Triplet alpha kings and thier male luna

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So this is my first story on here but I'm on chapters interactive stories as aundrea bundy please tell me how I can improve I've never written this kind of story I'm trying it out I hope you like it this is going to be about triplet alpha kings Brody and samuel and Raphael who find thier mate who just moved to thier town and joined thier pack they are fiercely loving and protective of thier omega mate blue and his wolf Shasta

Fantasy / Romance
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Moving in

Blues pov

I'm settling in moving in too new home my grandparents gave me the money to in thier wills they stated alot if succeful business I miss them so much they wanted thus for me to start fresh they always talked kindly about those they felt deserved it they talked so kindly about this packs alpha this packs has the largest blue moon ceremonies too so that's a bonus I meet the alpha and and sons tomorrow my grandparents raised me when my parents abandoned me on thier doorstep and left they were amazing and wo d3ful and loving I'm excited and nervous about thus new chapter in my life excited about the possibilities opportunities and maybe meeting my mate thus pack alternates who comes to the packs blue moon ceremony the alphas sons are sweet kind caring heroes generous strong protective friendly at least according to the people I have talked to so far who knew them at a diner,library,6 different stores and three more places to get my home furnished as quick as I can I'm not nervous about meeting them but nervous about if I will fit in they don't have alot of new people the kids are trained from the age of eight I'm completely untrained I mean I've taken Karate jujitsu and Tai kuando classes I'm a Blackbelt but still they are betas and alphas and alpha kings this packs future alphas are not normal alphas they are also kings but anyway I am at the grocery store people seem really friendly and happy I get fruits which are strawberries bananas grapes oranges magos guava and finally blueberries I'm vegan by the way so yeah interesting fact about me they Saud it wasn't wasn't bother to accommodate me which I accepted but they said if i didn't they would still do it the ceremony is actually two days away I have been getting my house ready for almost a month I will have been here a month in four days so that's great I had to buy a reasonable house I wanted room for my mates and kids and if I can mage to make friends I want room for them when they come over so I bought a two story mansion in town near the packhouse my grandparents helped pick out before they passed I visit thier Graves because they wanted to buried her because of thier history and memories so I respected that and thier wishes I understood plus it was a sweet request that had meaning to it and I loved them soooo much I still do I'm busy unpacking thinking about tomorrow the mating ceremony and alot more I finished my online school work so that's great I'm 17 by the way I turn 18 tomorrow too so that's the reason we'll the other reason they wanted to meet because the alpha has a rule to celebrate every new pack member and thier birthday and go all our for th6er first birthday in the pack the alpha kings are 19 so they can smell thier mate even if they are not 18 so that's really cool my grandparents only spoke kind words about the alpha kings too the alpha when I say alpha king he is thier father the current leader they are becoming the alpha kings today but I have so much to do they Saud it was ok but I insisted on giving them presents I hope they love them so I am not attending sadly I could have made friends but I will meet them tomorrow I have already unpacked the kitchen bathrooms bedroom I am using put the guest rooms together and bathrooms too made one room into a library one into a cinema and the last two into a art studio and a dance and singing and instant studio it's like a ballroom in a big hotel sized room it's amazing I love it I get exhausted but push through it to finish the living room downstairs the other rooms are on the second floor except my room and the kitchen I put the other boxes in my garage next door lock it and go to bed it's Bern a long time getting the house ready but it's not quite finished yet

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