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One night on a bridge changed everything whe tragedy struck some one saved Dillon Blake he saw him change into a wolf scince that night he believed I'm the impossible in the supernatural little dud he no he was mated to a future alphas king and when he turned 18 his dad and the real reason behind his mom giving him up for adoption would tear his world apart can his mate save him from the hurt and save him from himself this is the story of how his tragic life all and everything he has gone through was for a very dark sinister reason one that could either take more people he loves and destroy him completely or with his family friends and mates he could fight back and destroy those responsible for all his pain and suffering in life

Fantasy / Adventure
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The night we met

Years ago when I was ten I never thought those stories were true I was adopted after my mother gave me up and refused to name the father but said he was a good man she didn't hate him or me and that she just had to do it for all of our safety I don't belive it or at least I didn't until that night the same I believed in the supernatural I saw him this sexy older boy muscled brunette hair shaved at the sides of his bead gelled back he saved me you see........

Me and my adopted parents were traveling to see my grandparents for Thanksgiving early to help set the table get the food made and put up all the decorations then Sunday this large wolf punced on the windshield snapping at it the car skidded out if control then suddenly the car was going off a bridge my parents killed in the collision with side of the bridge I couldn't do anything then the older boy ripped of the door and pulled me out just before the car went over because after the car crashed into the side that part of the side cracked and broke of it was a old weak bridge it was barely holding on buy still deemed safe and useable the car then started going off the edge he pulled me out then pulled the car back onto the bridge he put me down kissed my forhead and ran of changing into this huge wolf I didn't tell anybody I said I couldn't remember I wanted to not be deemed crazy and dent to a mental institution

I ended up being taken in by my grandparents who never knew about me after my mom just left one day and they never saw her again they only never knew about me because I had already been adopted before they contacted them that was just thier error infested protocol I guess but yeah they are amazing and caring but to this day I still can't get that mysterious older boy off of mind
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