The Rogue Hunter

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Forest Creatures

Jonez View

As night comes I prepare the couch to sleep on. All the while I keep glancing at DoJo sleeping on the bed. "She wants us by her." The voice scolds me.

"You're the one who wanted distance." I remind it.

The voice tells me, "I've changed my mind."

"Well, good for you." I whisper, grateful DoJo is sound asleep, and not able to hear how crazy I sound. "I've decided that a little space won't hurt."

The voice warns, "You'll regret this before the night is over."

I shake my head and wonder how a voice in my head could make me regret anything.

Thankfully the voice remains silent.

An hour or so later I'm finally tired enough to go to sleep. I take my new shirt off and climb under the covers on the couch.

DoJo releases a soft whimper, and look over at her. Her head has turned to me. I can't see the details of her face, but I imagine her bottom lip sticking out, in a soft and alluring pout. I shake the image from my head and lie down.

It doesn't take long for me to fall asleep.

I wake back up, suddenly feeling feathers beating against my face, and claws in my chest. I frantically remove the bald eagle before it manages to do any serious damage, and throw it across the room. The eagle hits the wall and falls to the ground.

I look around my cottage and see beavers, squirrels, and numerous birds fighting each other to be by DoJo. These are too small to be shifters, they're normal wild animals.

"I told you that you would regret not sleeping by her." The voice in my head chides me.

I ignore it and grab a broom, swatting all the creatures away from the bed, and DoJo. Then I climb on the bed, and squat down next to her. "She's mine!" I scream at the animals, "I won't let you touch her."

Then something unexpected happens. I growl. It's absolutely animalistic, and the furry and feathery creatures around us scatter immediately.

I don't waste time worrying about how that happened, or why it worked. I just breathe a sigh of relief and climb under the covers with DoJo, pulling her into my arms as I lay next to her.

"Finally." She whispers, and releases a sigh of her own.

I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow, or anything really at this moment. Except, I know that DoJo is the only thing that matters to me, and keeping her safe is my top priority.

DoJo's View

I'm in my wolf form, walking through mountain woods with just a dusting of snow on the ground. But somehow I'm warm.

I spot another wolf approaching, and turn quickly to confront it.

It's a male wolf, just slightly bigger than me. He's golden, except for a silver heart on his chest, and he has soft piercing blue eyes. I can't bring myself to be afraid of him.

"It's nice to finally meet you Sil." The wolf tells me.

I stare at him and ask, "Who are you?"

"You wouldn't recognize my name." He informs me, "I'm the wolf inside Alexander Jonez, better known as Cajun Jonez."

My brows furrow. "Since when does he have a wolf?"

"Since puberty." The golden wolf states, "But only being a quarter werewolf I've never been able to cause him to transform. He thinks I'm just a voice in his head."

"Why are you here?" I inquire as I sit on a spot without snow.

"He thinks he can keep you safe. He believes he doesn't need any help." The wolf looks at me and adds, "Much like you he is under the impression that it's all on his shoulders."

I shrug my shoulders and ask, "Is this where you impart some wisdom that only you possess?"

The golden wolf laughs. "We would be much safer if I was the only one with the knowledge I have."

"If you want me to trust you, tell me your name." I state firmly.

"Alastair." He answers, "It means defender."

I nod my head.

There's a sound nearby.

Alastair jumps and declares, "Come, you have much you need to see before you wake."

He runs, and I instinctively follow. I obey him better than I ever listened to my mate.

Alastair leads me to a cave in the side of the mountain. Inside it's so dark that even with wolf sight I can barely see. "Humans avoid this cave, even when they find it. They know deep in their bones that there's something wrong in here." He informs me, "In this dream it can't effect you, but in reality: you might find it hard to resist the urge to abandon the cave."

I nod my head as we keep going.

Suddenly there's a amber rock, or more correctly, large boulder. Inside is four beings of great power.

"Who are they?" I ask in awe.

"They are four half breed angels, from before God made it impossible for Angels and humans to breed any more." Alastair explains.

I stare at the four beings as I ask, "What are they doing here?"

"Three of them are warriors of God." Alastair answers, "And the fourth lead them here, into a trap, only to be snared with the rest."

"Which one is the betrayer?" I inquire.

Alastair shrugs his shoulders. "No one knows, except maybe Helios, but I doubt he would answer truthfully if asked."

"Why are they here?"

Alastair grins. "One of them is destined to kill Helios. He couldn't have that, so he convinced one of the others to help him, never telling them he would share the fate of the others."

"So, I have to find this place and set them free." I guess.

Alastair nods his head. "You must free them all, and stay alert, the betrayer will try to get you to not trust the others, they are a master at mind games. You have to help the destined one do what they were meant to do, or the coming days will be much worse."

A snarling beast bursts into the cave. I can't quite place the animal, but it doesn't matter what the creature is, because it's heading straight for me.

Alastair jumps in between and takes a horrible gash to his side. "Wake up!" He yells, "This is your dream, if you die in it..." His sentence is cut off by the creature biting into his neck.

I snap awake screaming, "Alastair!"

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