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The Unknown Heir

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It is funny how one event can change your whole life, for Samantha it had been a sleepover. The night had an unforseen ending, and Sam sat left with the consequences, and at that time she had only been 14. Her life up until that point had been moving around, and not really knowing the real truth about her self. But after that night, the truth would reveal, but it wouldn't be until years later that she met her destined half.  Matthew had snook out one night as a rebellious act, sick of being stuck inside with his parents. After that night, he decided that he had to handle his situatiom better. At that point he had only been 14. Years later, Matt was going to seal a business deal, and had to meet with the other part. There had been this smell through out the building that he couldn't place, but he only knew that he was longing to meet the person behind the sent. And that wish he got granted, as he stepped inside the elevator on his way out, there was this really gorgeus woman. He took a lung full of breath, and realised that it was his mate, but she was human. Matt had a hard time concentrating, and his pants was getting tighter. What the hell was he supposed to do now?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


16 years ago

Oh no, I was running late, and big time late. I said I was going to be there by 6:30pm, and the clock is now 8:30pm. The one responsible for that, is my one and only brother. Thanks for that one.

Even though I like to blame him for all my problems, he were not the only one responsible for this lateness. As I had been really tired earlier, and thought that I could take a liiittle nap, it were only supposed to last maybe 30 minutes. But as you probably guessed, it did not, as the clock lighted up 7:00pm. Here is the problem though, my brother knew that I had to be there by 6:30, and he didn’t even wake me. Lucky for me, I had already packed my stuff, some clothes to change to, toiletries, the usual when staying the night somewhere else. The only thing left for me to do before leaving the house, was a pitstop to the bathroom, but we are not talking about 30 min visit here, only to change and pee.

When all that was done, the clock were barley 7:15, and I should have just walked, it would have spared me sooo much time, but how could I have known that it would take him about an hour more before he were ready. Damn you Alex and your damned bootycall. Of all the days he had to bring home a girl, it had to be today. They weren’t really quite about it either, as I stood by the front door, and his room was up the stairs and at the end of the hall to the left. One thing I know not to do, is walk right up there and barge in, if you want something from your brother when he has a ladyfriend over, send him a message or throw something from a distance, at the door. That way you had a better chance to spare your ears, than if you walked up to the door. This is something I have had to learn, as it is not a pretty sight to see or something pleasant to hear.

My patience were really thinning, as the clock ticked away. I would have asked my parents to drive me if they were home, but they had date night, and that left me with Alex. Fuck it, if he isn’t coming down, then I will have to walk then. Marie said the other girls were there, and the cake were looking really tempting, but she promised me that they wouldn’t start on it before I were there. They had started watching this move she knows I don’t like, that way I won’t have to see it and they stay away from the cake, smart girl.

As I had finished to reply back, I took one last look in the mirror looking over the outfit, my favorite oversized pastel colored hoodie, and some black leggings. I had braided my waist length hair while waiting. It was auburn and quite curly. I had my mom to thank that for, I had no idea how I ended up with silver eyes, since no one of them have that color on their eyes, but I looked a lot like mom, and Alex looked a lot like dad. So he had golden hair and blue eyes, just what every girls dream about. Okay, done with the self-admiring, I said to myself as I put on my jacket ready to make my way out. But as I opened the door, another door being opened could be heard, finally. I look so forward to when I get 16, then I don’t have to wait for my stupid brother. It sucks being 14.

I turned towards the stairs, looking for that baboon. But I was met with the sight of a busty girl, strutting down the stairs, clearly happy with herself. Not far behind where Alex. He were clearly happy with himself too. It was obvious what they had been up to, as their clothes looked ruffled, their cheeks flushed and hair all over the place.

“Are you kidding me? You couldn’t even wait before I was out of the house, you nasty pig.” I grimaced at the thought of them doing it. I can’t wait till he leaves for college next year, the house will be so much quieter, and not filled with random girls walking in and out at odd times.

Alex smirks at me, “Well some of us has to get laid.” Making me grimace, mentally puking. Just as I was about to complain some more, he picked up his car-keys, them planted a big kiss on the ratsnest’s face than said, “Be ready till I’m back, when I’m done with-” I left before he finished that sentence. Ugh, I think I puked a bit in my mouth.

He was just out the door when I reached the car-door, as he unlocks the car. I don’t even want to look at his face right now. Nasty pig.

We both jumped in, and before he got the chance I took the aux cable and plug it to my phone, than blasted my favorite music, to hell with him and his lousy music. I made sure to air the car as much as possible, hoping that it wouldn't take too long, messaging Marie that I soon would be there.

Luckily for me it didn’t take long, and I were jumping out before he could even come to a full stop, happily to get some space from the baboon.

I didn’t even bother to knock on the door as I walk in. This was basically my second home, and Marie’s parents had said that the door was always open for me, and that there was no need to knock.

As I walked in I were attecked by my best friend. “Sam! You finally made it!” Marie just about shouted in my ear as she squished me with a hug. I made sure to squash her back just as much. As she let me go I looked around for the other girls, but Marie understood and beated me to the question.

“The rest is in the living room. Come, we were just about to paint our nails,” she said as she tugged me with her into the living room, clearly exited for this night. This kind of thing were her favorite, hanging with her best friends and having a good time.

When we passed the corner into the living room I waved to my other friends. Nicki sat in the corner of the couch, she was more close to Marie then me, but we didn’t hate each other or fight about who was her real best friend. Nicki was tall for our age, and she had short brown hair in a cute shoulder cut with bangs. Beside her was Mindy, she was that type of girl that everyone liked and were friends with. Her natural hair was black, but she liked to be adventurous and color it often, right now it was wine red. It suited her darker skin, and I was pretty jealous of that goddess.

They sat huddled up watching some kind of horror movie, hiding behind pillows they had infront of their faces, pretty cliché, if you ask me. Slumber party and horror movies, the only thing we needed now was someone barging in with an axe or something, trying to murder us.

Marie jumped over to the table taking the control before they could register what happened, and paused the movie. Nicki whined, clearly annoyed that Marie turned it off, while Mindy put down her pillow, looking a bit more at ease.

“Look who’s here you guys, now lets get the polish out and paint out nails.” Marie said loudly as the two girl sighed, “but the good part was just around the corner, it’s just rude to stop the movie there!” Nicki said annoyed, but she saw the look Marie gave her, and chose to shut it.

“Fine, but I get to pick color first.” Mindy just about exclaimed, then dashing of the couch after Marie, the pillow that was in her lap fell to the floor.

I just shaked my head, “Shall we follow them and see what craziness they’re up to?” I asked Nicki, she just nodded and then picked up the pillows laying them neatly back to their place.

Even though I have been here too many times to count, it seems as just about every month they get something new done to the house, and it seems that this months upgrade were a fucking beauty saloon. That bitch had not said a word about this. "Marie, when were you going to tell us that this months upgrade were a saloon, and a beauty saloon at that, huh?" I exclaimed, looking around in awe. "It was a surprise for this evening girls, I couldn't out my self, it was a surprise after all!" She stated. Okay this is one heck of a surprise. It wasn't really big, but it had comfy chairs, all we could need to get both manicures and pedicures, and finger food.

In the middle of the room stood a table surrounded by four comfy chairs, the kind were you can lay the back down with massage built in. The table were full of various colors and brands of nail polish, and there were different devices, god knows what they did because I had no clue. The only thing that was missing were people doing the job for us. I guess when you have a lot of money, this is something you can spend money on.

Marie smiled at us and said "Sit down and enjoy bitches!" She didn't have to tell me twice, as I sat my ass down, in a chair that had to be crafted by angles or something, 'cus if I could, I would've lived my rest life in this chair. This were going to be a good evening, and all with my brother were all forgotten as we sat there enjoying ourselves with music, food and painting nails.

"Shall we move our asses to the living room? Find a movie, or maybe play some games?" Marie questioned as she stood up. Mindy was about to answer when we suddenly heard the frontdoor open. It startled the shit out of us, as Nicki screamed so loud it ringed in my ear, while Mindy fell off her chair, which would have been really funny had it not been for the intruder, or maybe Maries parents?

“Are you expecting visitors?” I asked unsure to Marie, she shaked her head before silently making her way out of the saloon room, sneaking out around the corner, trying to get a peak of the people at the door.

They weren’t even begin quiet about it, as if they wanted us to know they were here. As I sneaked after Marie, I came to the conclusion that it could not only be one, as there were talking and different voices. One of the voices were kind of familiar, but I could really not place it, as I tried to get closer to Marie and the intruders. Marie looked back at me, and mouthed 'on three' I nodded as she counted down. At one we jumped out around the corner. Marie were the first one to break the silence. “You stupid idiot! What are you doing here? Are you trying to scare us for life?” she all about shouted.

I recognized one of the three boys, he were Marie’s cousin Benjamin, or as we call him, Ben. The other guys I had no clue, but they looked to be around our age. The one to the left was the most good-looking of them, he had dirty blond hair, dark green eyes, as dark as the forest, and his face was so pretty, I quickly took my hand up to my mouth, making sure I didn’t drool. The other boy to the right had dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, he was not as stunning as the other boy.

“Well you can’t expect to have party without me here can you?” her cousin, Ben asked. Ben winked at me, he had always had a thing for me. Every time I was over here, and he were here too, he would follow us around and stare at me in a creepy way. It was not that he was ugly, he had short brown hair, blue eyes, and had just about dated all the willing girls at his school, as Marie so kindly had informed me. So I did fine without a player in my life.

“It’s not a party, but a slumber party you dimwit. And how did you know that we were having one, huh? And who are these guys?” Marie questioned, pointing at the other guys. The one on the right looked over at Ben expecting him to introduce them, while the one on the left kept looking over at me.

“Well this over here is Matt and Sebastian.” he introduced while they stood there awkwardly. So Matt was the dirty blondie, while Sebastian had brown, maybe I shall start to call them brownie and blondie, I snickered to my self.

“And for the other part of your question, I overheard aunty talking with my mom about it, and then I took the liberty to invite me plus 2.” He said cockily, daring her to throw them out. That bastard, now she couldn’t say no without looking like an ass. If I was stronger I would have whopped his ass.

“Let’s start the party, ay!” Ben yelled as he made his way through the living room, straight his uncles liquor-cabinet.

He were clearly happy with himself, when he opened it and it was stacked to the brim with different types of alcohol. Marie and I had never tried alcohol, as we had seen enough how it effects people, especially my brother. I had given her a look, how do we get out of this? He will not accept that we are not interested in drinking. Somehow, someway he had gotten his way, nagged us promised us that we would not end up shitfaced, and we were stupid enough to believe him.

That's how we ended up drunk, some hours later, this glint in his eyes, as if he had a plan. We had started a game with spin the bottle, with one of the empty bottles, and it had been going on for sometime. Mindy had been dared to lick Nicki’s toes, Marie had eaten raw fish, Sebastian had made out with Ben, I had made out with Nicki and Matt had ran around the house naked.

It once again landed on me. “Okay, what should we make her do now folks?” slurred Sebastian while looking around. He got this look in his eyes that promised no good. His eyes moved from Matt to me, and then back. I had a feeling those two were in on something I clearly had no clue on. No, no, no, no. He had probably seen the looks we had given each other the whole evening, and now planed to act out on it. I glared at him daring him to say it. It probably didn’t even look like a glare in that state I were in.

“I dare you Sam to take with you Matt to a bedroom and do 7 minutes in heaven.” he said giggling. That fucker. Ben didn’t look too happy, but in his drunken state I don’t think he cared as much.

Marie tried to hold back her laugh clearly happy to see her best friend get some action, while Mindy had sat with her mouth open gaping. I think Nicki was too drunk to even notice what was happening around her. As the shock of the dare were sinking in, the others got impatient and started to chant. Making it clear that we didn't have a choice.

I had embarrassedly looked away while standing up, my cheeks were flaming hot. He had taken my hand, and lead the way to Marie’s bedroom. When we were inside her room, with the door closed, I looked around unsure of what to do not really brave enough to make the first move. As I looked around my eyes caught him as he walked closer and closer until we were standing with our toes touching, I could feel his breath fan my face. He looked down on my lips before looking up again at my eyes, fuck had he looked so hot. I looked down at his lips too as we closed the space. As if someone turned on a switch things started to get heated and we ended up in bed with no clothes, as the minutes were running out.

Our minds too into the moment and the feelings that sparked. One thing led to another and soon we were both panting on the bed naked. He had this hunger in his eyes, and he looked at me with such an intensity, my heart were jumping over beats.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, making us scramble of the bed, dressing in a hurry. “Did you guys lose track of time or something? We tried yelling you down a couple of times, the time is up, come down!” slurred Marie as we could hear her going back down again

Oh fuck what have I done?

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