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I fluttered my eyelids open; I was lying on something cool, cool, and hard. My entire body ached, and I soon realized that I was still only in my underwear and bra and covered in dirt. You’d think death could have least cleaned me up. I was lying on my back and rolled over onto my stomach in an attempt to get up so I could find and scold death. My fingers grazed over the familiar metal, a chain. I sat up on my knees, holding onto the chain, and followed the chain links, shuffling on my knees until my hands found the wall. My hands shook as I felt my neck and found another familiar material, a metal collar. It wasn’t so tight that it was restricting my breathing, but it was still confining me to this damn wall; where the hell was I anyway.

“It’s always nice to see a pet who knows her place, her knees.”

I quickly found my way to my feet and spun around, feeling slightly dizzy from the sudden movements. Standing there with a smirk on his face was Elias. I thought he killed me? Why wasn’t I dead? I glanced around and noticed two other people in the room, a boy and another girl. They were humans with collars on. Their collars were different than the ones I was wearing. I turned my attention back to Elias, who was eyeing me up and down.

“What the hell is this?” I growled, yanking on the chain. “I ran away three times. I’m supposed to be dead.”

The boy and girl flinched as I spoke. They probably never even thought about defying their master.

“Yes, and you are chained to that wall to ensure you do not run away again. I think you will find that to be very difficult within these walls, though, pet,” he stated, and my eyes widened but quickly narrowed.

’you cannot have me, monster. The law states that if I run away three times, then I am to be executed! Where is Thane? Just give me back to him!” I never thought I would ask for the devil, but I knew he would give me what I wanted.

Elias swiftly closed the distance between us. I hissed out in pain as my already sore back hit the hard wall behind me. He placed both hands on either side of my head, caging me into place. He glared down at me, his icy blue eyes staring into mine.

He took one of his hands and ran his fingernail over the outline of my jaw as he spoke, “You are mine now, Isadora. So get it in your pretty little head that I make the laws and nor they, or Thane or death himself can steal you from me now.”

He slowly stepped back, straightening out his tailored shirt, as I had somehow wrinkled it by just standing here. He turned to face the boy and girl. They appeared to be around my age. They both stepped forward, and Elias handed something to the boy, “Get her cleaned and dressed and come downstairs. Luca and Lilly will be arriving soon.”

He glanced over his shoulder towards me, “William and Megan will attend to you. I expect you to behave,” he said flatly before striding out of the room and leaving me with these two robot humans. I waited for the sound of a lock, but it never came.

They both walked cautiously over to me like I was a wild animal and would attack at any moment.

“Don’t fucking touch me,” I seethed. They didn’t stop walking towards me. Instead, William grabbed my wrist so hard I knew there would be a bruise. We can add that to the collection. He jerked me away from the wall and threw the small object to Megan, a key.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Don’t you want to wash off? You reek of dirt, blood, and piss,” he growled out at me as Megan was busy unlocking the chain from the wall.

I tried to break free from him, but it was no use. Even for a human, he was considerably stronger than me. Once the chain was disconnected, William began to pull me towards another room. Megan shuffled in front of us and swung the door open to reveal a bathroom. He pushed me roughly, and I stumbled over my feet. I groaned as my knees came in contact with the hard tile floor. I was certainly over this rough treatment.

Megan quickly shut the door behind us and hit his arm.

“Quit being so rough with her, or master Elias won’t allow us to come back,” she hissed at him before running over to help me up.

I swatted away her hands and used the edge of the tub to pull myself up. I could feel their eyes on me, scanning my body and probably gawking at the scars over my back. My hair covered it up usually, but when I fell, most of my hair blew forward. I froze. My body stiffened once I felt his rough fingers trace the length of one of them. I spun around and slapped him across his face, the impact stinging my palm.

“I said, don’t fucking touch me,” I fumed, not at all caring about the red handprint left on his perfect cheek.

“William. Don’t,” Megan warned. He glared at both of us, first at me and then at her.

He maneuvered around me and turned his focus on the tub, twisting the silver faucet until the water came out rushing out.

“You should undress, and I can help you bathe if you want,” she said in a meek little voice.

I could run, William was preoccupied, and Megan was weak. Escaping took planning. I didn’t know where we were even. I would bathe and rest my body and then escape. As long as Elias missed me, they would kill me.

I reached around and fumbled with the clips of my worn-out bra, letting it drop to the ground. Next, I hooked my thumbs in my underwear and peeled them down, letting them pool at my feet and step out of them. Finally, the water stopped running, and I realized William was hovering over me, raking in my naked body.

I attempted to sidestep him, but he gripped my waist and picked me up like I was nothing. I beat on his back with my fists, Megan was shrieking and scolding him again, but I couldn’t focus on her words because William had plunged me into the ice bath. I immediately tried to jump out, the temperature taking my breath away and my already achy limbs becoming too unbearable.

“Get. Out” Megan roared. William didn’t budge.

“Leave or so, help me. I will march downstairs and tell Elias what you did,” she hissed at him.

This time he left.

I have never hated a human being more than I hated William.

Megan helped me out of the tub of deathly ice water, I didn’t want her help, but I needed it. Every muscle in my body ached, my limbs were stiff, and my breathing was ragged and uneven. She guided me to the shower, there was steam fanning my face, but I still placed my hand under the running water to check if it was a trick.

She was waiting outside the glass door while I bathed. My muscles instantly relaxed. I nearly moaned at the warmth and watched as all the dirt swirled at my feet before falling down the drain. I had to scrub off the dried blood. I wanted to scrub my skin raw, cleansing my body of every place a monster had touched me. Washing my hair was the hardest; it was tangled and matted. After conditioning it over and over, it finally felt less of a mess. I dreaded having to turn off the water, to turn off what little freedom I had right now.

I turned the handle and let the water slowly cease. I sighed, opening the glass door, revealing a smiling Megan holding up a fluffy towel. I quickly dried off my body as she stood behind me and tried to help me dry my hair. Elias was gracious enough to supply me with clean underwear and some blue cotton dress. Although I dressed, and Megan helped me brush my hair, the bristles occasionally hit my collar, cringed.

“You have such beautiful hair,” she said softly. I didn’t respond. What do you say to that? She was trying to make small talk, but we were slaves here. Maybe she was content with her situation, but I was not.

She led the way out of the bathroom. William was leaning against a wall. His eyes once again looked me over. I followed closely behind her, William closely behind. We finally made it to the bottom of the staircase, and my blood went cold.

It was a room full of monsters.

A woman monster stood up from her seat, her amber eyes giving her away. Werewolf.

“Elias, she cleans up nicely.” she stalked toward us. “She’ll be a perfect match for William.”

Match? What new kind of hell is this?

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