Legacy: Bloodbonds

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Years before the events of the prologue

A black-haired boy entered the cottage belonging to Aura, their caretaker who was currently out of the Neutral Zone doing some stuff and had claimed that she would be back soon.

His silver orbs scanned the whole room in search of the girl that was staying with him and when he failed to see her, he frowned and walked towards the kitchen, stopping abruptly with surprise when he saw her watching her kitchen knife with a potato in her other hand.

-Hey.- he greeted as he placed the squirrels and rabbits in the sink.- Do you need help with that?-

-Oh, you are already back Alec? -she said trying to change the subject, quickly putting the knife down and removing her hand from it as if it burned.- How was the hunt?-

-Easier than usual.- he shrugged, raising the knife and shooting the auburn-haired girl a side glance, her golden eyes watching him warily and almost yelping of the impression when he held her right hand.- Let’s do this shall we?-

-But…- she tried to complain, her eyes fixed on the knife, oblivious at the black-haired boy that moved behind her and placed both of his hands on hers.- Alec…-

-Remember what I said sunshine? -he asked her with the sweetest tone he could muster, raising both of her hands.-

-A knife resembles what its user’s intentions are, it can be both a weapon and a tool but if you know how to distinguish the difference between both then you will fully learn how to control them.- she mumbled as she tried to calm herself down, the boy softly replying a noise of affirmation.- Your father sure was wise.-

Dmitri laughed and even if he did not see her, he was certain that the girl had a soft smile on her face.

Totally in sync with each other, they slowly started peeling the potato and finishing cooking their dinner where they shared random stories and laughs.

The sixteen-year-old could not be happier at the moment, just enjoying the fourteen-year-old girl’s presence that brought calm and harmony to his life.

He would definitely fight for those instances and everybody that dared to oppose them would simply be disregarded.

Or so he thought.

He had assured her that he would forever be by her side, that if he could avoid it, nobody would lay a hand on her. He had promised her that no matter what happened, she could always count with him as he also knew that he could count on her.

Promises he broke when he was seventeen.

Promises that still haunted him up to this day, his last memory of her leaving him restless and anxious.

He felt guilty and shameful, how he had allowed that little ray of sunshine who was broken long before he met her to even break any further after he left her unconscious, defenceless and stranded in the woods.

He should have had trusted in her, and just by the contained anger that shone in her golden orbs when they met again before his older brother and herself went missing, he realised that she knew all along whom he was and still loved him despite it all, but that all trace of trust was long gone.

The now twenty-year-old version of himself opened his eyes as he woke up from his test, a tear falling from his right eye as he remembered the girl he had come to love but that he had also managed to destroy in the end.

-You did well Dmitri.- the female gryphon where Yvera’s soul laid praised him.- You still have more to go but the rest of your journey continues out of here.-

The female gryphon then morphed once again into the teenager she had been imitating for the duration of his training, Dmitri immediately averting his sight from her as the memory was still latent on his mind and his senses were still sharp from the encounter with her inside of his mind.

-Thank you, mistress.- he replied, bowing slightly to her as soon as he stood up, still not daring to look at the younger version of the female Alburg in front of him.- I will not fail you as I failed your test.-

-I know you won’t my boy.- she replied, providing him with instructions on where his relic would be.- You know what must be done, even if your powers aren’t fully under your control.-

-I will bring honour to your name and I also assure you that justice will fall on Kelvynor for his actions.-

-Be careful for your journey will not be easy. As you know, that man will make sure that nobody stands in his way and he is still hunting you and the remaining descendants down.-

-We will manage.-

-I believe in you Dmitri Novack, now go and fulfil your destiny… Though you know what you must do first.-

-The question now is how.- he pondered.-

-Trust your heart.- was his mistress’ last words towards him as her soul finally vanished, leaving him alone and with the ability to control the air guardian’s prowess albeit unstable.-

As he exited the temple in the peak of the mountain he was in, a place he had so forcibly managed to climb, he allowed his mind to wander once again to Kiara, sighing when he admitted that no matter how close they had been, if he wanted to have a chance with her he would have to sincerely apologise to her and that meant a talk he was not yet ready to have.

She hated him and he understood her perfectly, “I would hate me too.”

But before even thinking of his apology, he would need to find her and Viktor first, and for that, he had to go back to Khaeron and have a serious talk with the group that consisted of his little sister, his cousin and his team, as well as Kiara’s brothers.

-Took you long enough.- James greeted as soon as they spotted Dmitri walking towards them from the port.- The khaeni attire really suits you.-

Though the rest also sent him pointed looks as each one of them wore the same exact clothing.

Renly joined the group by smacking his older brother’s head from the back and glaring at him, but in Dmitri’s mind, the change in Renly’s personality and the dragon that refused to move away from him was still way too shocking to get used to just yet.

-No kidding, it really took you a while.- Renly commented with a small smirk.- Did you make it?-

-Not quite.- the black-haired admitted, much to everyone’s shock.- But she did provide instructions about the relic.-

-What? - James scoffed incredulously. -

Dmitri said nothing and instead opened a path for himself between the group who hastily followed him.

-What did Ildris’ soul tell you when he showed you your past? -Dmitri asked as the group made their way to the HQ where they were being expected.-

-Past? -Renly inquired with confusion.- Dmitri, Ildris didn’t show me my past.-

-Maybe the test varies depending on the person? -Aryanna inquired and since it seemed logical enough they all nodded in affirmation.-

-It would explain why he forced me to fight against myself.- the youngest redhead shrugged.-

-But… If you didn’t pass it, then how come she let you go? - Jayden asked him with a questioning stare.- According to Ren, no guardian would let you leave unless you had full mastery over your element.-

-Or at least that’s what Ildris mentioned, we have no idea from Orynn and Caveirha’s behalf.- Rou, the dragon tangled on Renly’s right arm, commented before any of them could add anything else.- But it’s been a while, we must get going so Yvera probably realised that and let you out beforehand.-

-Are you fully sure that Viktor and Kiara are doing their own challenges? - James inquired to the scarlet red dragon.-

-I feel the earth’s inclination towards new protectors, so they must be.- was the last of Rou’s commentary.-

-If they aren’t the representations of the water and earth prowess then I don’t know who are they. - Jayden said nonchalantly, everyone agreeing with him. -

Their walk stopped abruptly when they heard some commotion inside of the Commanders’ Hall and sharing a look they stormed inside of it with their hands on their weapons, sighing in relief at the sight of Viktor Novack standing in the middle of the room facing them with a nearly indistinct brown-ish aura circling around the sole of his feet.

-There you are! -he greeted with a smirk, the aura vanishing with a hand motion.- I was wondering how long it would take you to get here.-

-How did you get here? -Aryanna asked her brother as she jumped onto his arms.-

-I opened myself a way down there.- he shrugged as he pointed the floor.- Are we complete?-

-No. -Renly replied with a frown and a head movement.- We are missing Ara.-

-Hey, look at you… You can speak! -Viktor teased him as he placed Aryanna back to the floor.- If it weren’t for the scar I would have thought that you were James.-

Renly said nothing but instead raised a brow daring him to say anything else and causing him to shift uncomfortably in his position.

-Weren’t you with Kiara? -Jayden inquired as he placed a hand on his brother’s left shoulder, silently asking him to calm down.-

The blonde scowled and averted his sight towards the floor, suddenly finding the tiles more interesting than the conversation, but after a while, he decided to speak to clear out their doubts.

-When we changed our course thanks to Myra we stopped at a foggy swamp. -he started narrating.-

“Myra convinced us that we had to train by stating that things would be doomed if we got caught or if we perished, she challenged us to defeat some beasts if we wanted to leave and though we were reluctant at first, in the end we ended up agreeing, well… That and that the beasts kicked our arses.

She then said that we had to split and sent me to the subterranean tunnels nearby. I have no clue of Kiara’s whereabouts and the only thing I am sure of is that Myra is with her.”

-Which reminds me…- the blonde added thoughtfully.- Ren how did you get here, did you get punished?-

The youngest redhead nodded with an eye roll and then started narrating his side of the story:

“I was looking into some familial documents before the coup and my research led me to an ancient crypt.

Normally I would have shared my findings with trustworthy people but in there I noticed that the fire had different properties and that the scrolls were old… So old that I didn’t understand anything and only figured out a map using common sense.

When I decided to take a break and come the next day, I had to dash out of there to survive. The roof started rustling and debris started falling, so I knew that something was wrong… But I totally underestimated the extent.

I came out of that crypt and the first thing I saw was the HQ in flames, people running around and explosions in the distance, but just as I was about to make my way to the Alburg household, another building exploded from behind me and sent me flying some metres.

I don’t remember exactly what happened next – I just know that after defeating some hooded figures my consciousness blacked out and the next thing I knew I was waking up on the shore of the Sylvia island awoken by some roars.

According to both Rou and Ildris’ soul I entered the ‘drive’ state and went berserk but somehow my subconscious made me change of plans and move towards the island. The rest was simply training and developing control over my prowess.”

-And did you get it?- Viktor inquired, his arms crossed on his chest.-

-Barely.- Renly admitted much to everyone’s amazement.- Obtaining the relic was easier, the problem is learning to control fire and its temperatures… I still burn my clothes down.-

“Those trials might be harder than I expected,” thought James.

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