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The Heavens System Subsidiary (I Was Chosen By The Word)

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Vincent Cadmean, A Middle-Class man with a below low-class life. His mother was a rape victim in a coma. To bring his mother out of her coma, He tried all he can but one day all his efforts went to naught, and not too long after he followed. He expected to find himself in Satan's embrace or God's grace, instead, he woke up in a queue of long souls with an Identification No [77777]. He was judged to be passed on but had complications so he couldn't, hence he had to be reincarnated but with an ability only. By why does he find himself with an overpowered ability and a system to boot? In a new world, new dimension, new danger. How can Vincent Cadmean expect to survive with an ability to make all that exists his [Sandbox]? ''By the power of [@#$@!], [Devour].'' ''By the power of [@#$@!], [Rewrite]'' ''By the power of [@#$@!], [Kill Yourself] Read and find out Tags: Portal Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Strong MC, Strong to Stronger MC, God, Reincarnation, Slow Romance, Eventual Romance, System, Multiple Heroines, Strong Heroines. Author - God_Is_With_Me ///// Please also check out my novel on inkitt for support :) Sure webnovel has more chapters than Inkitt, but in the future I plan to release more free chapters on inkitt. Because inkitt support system is better :). And it won't affect my release schedule, if I have one. PS: Also please stick with me past the fir

Fantasy / Action
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And so, It Begins... Death, What A Marvelous Concept

/////In Heaven/////

A majestic being gazed out towards the stars, both inner and outer, which held sectors within them. The entity had no distinctive features to suggest its gender; it was simply whiteness in the shape of a human.

Suddenly, the door to the room opened, and two other majestic entities walked in. The first entity was a handsome male, tall and slender, with soft-brown eyes and medium-length, wavy, black hair, let down without anything tying it back. At the back of this being were six pairs of black wings, and he could be described as a piece of perfection. The other being was also a man, tall and fair-skinned, with sunken hazel eyes and short blond hair in a normal curl. He had six pairs of white wings at his back.

The two men bowed to the entity clouded in light, saying, “Father,” as they did so.

The being surrounded by light looked at them and spoke with a grave tone, “It’s time.”

“Father, why do you have to do this? You are the creator. The Realms need you; we need you!” the first man said as he approached the being in light.

The entity looked at his son, Azazel. “Even if I created everything,” the entity glanced out into the infinite space adorned with stars. “The Realms, it’s marvelous, father,” the second kneeling man spoke out, a solemn expression on his face.

“I know what I had done to achieve this… I am not proud of it. I killed my first son, wholly erased billions of innocent mortal souls, caused the death of Michael, and made my first daughters subject to war. I even cast out countless of my children,” the creator said.

“Father,” Uriel began, “Brother’s death was no one’s fault. Michael sacrificed himself for you.”

“AND WHO ASKED HIM TOO!” the creator shouted, and the heavens thundered in kind. On the horizon, the entity’s roar ended with a few empty stars.

"Sigh, even if I am the creator, I still hear their screams… The screams of the bloodshed, the anger of the earth at that time. It haunts me,” the being said, thinking of something that made him chuckle before continuing. “Isn’t this what the mortals call trauma?”

“Yes, trauma, the mighty creator traumatized, chuckle such an irony.”

Then the being looked at his two sons with a solemn, sad, and determined face. “My sons, it’s time. I am putting both of you in charge, and by [The Word], I grant you power.” A ball of fire appeared on both of the kneeling men’s heads, signifying the passing of power.

“Father,” Uriel and Azazel said together in worry.

“Don’t worry, kids. I won’t die. The universe won’t let me. I’ll probably constantly reincarnate until I feel as I have repented. After that, I’ll come back and stay by my successor’s side as a consultant.”

“But Father,” Uriel started, “You’ll face a lot of bad karma in at least 30 of your reincarnations according to your law,” Uriel finished.

“I know. It’s a good punishment,” the being replied.

Before the kneeling men could continue to persuade their father, it was too late. “By my word, [@#$%^$@#].” With words no mortal or immortal could comprehend, the entity began to glow brightly.

He looked at the crying men kneeling as he floated off the ground. “You little brats, even as men, you still cry like brats.

Before the kneeling men could continue to persuade their father, it was too late.

“By my word, [@#$%^$@#].”

With words no mortal or immortal could comprehend, the entity began to glow brightly. He looked at the crying men kneeling as he floated off the ground.

“You little brats, even as men, you still cry like brats.” He gave a small smile. “We’ll meet again soon. And tell Gabriel and Raphael, I am sorry for being a terrible father.”

“Bye kids.”

“By my word, [#$%^$%#].”

“I hope my successor likes my present,” the creator thought before he burst into fluttering white lights.

On that day, the realms cried at the loss of their creator. The angels lost their glow in heaven, Gabriel and Raphael cried tears of blood without knowing why. All cried for his death.

The “death” of the creator

Earth 2021

7 am


“It’s all the same.”

“Fighting, communicating, resolving, climbing, falling, companionship, friendship, family, love, aging, guilt, despair, happiness, death, repeat.”

“Nothing ever changes. Everything repeats... Why?”

“In this world full of impartiality and constant deaths, how do we still survive? With all our sins, how do we still move forward?”


“All that I’m saying is just mumbo jumbo... but I know one thing.”

“Power suppresses all.”

RING RING, an alarm rang.

“Ah, it looks like it’s time for work.”

The unknown man left his neighborhood and walked onto the streets of New York. He journeyed through the busy streets, sideways and intersections, steering through countless people going oppositely and towards, until he reached his destination, a huge skyscraper and a branch of the company he works in. The signboard “Ethereal Industries” was laminated to the world.

The unknown man walked in, and the security men greeted him. Not giving a glance, he walked past the security and kept on walking, entering the elevator and onwards to the 34th Floor. Arriving at his destination, the elevator rang a sweet tune. The elevator opened, and the man walked out. He passed different people giving occasional greetings until he reached his desk. He then sat down and began working his daily job as an office man.

/////4 hours later/////

“Phew, finally lunch break,” he said with relief.

As the man was about to leave for the office canteen, a voice called out to him.

“Hey, Vincent!” the voice said.

Now known as Vincent, the unknown man turned around to see the only person that “talks” to him.

“What do you want, Ash?” he said with an underlying tone of scorn.

Ash stopped in his tracks and approached Vincent calmly.

“Oi, Vincie, Vincie, Vincie. Don’t be like that. I just wanted to ask whether you can help me with some of my tasks. You see, my girlfriend and I have a date planned, and I don’t want to be late. So do me a favor, you can do that for a friend, can’t you, Vincent?”

“Tch, friends my ass. It’s not like I have a choice. Your father is the CEO of the renowned medicinal industry ‘Osmond.’ He didn’t even work to get there. It was all because of his connections,” he lamented and complained in his mind.

This was not the first time Ash had put more work on Vincent. Ever since Vincent had mistakenly bumped into him, he had made it his life mission to make Vincent’s life miserable

From extra work to the occasional dumping of drinks, Vincent could always report the abuse, but it was well known the power Ash and his father had.

“I just want to punch his face. But my mother is still in their hospital without this job and medical cover. She’ll...” At the thought, he calmed down and unclenched his fist.

“Sure, I’ll do it after the break,” Vincent said with a fake smile that had been trained for years.

“Haha, good. Thank you for your help, Vinnie. Now I’ll be on my way; don’t want to keep the lady waiting,” Ash replied with a mocking look and then left.

“Sigh, such a bastard,” Vincent murmured.

After the lunch break, Vincent worked on both his and Ash’s tasks.

7 pm

“Finally, it’s done,” Vincent said with relief.

Vincent had finally finished both his and Ash’s assignments. He then signed out and left the company.

He walked along the streets carefully. It was dead in the night, after all, the time when the creepy crawlies come out.

He reached a zebra crossing and waited for the lights. As he waited, he got a call.

His phone played a tune as an unfamiliar number came up. Vincent picked and placed it before his ear.

A voice that he didn’t recognize spoke to him from the phone.

“Hello, is this Vincent Gate?”

“Yes, hello, who is this?” Vincent asked.

“I am Reynold Shield. I am the lawyer appointed to you for the rape case of your mother.”

“Ah, yes, Mr. Reynold. Good evening. What is the problem that you had to call me this late for?”

“Well, you see, the judge has decided to postpone the court meeting.”

“Why! Cough, sorry for the outburst, but why?”

“No problem, I understand.” Mr. Reynold brushed it off and continued, “Anyway, the judge told me that he has better cases to judge than a rape case.”

“He is probably looking for huge cases to earn popularity. Tch, that bastard,” Vincent thought, angry at the judge.

“Hello, hello, Mister Gate.”

“Ah yes, I’m here,” he replied, snapping out of his musings.

“Good, I thought I lost you for a second.”

“No, just thinking about some things. So when did the judge decide to have the court meeting?”

“Two years from now.”

“WHAT!” Vincent shouted.

“Why! Two years is too far,” he continued, still shouting.

“Mister Vincent, you need to keep your voice down. I am not your friend, you haven’t even paid me yet, so I’m not your lawyer either. I just wanted you to know this. Have a good day, Mister Gate.” Then the phone went dead.

“Hello! Hello! damn it,” Vincent muttered. As he was about to throw the phone in anger, it began to ring again.

“Tch, who is this now?”

Another unfamiliar number, but Vincent picked it up regardless.

“Hello, who is this?”

“Hello, I am Doctor Vishanti. I am looking for a Vincent Gate.”

“Oh, Doctor, hello. I am Vincent Gate. Are there any problems or if it’s about my mother’s bills, I will pay?”

“Your mom has died,” the doctor said indifferently.

And just like that, Vincent’s world broke. The doctor continued anyway.

“The rape effects on your mom caused her to enter a coma, and at 7 pm today, her heart stopped, and she died. We are about to move her body as we need space in the hospital for other patients, but there is no space in the morgue so we decided to call you to pick up the body.”

″We are about to move her body as we need space in the Hospital for other patients, but there is no space in the Morgue, so we decided to call you to pick up her body.”

The phone dropped from Vincent’s hands. He was in shock from the news of his Mother’s Death.

″Hello, hello. Mister Gate... Mister Gate. Hello″

Vincent then began to cross the road. The voice of the doctor couldn't reach him anymore

He walked, walked, and walked. Aimlessly, Listlessly, With no purpose again in this accursed world. He only stopped when the loud noise of a truck's horn blasted through his ears

He looked to his left to see a trailer speeding towards him. Through the window, the driver seemed to be signaling to him in a panic to move.

However, Vincent did not.

Not that he couldn’t but that he didn’t have the will to live, think, see, breathe, move again in this listless world.

The people around shouted at him, signaled at him. They did their possible best to warn him. Some were already gasping in horror, rushing to raise their phones to either report or record this moment.

Not that it mattered to Vincent

Somewhere deep within himself. He wished He wanted, He hoped that he had the will.

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