"FADED" Faith and Denver Story (Romance Fantasy Mystery Story)

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CHAPTER 1 "London,England"

Third person P.O.V.

A brunette 20 year old lady just landed on London Worldwide Airport looking up to the sky she remind herself what it feels like to go there even though she's just young and kid back then since the last time she'd been there, she knows that London always have special place in her heart but also she become sad at the moment when she thinks of someone but shrugging off the feeling and just become happy she call a cab and immediately goes on to her apartment to be.

when she go out to the cab and retrieve her keys from her pocket she open the door dropping her bags and suitcase in the living room, walking towards in the kitchen she open the fridge to find water and gulp down

she lock the door and open one of the rooms in the apartment and fell asleep immediately

she become aware of her surroundings again and finally take some time of her self ,she visit some of near tourist attraction and bought some things she necessary need
Tomorrow she going to start her school she's excited but feel lost too she didn't know if she's going to alright or probably be lonely but she know that this year will be different for here and she's positive about it

"I really needed to sleep now or else I will look like a zombie in Halloween costume tomorrow "she muttered in herself and rambling some positive words that she think will benefit for her to keep her emotion at the best at most even though she's worried she knows that everything will be alright and fine


she fetch her phone in the kitchen island and saw the caller it's her mom

"mom? "she said while putting the phone between of her shoulder blade and neck while removing the the pan in the stove and picking up the sauté chicken and veggies plating it in a plate

"oh honey I just want to know how are doing right now? And I know that tomorrow is your first day of school, how's my baby girl doing?" her mother chirped happily

"well mom I am alright and doing fine, how about you? and dad also my siblings?" she asked while drinking water

"oh honey don't worry we're great and really enjoying ourselves! You should concern to your self honey" her mom said and she sigh while she hear her mom shouting at the background probably scolding her siblings for being naughty again

"baby I'll call you tomorrow? Okay? you siblings are having a little fight again in the kitchen, love you baby girl" her mom completely shout in the background

"of course mom, bye love you guys" and her mom cut the call she sigh and continue to eat

tomorrow will be interesting she thought and does her night routine and sleep.

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" First day of school isn't it fun?"

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