The Rogue Hunter

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To the Other Cabin

DoJo's View

Jonez looks at me strangely as he holds onto the clothes I gave him. I roll my eyes and walk into the cabin. I pull out the underwear and pants, slip them on, never lifting the shirt high enough to show anything. Then I put the spare bra over my head, and pull it through the neck of his shirt, and put it on without taking his shirt off. I repeat the process with my shirt, and then I remove his shirt.

He watches the whole thing with amusement in his eyes.

I step away from everything and take the form of my wolf, but scream in agony from the change. It's never hurt like this before!

I immediately change back.

I'm lying on Jonez's kitchen floor bawling from the agony, when I feel strong arms and tingling.

"I don't think you should do that for a while." Jonez whispers in my ear.

I turn my head into his chest and reply, "How will I fight if I can't shift?"

"I thought God made me your protector, so you wouldn't have to fight." He states with a chuckle.

"I don't know why he did." I admit, "But I'm glad I'm not alone right now."

"You'll never be alone as long as I'm around." Jonez assures me.

I smile weakly. "Then don't go anywhere." I find myself saying.

"Not without you." He promises.

My stomach growls.

"You better change your clothes." I tell him, pointing at the shredded things trying to cling to him. "Then we need to finish breakfast and get out of here."

We stand up.

He rips away the remnants of his shirt and pulls the clothes out of the clear plastic. "What, no bra and underwear?" He jokes.

I roll my eyes and inform him, "There's no need for a second layer of bra, or underwear."

He puts the shirt on, and I immediately turn around the moment his hands touch the remnant of pants and underwear. "Guess I'm going commando." Jonez announces, with amusement in his voice that makes me imagine a sexy smirk.

I shake the image from my head and walk to the table, sit down and get to eating my barely warm breakfast.

Jonez takes the seat next to me and offers, "Wanna race?"

I laugh and shake my head. "You'd regret that."

"What makes you think that?" Jonez inquires.

I smile as I inform him, "I got free tickets to most of my high-school dances by winning eating contests."

"Most?" He notes.

I laugh around the food in my mouth, and quickly swallow before telling him, "There were a few I wasn't willing to enter, because I didn't like the food, so I just skipped those dances."

Jonez looks at me strangely.

So I give him a weird look back.

"What food don't you like enough not to enter the contest?" He asks amazed.

I laugh. "I take it you're one of those people who can eat anything with the right motivation."

He does a half nod, half shrug.

"If I don't like it, I can't eat it." I inform him, "It goes back to when I was three, and my great uncle forced me to eat something I didn't like by holding my mouth closed and squeezing my nose, so I couldn't breathe unless I swallowed."

His eyes get wide. "Why would someone do that?"

"They don't like being disobeyed." I reply instantly. "Maybe my fights with my family about food are what prepared me to deal with everything when I met Luna Eleanor."

Jonez shivers. "I remember that broad. She oozed evil."

I grin, and tell him about my first encounter with her. By the time I'm done telling the story we've both finished eating.

I take a few minutes to teach him how to control the clothes I gave him.

"Why weren't you wearing this the other day?" He asks, looking confused.

"I have a particular outfit that I wear for graduation ceremonies." I explain, "It's original wolf wear material, and the new stuff doesn't replicate it well. So, I had my tailor put in a durable back pocket to my shirt, that could discreetly hold a full change of clothes, in case of emergency."

"Smart thinking." He tells me with pride.

He grabs a few things, and gives me a huge, warm, winter coat. Then we head out.

As we're trudging along I mumble, "Could be there in no time if I had access to my horse."

"What color is your horse?" He inquires.

I grin and tell him, "Silver, with a black diamond."

"That's incredibly unique." Jonez states, "Would love to meet it someday."

I chuckle a bit. "I'll be glad to show her to you as soon as I can."

He smiles and tells me, "I'd like that."

Finally we approach a little cabin, sticking out of the side of a hill. I let out a sigh of relief.

"Wait here, I'll make sure it's safe." He orders.

I laugh and remind him, "It's more dangerous for me to be alone outside where males can attack."

He shrugs his shoulders. "You have a point, let's go in together."

I nod my head and step inside with him. I immediately start blinking and adjusting to the light. The single room cabin is charming. The pot bellied stove is in the middle, and a bed is on one side of the fireplace, while a couch is on the other. A small area is cornered off for a bathroom. The rest is a kitchen and pantry shelves with sheets as curtains.

"I get the side by the fireplace!" I announce as I attempt to leap into the bed.

I am about to crash into the footboard when I'm engulfed in tingles. "You can sleep wherever you want, I'll be on the couch." Jonez whispers as he brings me to the side of the bed and gently puts me down.

I instantly fill with sadness.

"What's wrong?" He asks, grabbing my face gently in his hand.

I shrug my shoulders. "I know it's silly, but it hurts, the idea of you not sleeping in the bed with me."

He gives me a half smile. "Let's worry about the rest of the day, before we worry about the night."

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