Legacy: Bloodbonds

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After the events of "The Unravelling", the whole continent is shaken up by each of the simultaneous coup d’état. With some nobles missing or deceased, the unified leaders of the continent of Varlem find themselves torn between reinforcing themselves for what will be a major scaled war unprecedented against an enemy from which they know nothing of and trying to return things to how they were. Now united, everyone will work their hardest in hopes to survive and conquer the battlefield, unsuspecting of the foes that will turn out to be more than they can handle. Not even the fallen guardians would have been able to prevent the bloodshed that is to come and both sides know it. As such a mission was established by unanimous vote. Supposed to save their homelands from doom, a failure in such provoking a catastrophic chain of events that everybody hoped could be avoided. – Only them would be able to accomplish such a feat.

Fantasy / Adventure
Emilia Fawley
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“The young man’s dulled senses were slowly starting to wake up from the slumber that he had been forced into, hence the reason why he did not even bother fighting back against the pair that dragged him someplace unknown.

He had a dirty and smelly bag over his unruly hair and bruised skin, so he was left to wonder what his captors’ intentions were. Minutes later he felt how they fastened the locks on his wrists that prevented him from even attempting to move or even use his prowess for that matter and, after being shoved through a maze of tunnels, he felt a weapon being forced into his grip, becoming painfully aware of the monstrous cheers that he figured were outside due to the faint breeze that he felt on his busted knuckles.

-From foreign lands with golden blood running through his veins... We have the deranged wyvern left adrift by a fallen deity... - he heard a booming male voice shout and the cheers momentarily deafened him and he tried his earnest to focus on the sound of heavy bars lifting in front of him. - Behold, the master of the rowdy seas... Eric Novack! -

The bag was suddenly snatched away from his head as he was kicked into an arena that made him scowl, as his left hand shot to his eyes to shield them from the blinding sun, instantly noticing the scythe on his right hand and dreading the weakening heat scorching his skin and making him feel weaker than he already was.

Before he could even have the chance to curse at the man who had kidnapped him, the same male from before began speaking from a balcony where a couple of fancy dressed and heavy weighted men were, women surrounding them with barely any clothing.

-And from the other side... Once a friend, now his nemesis, the living tremble under her silent command.- he declared, the crowd roaring with outmost emotion and the skies abnormally morphing into the familiar red that he was starting to dread, a metal door raising afar.- Don’t fall for her appeal for you would be dancing straight to the devil’s lair... Yours truly, Crimson Roella!-

His golden eyes immediately sharpened and he heaved an exasperated breath upon noticing the white-haired woman nonchalantly walking towards him, dragging a gigantic axe that was bigger than her frail-looking body, her red eyes screamed madness and her sickly sweet smile only made him tense even further, her neck and wrists adorned by painfully looking chains that dragged behind her.

-Let the Scarlet Waltz begin! -

As she lunged towards him with a manic laugh and crazed eyes, he commanded his body to jump to the left, quickly dedicating himself to defending his body from the constant and ruthless attacks.

And from the steps on which the crowd was strictly divided by class and social status, the companions of the black-haired man that was beginning to retaliate with carefully calculated movements had just arrived. The tallest man with long onyx locks watched everything impassively, the redhead with hazel eyes beside him wore a frown as his mind swiftly schemed something to free him from there and finally, the snake-like looking man that covered half of his face to avoid recognition, as impossible as it could be, had an unbothered smile.

-We need to get him out of there.- the oldest male muttered, the younger ones watching him from the corners of their eyes.- She will kill him this time.-

-Rowan... It’s Eric who we are talking about.- the albino said, his sharp pink eyes narrowing into an eye smile.-

-That 'Princess' is hard to kill.- the black-haired man declared, laughing under his breath in irony, mockingly calling him the way that he knew he hated it.- They aren’t the first ones to try and certainly won’t be the last.-”

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