The Rogue Hunter

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I've seen shifters before. I knew DoJo had a wolf form. I had heard of those who could do multiple creatures forms, but I had been told they were the enemy.

One moment I was looking at DoJo, the next I was staring at the most unique horse I'd ever seen. Now her choice of words make sense.

"Can you give me my oats, and put the blanket on my back." A voice sounding a lot like DoJo says in my head.

I clarify out loud, "DoJo?"

She nods her horse head.

"Great, just what I need, another voice in my head, telling me what to do." I grumble as I put the oats on her head.

I hear her laugh inside my head, like she's trying to stifle it, but just can't.

I throw the blanket on her back and climb up as I admit, "Now I get the comment you made."

I sense her rolling her eyes.

"Where to?" I ask leaning forward.

"Ask Alastair." Her voice in my head replies.

"Ok, it's really weird when the voice of your friend is suddenly in your head." I exclaim in a harsh whisper, "It's even weirder when that voice tells you to talk to the voice in your head that nobody knows about."

I hear her amused chuckle in my head. "The faster you accept Alastair, the sooner you can get your second animal." She chides, as if bribing me.

I have no idea what she's talking about, but not listening to her has me sitting on a horse going nowhere, so I sigh and mentally ask the voice in my head, that goes by Alastair, "Where are we going?"

"Up the mountain, to the northeast." He replies instantly, with an urgency I can't deny.

Diamond starts moving instantly. "I heard." DoJo's voice informs me soothingly in my head. I grip on as she picks up speed.

Eventually she slows down. "What's it like, running like an animal?" I inquire as I pet her neck.

I sense goosebumps stemming from the action.

"Why am I suddenly sensing so much from you?" I ask before she can answer my first question.

She laughs and asks, "Which question would you like answered first."

"The second." I reply without hesitation.

"When I decided to run away from men I cut all mental connections. My Beta Bro is strong enough to lead in my absence, even if his wife will do most of it. It was the best way to keep everyone from trying to follow me, regardless of reason." DoJo explains with a sigh, "Now, I had to open our connection, so we can communicate, in doing so we can feel practically everything from each other, particularly while in physical contact."

"Oh, and that feeling was you enjoying being pet there?" I check as I lean forward and rub the same area, in more of a massage motion.

She takes a deep breath before she mentally says, "Yes, I enjoy it, but you should stop, it's too." She takes a moment to collect her thoughts. "Distracting."

I chuckle and switch to the other side. "Does it have the same effect on the left?" I tease out loud.

"Alastair, you know how important this is. Keep him in check!" Sylvia's voice snaps in my head.

"Yes Luna." Alastair replies. My hand goes back over the blanket and I sit up more.

"How?" I manage to utter.

DoJo answers mentally, "Syl likes thisdevelopment."

I swallow before asking, "What development?"

"You're wolf is a Beta, a strong Beta, but none the less, he's extremely responsive to her Luna command." There's a pause, then I hear, "Come on Syl, you can't just block me out, and not even tell me what I did."

"Uh, can we get back to the my wolf comment?" I ask while tapping her back through the blanket.

"You know." She states calmly, "Alastair."

I laugh nervously.

"You're a quarter werewolf, on your mother's side." DoJo casually informs me.

"How do you know this?" I ask as I'm forced to adjust from a jolt in her jaunt.

I tune into her. "Let's take a break." I suggest.

DoJo nods her head, and a moment later I'm lowered to the ground the blanket falling over DoJo's human form, that's laying on the ground.

She goes to get up. I stop her. "We have to keep going." She insists.

I nod my head, summon extra strength. I pick her up, wrapping the blanket around her, and carrying her bridal style as the voice I've always tried to ignore is telling me where to go.

It's almost dusk when I reach a cave.

DoJo springs to life and falls out of my arms. "Not tonight." She says, staring at the cave, "This will be hard enough in the daylight. We'll camp outside, and go in in the morning."

I nod my head and we set up a small camp, having a meal of the supplies she packed this morning.

DoJo is leaning against a cluster of trees, sitting there watching the cave entrance, with the blanket wrapped around her. She opens it up and asks, "Care to join me?"

"There's nothing I want more." I admit as I go to sit next to her, and am rewarded with the blanket being tucked around me, and being hugged with her arm.

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