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Who's a Good Baby??

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A boy wants to become a girl, who then drinks a potion that turns her body into a baby, but she retains her 15 year old mind. A Misogynist "Family" of miscreants turn to a life of crime to ensure the idiot they want to be U.S. President remains unchallenged by the People. (Based on a mostly true story)

Fantasy / Drama
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The Torment

The day wore on; Slow, boring, and the Absolutely positive vibe of the 1990s lost to time.

But one individual reminisced on those years like they were the greatest years of his life.

Because in too many ways to ignore him, they were.

But he treated these years like the greatest years of Planet Earth's existence, not just his own.

Who was this individual, you ask?

He was a fifteen year old with a HUGE Imagination, and a huge heart to boot. His registered name was Dustin Jackson.

But he wasn't a he. He was a She.

You see, this individual has a condition called Gender Dysphoria, meaning their true gender identity wasn't at all like his Assigned at birth gender.

But he Hated his name, his body, his size, and Especially his "Parents"; Who didn't even Believe in Gender Dysphoria!

Abigor and Ravana Babhlushah were Closed-Minded, Ruthless, Heartless Cowards!!! Believe every last word out of their mouths as the Truth, or you were as worthless to them as plastic Lego Minifigures were in Currency Exchanges.

Or so they made him feel.

He perused the Internet, looking up images of Sailor Moon.

He quickly dropped his phone as the door opened.

"What are you doing?" Abigor asked.

"Who me? Nothing," he said.

Abigor reached for the phone, but Dustin grabbed his wrists.

For a few moments, the two struggled; Dustin getting in front of Abigor's face each time he moved for Dustin's Smartphone, then the two stopping to glare at each other; The look on Dustin's face implying: 'Back the Fuck off, Shadow Demon!!'.

Abigor lunged again. This time, Dustin grabbed his head.

"I'm telling you for the last time," Dustin growled, "learn to control your temper and make me more comfortable around you! By keeping your stinky nose out of business I don't tell you in person myself!!"

But as Abigor kept moving, Dustin snapped. He sank his teeth hard into Abigor's ear. Abigor yelped in pain.

The two released, panting; Dustin spitting hair out of his mouth.

"What the fuck is your problem?!?" Abigor asked, rubbing his bleeding ear.

"Look in the fucking mirror to see part of the answer," Dustin hissed. "Look up Gender Dysphoria to learn the rest of it!"

Abigor left the room, but not before saying: "You leave this fucking door open tonight!!"

But well after Midnight, Dustin called Child Protective Services, and the Police, explaining his situation.

The area was swarming with vehicles within an hour, headlights blinding in the night.

"What the fuck?!" Abigor asked just as people entered the building.

"That's him, Officers!" Dustin pointed to Abigor. "That's the madman who took me from my Mommy's womb!"

"What did you just say?!?" Ravana snapped.

Dustin pulled an officer's pistol and pointed it at Abigor's crotch. "Take them off!"

Officers restrained Abigor and Ravana, knowing they'd attack Dustin.

"Your clothes, all of them," Dustin repeated, "Take them off!"

"It's all right, sir. We'll take care of this," said a female officer.

"You can't let them live!" Dustin yelled. "They tore me from my ROYAL Mommy's womb after killing her!! And I'm supposed to be a girl anyway!"

"That's bullshit!" Abigor bellowed. But before he could say anything more-


Dustin pulled the trigger. Blood was now trickling from Abigor's crotch; staining his jeans.

"Speak out of turn again!!" Dustin yelled. "Speak out of turn against a Gender Dysphoric Moon Royal again!! I Triple Mad Rabid Dog Dare you, Prickasite, speak out of turn one more fucking time!!!"

Abigor only groaned in agony, as Ravana crouched by his side. Azazel was speechless, but scowling angrily.

"And they treated you like a glass baby doll?" Dustin asked, turning to face Azazel. "You're not the Special Needs Person, AND you're a coward for turning out that time you went to Bull Ride!! Or, maybe you came to your senses and realized how dangerous it truly is doing that, hence the reason I don't!!"

Azazel winced, Ravana gasped, and Abigor groaned again.

"Sir, please calm yourself," the lady officer said again.

"That's Queen Alysa Aiday, to you, Officer," said Dustin, not taking his eyes off Azazel.

"We'll take you to a hospital," said the officer. "We'll have surgery done."

"I want a Restraining Order against these Demons, forbidding them coming within five thousand, five hundred thirty miles of me, and warranting the 'Shoot To Kill Death Penalty' if violated!" Dustin growled through grit teeth. "I want to experience the joys, tears, and pains of pregnancy, and the eventual birth of a baby girl!"

"But why the name Alysa Aiday?" asked the officer.

"Because he's out of his-" Abigor began.


A shot was fired close to Abigor's left hand.

"You're lucky I'm following the Baseball Three Strike rule tonight!" Dustin warned. "You play with me, you're lucky I allow for even ONE Strike!!! Now you get your cowardly, Misogynist ass off to the Hospital for that injury!!"

The Babhlushahs were helped into the back of the ambulance, while Dustin, having emptied the guns onto the floor, was helped into a Police car.

"And Doctors, Officers," he said. "That one," he pointed to Ravana, "needs Gender Corrective Surgery as well; Saying people whose opinions she disagrees with can 'Suck her Left Nut'."


The doors to the ambulance were shut before Ravana's sentence could be finished.

And so it all ended; The Bablushahs' Selfishness, Dustin's torment, the fighting, the biting, Dustin feeling worthless, and wishing a version of the ape monster in the crystal palace from Conan the Destroyer, but with three heads, six arms, tentacles from its back, and walking on six spider like legs, would hold them screaming in terror until they agreed to cater to his every whim; Regardless how baby like they seemed.

The police car drove off into the night.
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