The Rogue Hunter

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Uh, Hi

DoJo's View

I wake up warm, comfortable, and tingling. It's only when I go to stretch that I realize things are very wrong. My left leg is engulfed in agony. I'm about to scream out when the man next to me pulls me in tighter, increasing the tingling sensation. "I'm not ready to let you go." His voice teases me.

I lean my head gently against his chest and declare, "That's too bad, because my bladder is ready to go all over your bed."

His eyes pop open. "Good morning, would you like some help getting to the bathroom?" He asks rather nervously.

I smile weakly. "Normally I would say no, and be questioning the heck out of you right now, but my bladder is being rather demanding, and I already discovered stretching causes my leg pain, so I'm betting standing on it would be impossible at this moment."

He nods and stands up, pulling me to the edge of the bed with him. Then he scoops me up like a bride and carries me to the bathroom, setting me down next to the toilet. "I'll be right outside when you need me."

I nod gratefully. He steps outside as I lower my underwear and sit on the toilet. "Ok, Sil, I know you know what is going on." I scold my wolf.

"Relax, the human is taking care of us, and mixing his scent with ours, so the other males stay away." She replies in a bored manner.

"Oh, that explains everything." I state sarcastically to myself.

I finish up and call out, "Excuse me."

The man sticks his head in the bathroom.

"I don't have your name in my memory." I exclaim apologetically.

"I'm Cajun Jonez." He informs me, "Your wolf said you prefer to be called DoJo."

"I notice that you pronounce your name like Jones, but with a hard z at the end, is that how it's spelled too?" I ask the large man filling the doorway.

He nods his head with a grin.

"What?" I ask.

He chuckles. "Just thinking this night went a little backwards. I mean I spent the night holding you, and you just got my name."

I chuckle a little too. "Can we get out of the bathroom before we get to know each other better?" I ask.

He immediately comes in and helps me into his arms, so he can carry me back to his bed. Once I'm secure he rushes back to the bathroom, and comes out a few minutes later. "My bladder decided to join the empty party." He jokes.

I pat the bed next to me. "You've seen and talked to my wolf, but you seem more afraid of me."

"She, you, something called to me last night, when you got injured, it called me there with an urgency I've never felt before." Cajun Jonez informs me. "I reacted, the best I could to the situation I found myself in."

"And now you're scared that I won't see it that way." I offer.

He nods his head slowly. "Never know how a beautiful young woman will react in the light of day, specially when she has a wolf inside her."

I laugh. He gives me a puzzled look. "Jonez, please sit down."

The six foot two man, with light brown hair and hazel eyes, and a large build, sits gingerly next to me.

I sigh. "How old are you?"

"Forty seven." He answers cautiously.

I laugh, harder. "How old do you think I am?"

"I was thinking thirty." Jonez answers, "But now I'm not sure."

I grab him in a sideways hug as I inform him, "I'm sixty-two, and it is my curse to be seen as considerably younger than I am."

He shakes his head. "You're just messing with me."

I laugh again. "Sometimes I wish I was."

"Sixty-two?" He whispers to himself.

"Forty-seven." I whisper, copying him.

He chuckles and leans back.

"You're handling the whole I have a wolf thing pretty well, so what are you?" I ask with a sigh.

"I was a Hunter, specializing in demons, but there wasn't a lot of work for my specialization. So, I picked up odd jobs." Jonez tells me, "The unit commander ordered me to kill a young family. Just because they were shifters, no pack, no protection."

"You couldn't do it." I guess.

He shakes his head. "I walked in like I was going to, but then I risked my life to get them out of there." He takes a deep breath. "They offered for me to come with them. They were going to the Rogue Alpha and his Luna pledging themselves to some posse. Said I would be welcome."

"You would have." I inform him, and shrug my shoulders, "But if you had come then, you wouldn't be here now when I apparently needed you."

He smiles, "I'm glad I chose this path, but how do you know what the Rogue Alpha would have done?"

"He was my mate." I answer staring him in the eyes. "He was murdered, in a really mind warped plot to make me unfit to lead."

"Wait, so you're the woman who caged the infamous Rogue Alpha?" Jonez says in a half hearted disbelief.

I nod my head again. "Forty years ago. And kept him all this time."

"So, how does killing your mate make you unfit to lead?" Jonez asks.

I scoot up next to Jonez. Let his arm drape over my shoulder as I snuggle into his side. The tingling sensation flows through me, and I feel safe enough to talk. "I guess it started a few days earlier. I was trying to get to a meeting. This jerk bumped into me, there was a tiny electric shock. I punched him. They couldn't find any proof of anything wrong, so I couldn't do much."

Jonez rubs the outside of my arm.

"Then yesterday we get this report about a town being attacked. Bad guys are looking for information, won't stop until they get it. They're usually my kind of assignment. I love teaching lessons. But I had a speech to give. Trying to inspire others to do what's right, no matter how difficult it seems. My hubby, or mate, whichever term you prefer, hates speeches, and chose to go deal with the town so he wouldn't have to make my speech for me."

Jonez nods his head. I snuggle closer.

"When he got there he knew it was a trap for me. Yet, he still chose to give up his life so their hostages could be freed." I tell him wishing I could somehow get closer and hide from the next images in my head. "The man in charge had to brag to my Alpha what his plans were. The man had done something to trigger me into a late in life heat. They're supposed to be the most intense. Me being a powerful Luna, Lord only knows how extreme mine is."

"Heat?" Jonez double checks.

I nod my head. "The idea being that my mate had to be alive when my heat was triggered, but dead before I could fulfill any needs. They had a sex chair set up to imprison me in. They were trying to turn me into a sex crazed maniac that would let anyone..."

I can't finish the thought, much less the sentence.

I don't have to. Jonez holds me tighter.

"They didn't succeed, what happened?" He asks gently.

"My Alpha declared that God would give me another protector. I was already running, trying to get away from the males before he was killed. He told me to find my protector, and that he loved me. Next thing I know I'm in excruciating pain, after fending off countless males, and then I find myself here, talking to you." I tell him before confessing, "I know the heat was triggered, because I can't stop thinking about doing very naughty things with you, but you seem to be immune, for some reason."

He clears his throat. "Shortly after I left the Hunters I gave a vow of celibacy. It can only be broken if I get married."

I let out a sigh of relief. "Wonder if the vow effects you like a marriage or mate vow, like, takes you off the market somehow?" I ponder out loud.

Jonez gets up as he says, "I should get us something to eat. What would you like?"

I shrug my shoulders. "Bacon if you have any, and a bowl of cereal."

He goes to leave.

"I know the tingles are amazing, but if I make you uncomfortable, you don't have to sit next to me, or touch me." I offer.

He shakes his head. "I just need to make sure we don't miss the most important meal of the day. Then we can talk some more, and sit as close as you want."
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