Fallen Arch

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The Archangel Michael makes a grave mistake and is consequently banished. Is that his only consequence?

Fantasy / Romance
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As Troy walked with his friend Drew, a lady approached them with a smile and holding brochures on one hand. She handed one to each of them, but as soon she went past them Drew threw his.

“You could have at least looked at it” Troy told him.

“Why would I pretend to be interested” Drew replied.

“It’s about a fellowship” Troy said looking at his.

“Sorry you know I’m not religious.”

“I really do not know what you have against it.”

“Troy, all this never makes sense. The universe and how it came to be and all the supernatural theories we are told to believe, there are a lot of loops.”

Michael had been sent down again and in his mundane form he stood against a tree surveying the campus. He was done with his mission but before he flew back to golden city, his attention was drawn by Drew’s words. He eavesdropped on him complaining on how there were gaps in the scriptures.

“Its like He does all this to prove a point. If you want the best for the people you claim to love, why would you allow them to be troubled. To me, this is all aches game with our lives. You mean there is no one time you questioned it yourself?”

The words troubled the Archangel Michael and even as he flew back, he felt different.


I landed in golden city and as I walked along looking at the other angels, I could not help but pounder the questions of the boy. They were valid and good points and for a moment I wondered where I truly stood. I bowed as I approached the throne and spoke.

“It is done. Anything else?”

He does not answer many at times. I started walking away but I turned and said, “I have some questions”. Even though He would not answer I would go ahead.

“What is all this? Why do you allow your people to go through so much? Is it really a fair plan?”

Again, He did not answer. I felt my anger rise and I felt the urge to lash out.

“Would you answer me!” I burst.

“Michael!” He roared.

“I just want answers. Do you really want good for your people, or is this all a game between you and Lucifer?”

“You shall not question me!”

“Then show me the reason for good people to be tempted and possessed by Lucifer’s demons?”

“You shall not test me!”

“But I’m your Archangel, your most trusted!”


I suddenly felt His power on me, His wrath. I saw myself fall and I went further and further through the skies. The force burnt up my skin till I finally landed with a thud and stayed put writhing in pain.

When I came to, I was met by the shocked expressions of the ambassadors. Was I on earth? No, he could not possibly do this to me. I had been banished!

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