Epic quest: Wrath of the undead pirates.

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In a peaceful village called Niraidia, five teens try to capture monsters which are free from a magic spell. If they don't capture these monsters, the whole planet will be in danger. Will they succeed in their quest? We don't know. First enemy: Undead pirates!

Fantasy / Adventure
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"Long ago in a small village called Naraidia, people lived peacefully. The market was full of people, and fresh smells of fruits and vegetables were flying everywhere. The streets were full of laughters and joy. People discovered new things like plants and animals. No other villages were better than this one for 12 centuries........until a witch took possession of it. The witch was called Evelyn. She is the only one in the village who thinks that monsters are real. People saw many strange creatures but not at this point. They didn't believe her. Evelyn, frustrated, went back at her house and spawned monsters everywhere on Earth. Some were very far, whereas others were near the village. Since that day people built a big wall around the village that no monsters could pass through."
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