The Rogue Hunter

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DoJo/ The Silver Luna/ The Luna Hunter/ The Silver Demon Hunter Luna is in quite the bind when her heat gets triggered just before her mate is killed. She doesn't want to go leaping into another relationship, regardless of how intense her heat is, so she does the only logical thing she can think of, she runs into the snow covered mountains, intending to get away from every male on the planet. Cajun Jonez grew up around Hunters, was one until he couldn't accept the mission he was given, and walked away. His solitude has brought him years of peace and quiet, and then he finds the strangest wolf he's ever seen, and it's calling out for him to save it.

Fantasy / Romance
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Alpha Nolan's View

Just over forty years ago I went from being the only Rogue Alpha to having the best Luna I could ask for, and the responsibility of leading the first ever demon hunting posse.

The Angel we met back then said I would be undefeated until I chose my death. For years that's inspired and plagued me.

Today we got urgent word that a nearby town was being attacked, by someone looking for information. Normally this is the kind of thing that my Luna loves taking care of, but she has a prior engagement with the graduating class of demon Hunters. I volunteered to handle it for her.

Only once I'm there do I know that it's a trap, set for my wife. If I handle things right my men can get the innocent out, and that's what matters.

They sneak over by the cages. I make my way around back.

I step out next to Derik the cursed, being ridden by a succubus. He doesn't notice me, so I keep going. Finally I find the man in charge, and stick my dagger into the ribs of Helios. "Thought maybe we could have a little one on one battle for the civilians." I whisper in his ear.

"Alpha Nolan." He replies, "What a shame, all this work, and we caught the wrong mouse."

I started broadcasting my situation to my mate the moment I saw who we were dealing with. She isn't sending me anything back, so I can concentrate.

I look around and see a hanging sex chair with cuffs on it. "What is this?"

Helios sighs. "We triggered your mate's heat. Since she's perimenopausal it should be extra intense. The plan was to get her here, kill you, severing the mate bond, and turning her into an eager partner to any who wants to play."

I growl at him, bearing my fangs.

"Since you're here, I can have the pleasure of watching you die." Helios states with a grin, "And she'll have to settle for whatever playmates are handy."

I growl again. "No one will be touching my mate!"

"She won't be yours anymore, she's fair game once you're dead." He says with a mocking laughter.

Suddenly people come flying out from all directions. They're not really people, but they look like them. Lower level demons, with some higher skilled ones thrown in. I take down several, but eventually Helios gets bored and stabs me through the chest while his henchmen hold me.

I stare into his eyes. "Coward, could've taken you down one on one."

"That's what's nice about being evil." Helios replies, "You never have to play fair, or keep your word."

I grin. "Doesn't stop you from underestimating your opponents. DoJo is stronger than you give her credit for."

"That's where you're wrong." Helios informs me, "I'm counting on her strength. The stronger she is the less the males will be able to resist. By the time she gets off her back she'll be unfit to lead."

I shake my head. "I won't let..."

Helios laughs. "You can't help yourself, much less her."

"God will give her a new protector." I declare with more certainty than I probably should.

"And I will be forced to deal with them if he does."

My eyes close, I can feel I'm slipping away. I reach out through our bond. I feel my mate running, trying to get distance from everyone. "I Love you, but now it's time for you to search out another who can protect you."

"I love you too." She replies, "Not looking to replace you."

There's so much more I want to say, want to hear, want to know, but there's nothing I can do, except let go and trust.

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