"FADED" Faith and Denver Story (Romance Fantasy Mystery Story)

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CHAPTER 2 " First day of school isn't it fun?"

Faith P.O.V.

I know that first day in school are much probably exciting but for me I don't think so I'm still adjusting in London the place where there is always been special to me...it's been years ago since the last time I've been here but the feelings is still feel new

Going to My New Locker I Find myself zoning out again it’s actually weird if you gonna ask me but it breaks My Trance when Someone tap me in my shoulder. I turn around and see a Petite girl in ponytail with some dude and another girl behind her

"Yes, Can I help you with?" I'm confused why they are here? are they bullies? but everything changed when this petite girl smile so brightly that it hurts your jaw

"Well we didn't see you around so maybe you're a transferee right?" she said and I just nod and make a small smile

"well I assume you didn't see the whole campus yet!?....oh have you get you're class schedule and keys to your locker ?"she asked so fast that I don't know if her mouth is machine Gun, I give a confused look and trying to understand what she just said

The other girl moves forward and hug the petite girl in the shoulder and said

" I Apologize for my Bestfriend here....Jaine I think your scaring her...you haven't introduced yourself and you're asking so many question like you both is a 'long time no see friends' have you thought even asking for her name first?" oh so she's Jaine, she turned to Jaine and Jaine turned to me

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to scare you" I just shook my head and wave my hand in no offense sign

"By the way I'm Jaine Misterz and they're my Bestfriends.....How about you what's your name?" she turned and point them and turned to me again

"uhmm... I'm uhmm Faith Sanchez" We shake hands and they Introduce their self to me, the other girl step forward and say

"I'm Dana Pret, Kinda Lesbian and just tell me if you have problem with that" Oh she's straight forward well I don't have problem with that though ,I think it's cool

"I don't have problem with that it's actually cool and great" I said casually

"Hey! I'm Carl Dane also Bi-sexual and I think we're going to be great friends" oh I like this Carl not that kind of like in romantic way maybe in sibling way though the one guy still not talking Jaine poke his ribs and he look at her with softened expression Jaine crossed her arms under her chest

"Introduced yourself Dork...no one will do that for you!" Jaine said smile at me apologetically The Guy just rolled his eyes.... well we know now the asshole in the group already

"I'm Mikael Williams well Straight guy and nice to meet you" He said

"Likewise, Thank you " he just nod well he's not a talker then great!

"okay now...we know each other are you done Picking up your things Faith?" I nodded

"Great!, Now Let's Tour our New Bestie Around the Campus" she gestured the campus

Jaine and Dana Swing Both their Arms and Hugged my shoulder ,I'm sandwich between them

and We walked outside waiting for the bell to ring Honestly it's better First day than I thought

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