Elizabeth. Dragons are expelling their fire from their gullet and out of their mouth. Isabella fights with them using her magic wand and Elizabeth too fights with them using her water control power. All Mermaids in the sea helps them. While they are fighting that box in which bird is kept fall down from Isabella's hand. A dragon will take that box.
Isabella wanna use those magic spells to change the mind of dragons to good but she forget those spells.
Elizabeth read it well she has remembered but, did not know how to do.
Then Elizabeth reminds Isabella of those magic spells. Then Isabella changes Dragons mind.
And then, Dragon will give the bird to Elizabeth.
Then they all will be united.
They all will assemble in front of Slither.
Slither : That's my bird why you caught. My life is in it. Please leave that bird don't harm it. I will leave this Mermon kingdom.
Elizabeth cuts the two wings of that bird with sword, so Slither's hands also cut. Similarly she cuts the legs of that bird, the legs of Slither also cuts.
And she will squeezes the head of the bird and stabbed with sword on the heart of the bird then the bird died. Slither also died.
Mermaids and dragons asked Elizabeth to be their queen. Elizabeth became queen of Mermon.
______Happy ending_____
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