The Rogue Hunter

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The Escape

I knew something was wrong the other day when someone caused a shock like feeling to jolt me. I was busy, and I didn't want to cause a scene.

Now, I have just finished my speech, and suddenly I'm being hit with a mental feed from my mate. He never gives me a live feed. I see what would have been waiting for me had I taken the mission.

Their plans included killing my mate here? So someone is here looking for him. I'm going to have a problem resisting having sex with any male?

"Unmated ones." My wolf notes.

I mind link my bro. "I need to disappear. I'm closing down all links. No one can know where to find me until I get past an unnatural heat."

I can't wait for a response. I cut him, and everyone else off. It's been four decades since my mind was this silent.

I want to be there to comfort my people in the time of their loss, but I won't be much help if I'm fighting off men, and who knows what else.

My heart breaks listening to my husband, mate, and love of my life get murdered.

"Would God really give me another protector? Not a mate, I couldn't accept another mate, but someone to make me feel safe, and not try to get in my pants?" I asked myself.

Alpha Nolan's voice telling me to go find them, to get to whatever safety God has planned for me spurs me on, even as I want to collapse from the torture of our bond breaking after all these years.

I'm running to get into the wild. My wolf takes over. She's much faster if I let her go on instinct. After a while my bear takes over. Just as I'm letting my panther have a turn unbelievably intense pain shoots through my left leg. I can't focus on a shape. All I feel is agony, and a desperate need to keep moving.

I don't know how much time has passed when I hear a soothing baritone voice saying, "Calm down, I'm here to help, not hurt you."

Another voice replies, "I am the Silver Luna. You have the blood of a Hunter, yet you want to save me from your trap?"

The soothing voice states, "I don't deny my blood, or the oath once taken. But I walked away. I only want to help. If my words are not true you would know, and you can refuse. These are not my traps, but I need to get you out of here, before the owner of them finds you."

"Your heart matches your words. You may remove the trap, I will refrain from biting."

He chuckles. "This is probably going to hurt."

"It already hurts." The female voice snaps.

"It gets worse before it gets better." He whispers. He grabs my leg and starts prying the trap off.

At first the pain is magnified. Then the tingles flow through me. "Must be a healer, their touch is rumored to feel amazing." I thought to myself.

Eventually I realize I'm being carried, but I've got no idea how long I have, or to where I am going. I hope there's no men around.

"Except for the protector." My wolf chimes in, "We need him to keep the others away."

"How?" I ask my wolf.

"We need his scent on us, to fool the other males into thinking we have new mate." She replies.

I groan. "I don't want to hurt him." I point out.

My wolf rolls her eyes. "He is next to us in a full blown, mega, heat, and hasn't done anything remotely improper. We don't need to worry about him."

I will have to explain everything to this guy when I can talk to him. My wolf isn't interested in talking more, and I still can't access body control.

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