The Rogue Hunter

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Finding Her

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One minute my life is the same as it has been for the last twelve years. I'm alone in the mountains, deciding what to cook for dinner. The next minute all I can hear is her calling out for me. She doesn't use my name, and yet I know it's me she's calling for.

I forget everything else and head towards the one calling for me, because I can't live with myself if I get there after she needs me. That thought spurs me on, and I pick up the pace. I can't be late.

When I find her she's just inside my property. Her left hind leg is in a platinum trap my neighbor recently started putting up. Other than the leg, the body is a silver liquid, constantly contorting, and never really landing on a shape.

I approach carefully.

A silver wolf form appears from among the flowing mass.

I admit, I startled. The original sight I walked up on was strange enough, but then the wolf took shape and snarled at me. Part of me wanted to run, but a bigger part said this is where I need to be. "Calm down, I'm here to help, not hurt you." I told the wolf.

"I am the Silver Luna. You have the blood of a Hunter, yet you want to free me from your trap?" She questions skeptically.

I've never heard of a Silver Luna, but she says it as if that should be enough to know who I'm dealing with. One thing I do know is that Alphas and Lunas are able to tell when someone is lying to them.

"I don't deny my blood, or the oath once taken. But I walked away. I only want to help. If my words are not true you would know, and you can refuse. These are not my traps, but I need to get you out of here, before the owner finds you." I explain as patiently as I can.

She stares at me for a moment before I hear the reply, "Your heart matches your words, you can remove the trap. I'll refrain from biting."

I chuckle nervously. "This might hurt." I warn her.

"It already hurts!" She snaps back.

She has a point, but still I whisper, "It'll get worse before it gets better."

"Tingles." I hear her giggle, "Wonder if he's a healer."

I shake my head. I have no idea what I'm getting into, but I'm not going anywhere that doesn't involve this crazy wolf being in it any time soon. I get the trap off of her. She turns into a large silver wolf and curls up in my arms. Looks like I'm carrying my new friend home.

I walk in the door and ask myself out loud, "Where's the best place to put you?"

"Your bed." The voice of the wolf replies in my head.

"Either I'm going insane, or someone is going to have a lot of answers to give me soon." I mumble as I climb the stairs.

"Protector will have answers when the human is in control." The voice tells me.

"Who is in control now?" I ask.

The voice immediately answers, "The Silver Luna, the wolf."

I just can't stop myself from inquiring, "Why are you in control?"

"DoJo, the human side, couldn't take all the pain. She went to sleep. I took over." She explains, sounding sad. "I can heal the leg, but the mate pain, I don't know how to handle."

"Mate?" I question, "So, you are a Werewolf?"

She laughs. "That's what started everything. I came forward, after twenty two years. That nasty thing that ordered us around was gone, and I wasn't going to take anything from anyone anymore."

"Is there anything I can do to help you heal?" I ask nervously, wondering if I can carry boiling water without spilling it, or have a sheet that would make good bandages.

"Play mate." She answers simply.

I shake my head. "I don't understand."

"Give me a dirty shirt of yours, put the neck hole on me, so I can change to human form." She instructs me with effort.

I go to grab a shirt out of my drawer.

"Dirty!" She snaps.

I sigh, and go to the small pile in the corner. I pull out a green T-shirt that says Man didn't make the fire, Man can't put it out. I wore it yesterday while I worked around the house. I shrug and bring it to the wolf.

She inhales deeply. "Smells like you, should keep the males away."

"What males?" I ask, and immediately a thump against my cabin wall draws my attention.

"Shirt!" She yells in my head.

I shove the neck over her head. Then I run to the window. I can't believe my eyes. There's a twelve point buck attacking the side of my cabin.

I turn to tell the wolf, but in its place is a large, beautiful woman, wearing my shirt.

The nearly destroyed leg isn't beautiful, except everywhere I should be seeing red there's silver.

"Can you pull the blankets over us?" The wolf says through the human mouth.

I nod my head and gently pull them over her. Once she is covered the buck settles down.

She looks at the wall and explains, "He smells our scent mixing. He is backing off for now."

"How do we make him stay away?" I ask, afraid the only answer is to kill it.

"Fresh scent mixes better." She answers, as if that was so logical, I should have just known it.

"You want me to sleep in the bed with you?" I check, still not sure I'm hearing what I think I am.

She shrugs her shoulders. "Mate said to find my protector. You make us feel safe. Protector gives us tingles, so we always know when it's him."

Very little of that sentence makes any sense to me. But I understand I make her feel safe. And I know having our scent mix might keep my cabin from wild animal attacks.

Talk about testing my will power. Since the moment I met her I've been thinking about sex in the back of my mind. I took a vow of celibacy around twelve years ago, but that's not what is holding me back right now. It's not even the creepy shifting blob that I first encountered. It's all the pain she's in. If that goes away, I'm in trouble.

There's no way she's going to be out of pain tonight, so I should be able to handle this. "Sure." I reply, taking off my own shirt and climbing in. "But I have to warn you, sex is not allowed."

She nods her head. "Sex is for mate."

The intense sadness in her voice tells me a lot, but not everything. "When did he die and send you to find your protector?"

"As he was killed him, today, I think." She answers snuggling down into the blankets.

Yeah, she's definitely not getting over that pain anytime soon. I lower myself until I'm next to her. She immediately turns me into the big spoon, pulling my arm over her. The energy flowing through me can only be described as one thing, tingles.

"Tingles means we're safe." She whispers, already slipping off to sleep.

"Tingles means we're safe." I repeat, praying she knows what she's talking about.

I lay there, basking in the euphoria of tingles when a thought occurs to me. If I hadn't been ordered to kill an innocent family, I wouldn't have gone against the Hunters, if I hadn't gone Rogue I never would have been living here. She might have died in that trap, or...

NO, I can't let my mind go down that way. Everything happens for a reason. If I had to go through that, to be here now, and prevent the other possibilities from being possible, it was definitely worth every moment to get to here.

"I accept my role as your protector." I whisper into her ear.

A new voice chuckles. "And who will protect me from you?"

I grin and answer, "That's your job. I will grant you any favor you ask for. I will stop anyone from hurting you. Only you control the boundaries of my heart."

She groans contentedly and relaxes into me.

Heaven help me, I've never had my self control tested like this. Never even thought a test like this could exist.

I didn't even think about refusing to stay when a wolf asked me, the human mouth was moving, but I still knew the wolf was talking.

Everything in my training goes against this. I didn't specialize in werewolves. Everyone gets a base knowledge. They are the most likely to come upon species of our war. The most sworn enemy. If teenage me could see me now, he'd freak. I'm not sure which would scare him more. The beautiful woman, or the wolf within her.

Demons are my specialty, and she's no demon.

I shake my head. I have no idea what the woman I'm embracing is. I've sworn some kind of oath that I feel is more binding than any court document ever could be. And even though I'm certain she's not a demon, I'm not certain it would change things if she was.

She called me protector, and that's what I'll be. I decide and then drift off to sleep amazingly fast, more content than ever before.

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