The 4 tribes

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Wiyla wants to know everything. So she finds out, maybe not in the best ways possible.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

As he walked past, all the Lavenders turned away as if he wasn’t there but I couldn’t help peeking out the window at him. He was tall with bronze skin and shaggy brown hair. I could have sworn he saw me looking and smiled. I know, you’re thinking, why is everyone ignoring him? He’s stunning! I’ll explain, starting from the very beginning.

Our land that we live on used to be called “California” but now it is the “Lavender Land.” The attractive man who walked past was from the Red Tribe. When the USA went down we got separated into 4 groups. We aren’t aloud to become friends, or anything more than that. The Red Tribe and the Lavender Tribe are the two more dominant tribes of them all. The rest have less of a population because not so many people are like that. The Green tribe never mixes with any other groups because each individual in that group is a mix of Red and Lavender. They can both cook, clean, cut down trees, and are blacksmiths so they don’t need any help. The Red tribe is only Blacksmiths, lumberjacks, and raising livestock. The Lavender tribe is only making food, farming crops, and sewing. So we help each other with supplies. And then, there is the Orange tribe. Nobody is really aloud to know what they do, they are like Green tribe, but they do this thing called music. No one is aloud to see the music though.

They don’t want us sneaking into a different group. That has been the rule ever since a member of the Lavender tribe fell in love with a member of the Red Tribe and snuck into the Red tribe territory for about 10 months and they had a child. There hasn’t been a slip like that since before I was born. The child is still alive and lives in the Lavender tribe, she is the same age as I am. Only she is 2 months older than I. She has no other friends because she is mixed. I don’t care much though. I don’t think she should not be included just because she was born that way. She didn’t have a choice whether she was mixed or not. She always says “If I did have a choice, I would go to the Orange tribe. I don’t think they would care who I was there.” I always say “Angelia, I don’t care who you are, you are my friend just the same.” And she smiles every time. Her smile could warm a room in seconds. She is the most kind, happy person I’ve ever met.
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