"FADED" Faith and Denver Story (Romance Fantasy Mystery Story)

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“Faded” Faith decided to go back to the London to continue her studies but she doesn’t know what is waiting for her, How her life Will change when she meet a transferee but soon Will be the mystery... “Denver the Adonis” the cat call of the cheerleaders and girls when they are lucky enough to spot Denver in the corridors or classroom with them...But he has secret... his not socialize person or the normal jock of the School you know, he’s quite and reserved person some of the girl said it’s quite turn off but it didn’t stop them to admire him... The old Times Will Come back...but heartache of tragedy Will hurt and when the bitter truth reveal the tears will flood... (they have their own P.O.V.) “Original work by TMP author”

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"Prologue" Where I am ?

Unknown P.O.V.

1st September 2010


Opening my eyes adjusting on the light I sit up straight taking look around me, the place look familiar but I can't figure it out the sun rays penetrating the old windows of the room and me, tucked in the bed with some comforter laying on the top of me

Who am I? Why I am here? and the important question Where I am? standing up I look around the room with every step I make I can hear the floor wood cracking a bit and dust is everywhere, I am wearing a black suit and bare feet I walk straight on the wall staring at the photo frame some of them is me but a child me.

grrr! ugh! My head!.... it hurts so much it looks like the room is spinning wild I lay on the bed and some minutes I passed out....

-Few Hours Later-
It's now night I decided to go out of the room now that I remember all ,it's my room that's why I have kid pictures of me in the wall but this room looks old and rusty holding the door knob I walk outside and that shocks me why our house looks like a abandoned mansion?.
cobwebs everywhere, cockroaches in the floor, some rats too, using the stairs carefully I made it in to the first floor of the house
"Mom?", "Dad?" the house has only 5 electric emergency lights I take some Flash light where I can remember them but it's not working out at all ,I walk in the kitchen and no one is there
I heard the main door open and I turned around and get close look for the intruder
"who are you?" I asked but the person just ignore me and continue walking towards me "stop where you are! I am asking you a question" but when the person almost reach me I recognized her
"Auntie Barbara?"I asked in so much confusion and worry and she just smile to me
"Denver!" she said happily and I passed out again...

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