The Rogue Hunter

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Welcome to the Posse

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"Wait, did she just say she's thinking about doing dirty things to me?" I ask the voice in my head that I usually try to ignore.

"She thinks we're immune." It replies back.

"I need a reason." I think to myself as I clear my throat, might as well use something true as a plausible excuse. "Shortly after I left the Hunters: I gave a vow of celibacy. It can only be broken if I get married."

DoJo let's out a sigh of relief. "Wonder if the vow effects you like a marriage or mate vow, like, takes you off the market somehow."

"Oh, man, what am I going to do? I want to get back to those dirty things going on in her mind, and she's trusting me not to try anything." I complain to the voice.

"We protect and care for her like we pledged last night." The voice replies, "Right now she needs to eat."

I stand up abruptly. "I should get us something to eat. What would you like?"

She shrugs her shoulders. "Bacon if you have any, and a bowl of cereal."

I go to leave.

"I know the tingles are amazing, but if it makes you uncomfortable, you don't have to sit next to me, or touch me." She states, trying to control the sadness in her voice, and acting as if it was a casual thing to say.

"She's giving us an out." The voice points out.

"I can't take it!" I snap at him as I shake my head. I tell her, "I just need to make sure we don't miss the most important meal of the day. Then we can talk some more, and sit as close as you want."

I step out of my room and head towards the kitchen. "Why couldn't we take the opportunity to get space from her, if we can't take her?" The voice chided me.

"This is exactly why I quit talking to you." I scold the voice as I grab out the bacon. Upon seeing eggs I decide to draw out the breakfast making, by making a real breakfast.

I get to work getting everything going. I've got pancakes in a stack next to one frying pan, bacon in a metal strainer with paper towels underneath to catch the bacon, next to a second pan. And I am nearly finished with the scrambled eggs and cheese as the alarm for the croissants goes off.

"That's a lot more than I asked for, and somehow not enough." She teases as she heads to a cupboard and pulls out some cereal. Generic fruit flakes, with marshmallows.

I laugh as she finds a bowl, spoon, pours the cereal and adds that to the bowl. Before she puts it away she takes a few big swigs, straight from the gallon. She puts the cap on and tosses it into the fridge.

I'm staring at her in shock.

"Please tell me you aren't one of those people who can't handle drinking from the carton." She exclaims, "If you are, I'll drink the rest, and buy you a new gallon first chance I get."

I shake my head and laugh. "I just can't believe you do it, didn't you say you're a Luna?"

She grabs her bowl and leans against the counter, standing next to me as I cook. "My mom hated it." She tells me.

"Breakfast? Bacon? Milk?" I ask jokingly.

She shakes her head and laughs. "Drinking out of the container, particularly if she would be drinking it later."

I chuckle. "You rebelled by drinking out of the carton?"

She shrugs her shoulders. "More like chose sides in the battle, since my step dad, I've called dad since I was ten, drank from the cartons too."

I laugh, and almost spill the eggs. "Daddy's girl?" I ask.

"Wanted to be." She admits. "But he doesn't, or rather didn't, like me standing up for myself. Wasn't until my mom died that we were able to get along. But shortly after that I ended up finding out about being a Werewolf, and the Silver Luna at that, and then things kept going from there and when you have that kind of responsibility, sometimes it's hard to find time for family."

"Now he's dead too." I guess.

She nods her head.

I pull out two plates and hand her one.

"Can I get a small plate for my pancakes?" DoJo asks with a smile.

I grab her one, and put it next to her as she's already got a large chunk of the eggs, four croissants, and about a dozen bacon on her plate. She turns and puts three pancakes on the small plate and carries them both to the table. I promptly start loading my plate.

She gets to the table and asks, "What do we have for syrup?"

I grin. "I have homemade boysenberry syrup, and Dutch honey." I announce proudly.

DoJo declares, "I'll take some of both."

I laugh and tell her, "They're in the fridge."

She walks over, grabs them both out of the fridge, along with some butter and milk, and brings it all back to the table.

I fight the urge to grab her and make a different use of the table. I grab my own plates and join her. I decide to tease, "You look good in my shirt."

She giggles. "Never thought I'd hear anyone say that to me."

I raise an eyebrow and take a seat. "Why?"

"I was twenty two when I met my mate, just as everything else was going crazy in my life." She explains, "I'd only had one boyfriend bigger than me, and I never did any removing of clothes with him. My mate was smaller than me in both human and wolf form."

"So, you never got to just hang out in his shirt?"

She shakes her head. "Sometimes I could squeeze in one of his baggier shirts, or borrow a vest if I didn't want to close it." She looks around as if making sure we're alone when she whispers, "I love my mate, but I always wondered how I would pull off the look."

She's standing there in front of me, looking fu**ing adorable, hands on the back of her chair, pretending not to be in pain. I pull her to me, landing her on my lap, and whisper, "If you were my mate, I would never object to seeing you in this."

She playfully taps my shoulder.

"Or less." I add.

She slaps me harder, but the tingles makes up for any pain. I just don't want to stop touching her. I pin her to me. "I'd never let you go."

"Good thing my mate is dead, or you would be for behavior like that." She teases.

I grin and let her get up. "So, what is DoJo short for?"

She rolls her eyes. "Dollie Jo."

I look at her.

DoJo raises a hand. "Ma was a huge Dolly Parton fan, but liked the girly ie spelling, Oma said I should honor a family member with my name. Youngest aunt has Jo for a middle name, next thing you know I got my name."

She plops down in her chair.

"Okay, so how did you end up going by DoJo?" I inquire before shoveling food in with my right hand and using my left to get my pancakes ready.

"You can thank my Bro for that." She answers, "Met him when I transferred schools freshman year. He was at the lunch table I sat at. Another girl tried to tell me I couldn't sit there. He told her that I could sit wherever I wanted."

I nod my head.

"He asked me my name. I said he could call me DJ if he wanted. The girl said, 'oh like the girl from full house?' I groaned. I hated the comparison." She takes a deep breath. "My Bro kicked her out of the table group and came to sit by me. He was a senior, and very popular, so people noticed."

I chuckle, I swear I can picture the scene in my head.

"So he introduced himself as Mitchell, and asked me what DJ was short for. I told him, he decided that DoJo was a better nickname and stood up on the table while grabbing my hand. He announced, 'Everyone, this is DoJo, she has the protection of being my little sister.' And then he climbed down and took his seat, like it was no big deal."

"And he protected you after that?" I ask before taking a guzzle of milk. She never did grab glasses.

DoJo smiles. "Until we met our mates and our lives changed. He had someone else to protect, and I had someone else to protect me."

"Is he still in the picture?"

She nods her head, swallows the pancakes in her mouth. "My Bro is still my Beta."

"You're mate let another important male stay in your life?" I ask in awe.

"It was decided before we became a posse that my mate would keep my Beta Bro. Before we knew what we were really called to do." She replies with a funny chuckle at the end with a partial head bob.

"What were you called to do?" I inquire.

She grins, stares me in the eyes and tells me, "Unite the werewolves and Hunters into one family, and hunt down Demons not meant to be loose."

I can't believe my ears. "You're messing with me." I exclaim.

She laughs and sits back. "I wondered how you would take the truth."

"But I went Rogue when I could have gone to you, and been part of the family?"

She shrugs her shoulders. "Wasn't your time yet. You might get the honor of being the last Rogue Hunter to join the Posse, when you do."

I chuckle. "Until the next guy comes along."

She smiles. "I don't suppose you found, and picked up a square piece of cloth around me?"

I know instantly what she's talking about. I run into my room and grab the black square, the only unharmed material around her when I came upon the strange scene.

I no sooner have it in my hands and a guy crashes through my window, well he's currently in bear form, but I know the man is in there too.

I find myself wishing I have the strength of bears, as I tuck the material in my pocket, and engage the bear shifter. The moment we collide I bulk in size and my fingers got very bear like claws. I still have fingers, but they feel short and fat. I concentrate on using the claws to rip my adversary to pieces.

I hear another crash and a scream downstairs. I'm motivated like never before. I slash and jab, and Lord only knows what else, until suddenly all that was before me was a heavy bag of bones, with some guts inside.

I jump out the hole in my window, and run around to the kitchen. The Jaguar pulling her out the back door isn't small in anyone's imagination.

I roar at it.

It turns around, dropping DoJo, who has the most pleased smirk on her face.

It takes off.

DoJo yells, "You want the speed of a jaguar, and kill him, or more will come."

Somehow I obey her, and find myself catching up to the shifter, jumping on its back, and putting my claws to use on its throat. The tumble as it collapses underneath me, isn't exactly pleasant, but I've had worse.

I get up and stumble back to DoJo.

"Release the animal aspects. Let them go to where they wait." DoJo whispers in my ear as I approach her.

Moments later it's just the two of us, looking normal, as I clutch her to me.

"When did you pledge yourself to me?" She asks.

I notice she doesn't bother asking if. "While it was still your wolf I was dealing with." I admit.

"Looks like you're getting my baggy outfit, and I'm avoiding being in any kind of cold climate." She states before looking at the destroyed cabin.

"I have a guest cottage." I volunteer, "Not too far away, and smaller, but that also means smaller windows for things to come crashing through."

She nods her head and points to the square sticking out of my pocket. I grab it and hand it to her. She opens it and pulls out two clear packages with some kind of colorflux clothing inside. "Baggy." She announces and throws one at me.

I stare at it.

She grins and informs me, "That's your new uniform, you'll be learning how to use it, put it on. Oh, and welcome to the Posse."

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